JP: Lt. Nalni & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau - "Dancing To An Understanding" (Part I)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Nov 5, 2020, 10:41:43 AM11/5/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((Starbase 118 Ops - Ballroom))

Alora excused herself long enough to head over to the room where the food had been laid out.  As she perused the goodies, she allowed herself a small bite to eat, savouring the melding of flavours, savoury and sweet, that worked so well together.  She had been sure to provide water along with punch, wine, and other drinks that were popular at parties, for she knew that water was the only thing that truly quenched thirst.  Once satiated, she made her way back out to the ballroom, peering from the shadows of her hood at the brightly lit room that was littered with a vast array of bodies in a variety of costumes.  Her smile turned into a grin at the sight.  That grin remained in place as a familiar form approached.  Nalni, who had abrupt left, actually approached her once again. 

DeVeau: Having fun? Even if they didn’t see eye to eye, and even if the woman didn’t like her, Alora wanted the engineer to have a good time.

Nalni was actually having a good time, but she wasn't about to admit it. Not even to herself. She hardly knew exactly what that feeling was since she enjoyed reading and just liked being by herself. Shoreleave had definitely developed her sense of self awareness as well as a sense of community with the crew. After she spoke with the two counselors, Nalni noticed Alora off in the distance so she headed over. 

Nalni: It's definitely not boring. 

DeVeau: Good.  

Not boring was better than boring, and hopefully that meant ‘yes, I’m having fun’ to the Barzan.  

DeVeau: By the way, fantastic costume.  It’s beautiful. 

She’d been aware of the steampunk, and it held a certain class.  For the woman, it seemed to just suit her, not just because of the ease in which she had been able to use it to incorporate her breathing device, but there was something about the costume that just /fit/ her.  

Nalni: ::nods:: I appreciate it. At least you like it enough not to beam me out of here without my permission. 

The Barzan was humoring herself and didn't know if Alora would go along with it so she just smirked with a playful shoulder bump. Nalni had seen that kind of action from other Humans in her past. So she tried it out on Alora. 

Alora smirked a little and glanced around.  

DeVeau: Well, since we’re not diving head on toward a Borg filled ship with a bomb on board, I think I can refrain from beaming you out.  This time.

Nalni: I'm just messing around. What are you doing now?

DeVeau: I know.  Me?  I’m mingling.  Talking to you.  

Nalni: Well, I figured if we're going to tolerate each other, I was wondering if you'd like to dance?

Alora arched an eyebrow at that.  Tolerate, huh?  She didn’t mind tolerate.  She preferred something more amenable than tolerate, but, for the moment, she’d take it.

DeVeau: Sure!  I’d love to!

Nalni: Ok. ::pats the air up and down:: Calm down. 

Calm down?  Alora wasn’t exactly jumping up and down and squealing, so she wasn’t quite sure why Nalni felt she had to say that.  Still, it wasn’t worth responding to.

DeVeau: You take the lead. 

Nalni nodded and then took hold of Alora's hands, guiding her towards more of an open area. She didn't know what would come of this, but the activity was refreshing. Sort of relaxing in a way since there wasn't much of any work to be done at a specific time. 

Nalni: I don't want to trip on your costume. I'll try to be careful. 

Alora glanced down at the array of muted colours that made up her coat.  It was rather long, but...

DeVeau: Hopefully it won’t be an issue.  

Nalni: Oh this is just a ripaway skirt. ::takes her skirt in her hand, tips it away to reveal shorts underneath:: 

DeVeau: Oh nice!  ::That was certainly convenient, and she wondered if there were other ways she could arrange the skirt to change the look.::

Nalni: Now It'll be easier to move around. I'm not that great of a dancer. 

DeVeau: Would you rather I lead?  I’m flexible.

Nalni: That sounds like what Humans call a pick up line. ::narrows her eyes, trying to figure out if it was:: I mean, I'm pretty flexible myself. ::winks:: 

Alora paused and stared at Nalni for a moment.  Suddenly, a flush came to her cheeks and she ducked her head.  

DeVeau:  Uh….

Nalni saw that what she said only caused Alora to feel embarrassed. She wasn't really hitting on her. So instead, she just changed her demeanor and posture to switch positions. 

Nalni: ::chuckles:: You lead on then. 

DeVeau: Right.  

Moving on.  Alora lead Nalni out onto the floor and took up position.  She’d managed to compose herself and clasped one of Nalni’s hands in hers, placing the other on her waist.  She chose a simple waltz, easy to lead, even easier to follow and guided her slowly over the ballroom floor. 

DeVeau: So I haven’t really had the opportunity to get to know you.  Have you always been at Ops?

Nalni: Before this I was on the USS Constitution. 

DeVeau: Oh really?  How does being on a base compare with the ship?  Alora liked both - each had their own advantages and disadvantages, but if she had to choose, she’d probably choose a base.  Mainly because they afforded a lot more space for her plants. 

Nalni didn't get much time to think about the differences between being on a ship and a starbase. Ops was considerably larger and had more things to do. Which had its advantages and disadvantages as well. 

Nalni: I can say that there's a lot more downtime here. I mean there being a lot more options in terms of trying to figure out something to do rather than work. 

DeVeau: Oh yes, there’s definitely that.  

But the holodeck could provide similar opportunities on a ship.  

Nalni: Well, there is one thing that I've seen that's really interesting and confusing at the same time. 

Alora canted her head, an eyebrow arching. 

DeVeau: What’s that?  

Nalni: Ever since I transferred, there's been whispers over a certain officer named German Galven. Who was he to the crew?


Lieutenant Nalni 

Engineering Officer 

StarBase 118 - USS Narendra 



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


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