JP: Lt. German Galven & Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - "Not Goodbye, See You Later" Part 2

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Sep 29, 2020, 2:46:10 PM9/29/20

((Starbase 118 Ops - German’s Quarters)) 

Alora’s lips thinned and tightened.  She knew exactly what he meant - and it had been the same reason she’d gotten Nalni on board while not letting them get a lock on her.  It was one thing to risk her own life, quite another to risk someone else’s, even if they had volunteered for it.  Yet, with her situation, it was different.  She hadn’t done so without some sort of plan.  Her’s hadn’t been something done on a whim.  That, however, was not the time nor place to bring it up.  No, she was not going to get into an argument when German was just about to leave. 

Then there was the fact that she /had/ lost a crewmember.  More than a crewmember.  That memory was still far too painful and fresh that sometimes Alora wasn’t sure she could bear it. 

And yet bear it she must. 

DeVeau: I’m just glad it worked out all right.

And that was where she was going to leave it.

DeVeau: So, dinner for two.  What’s your pleasure?  You choose.  

He was the one leaving, after all.

Galven: Hmm. What sounds good as a last meal? How about a mixture of Terran vegetables and Denobulan pasta? It's kind of like fettuccine, but paper thin. 

DeVeau: That sounds great to me.

Galven: Well then, let's get to experimenting!

As he approached the replicator, German was a tad out of sorts. Not because he didn't know how to make the dish, but it being the last time he would be eating with a friend on the starbase for a while. Also, he'd miss the crew. Even though the Denobulan didn't follow the rules during the last mission, he'd come to learn a great deal of camaraderie. 

Most of the vegetables he made were ingredients for a salad and with the Denobulan fettuccine, it turned into a vegetable marsala. There was something missing though. 

Galven: Hmm. This needs a sauce. What would you suggest?

DeVeau: How about a nice basil pesto sauce. 

That was more Terran than Denobulan, but Alora had a feeling it would go well with the options presented.

Galven: That would definitely enhance the flavor. Good choice!

Dinner with a friend was always a pleasure - but this time it was tinted with a bit of sadness.  Alora managed to school herself rather than let that shine through.  Sometimes, she was pretty good at hiding things.  

DeVeau: What about drinks? 

Galven: You're right. It needs something to wash it down. Would the lady care for a mimosa?

Alora was not a big drinker, but she did imbibe from time to time - especially if what was offered was on the sweeter side.  While not overly so, mimosa’s certainly fell into that category.

DeVeau: That sounds great. 

Alora watched German as he set out the meal on the table and she herself settled into a chair.  While the subject wasn’t necessarily happy, it also wasn’t necessarily good to avoid it, so Alora broached it head on.

DeVeau: How long has it been since you’ve been to Denobula?

German signed as he was bringing over their food. It wasn't that he was getting annoyed by the question. He suddenly felt irritable and knew why. Taelon told him after he was taken out of cryostasis that his brain and heart had been affected by being a tad assimilated. This must've been one of the symptoms. 

As he set down the plates, he pinched the bridge of his nose while sitting down. 

Galven: Not since I was a baby. 

DeVeau: I bet it will be nice to be back for a little while.

Alora did mean a little while, for she fully expected German to return. German didn't know how long it'd be, but it was more of a nuisance that he had to go. Before he said something, Naylin walked out of his bedroom and glanced over their direction. 

Galven: Naylin, I made some food. Would you like to join us?

Naylin: ::shrugs:: I guess… ::looks over at Alora, confused::

Alora stared over at the boy who had suddenly made an appearance.  This...was new.  Totally and completely new. 

DeVeau: Oh...hello.

Galven: This is Naylin. He… and I are…

Naylin: I'll grab a plate, dad. 

There was enough food for another person which was perfect since the young boy made his appearance. The irritation grew slightly, but it wasn't over Naylin. This visit would have to end soon. 

Alora wasn’t irritated, though.  Her lips turned up into an easy smile. She patted an empty seat. 

DeVeau: Nice to meet you.  You’re going together? 

Galven: Yes. My parents arranged for him to come here. He and I will be together on Denobula. Catch up on what I've missed. 

Alora tilted her head, regarding German in silence before taking a bite of her food.  

DeVeau: That will be good - for both of you.

It was unexpected.  And yet, the appearance of the child actually made her feel better.  There was something about that, having that sort of relationship.  From what she could glean, his arrival was recent, but having him might prove to be a stabilizing force in German’s life - which he definitely needed.  Alora hoped that would be the case.  

DeVeau: Are you looking forward to spending time with your Dad?

Both German and Naylin glanced at each other a bit awkwardly not knowing how to answer the question. This was the first time they'd ever been in a somewhat normal position. His PADD alerted a notification inside his bag across the room which was on the kitchen counter. 

He excused himself from the table as he took a single bite of his food. It was rather delicious in comparison to anything else he made. Once he headed over, German tapped the notification and received more troubling details about what was happening inside his body. 

Being a quarter Betazoid, Naylin turned to look at the Denobulan and arched his brow. He sensed a little bit of what was going on, but didn't say anything when German returned to the table. 

DeVeau: What’s wrong?

Galven: We're going to have to cut this short, I'm afraid. Naylin, get your things ready. 

Naylin: But what about Miss Alora?

Galven: I'm sure she's busy with other matters. ::furrows his brow:: Thank you for coming over. I'll send you a message once we've arrived on Denobula. 

The sudden shift in attitude confused and troubled Alora.  Why suddenly so distant?  Alora nodded and rose.  For a moment, she stepped forward to give him one last hug, but wasn’t sure he would accept it.  Would he?  She settled for something a little less intimate and lay a gentle hand upon his arm. 

DeVeau: You’ll be missed.  

The scientist turned to smile down at the young boy. 

DeVeau: And you...I look forward to really getting to know you when you get back. 

She offered her hand to shake with the child.  After she reached the door, she turned, offered a small wave, then passed through, the doors cutting off her view of father and son.  


Lt. German Galven 

Science Officer

StarBase 118 - USS Narendra 



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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