Lt. Blackwell: Dinner and a Movie PT 2 ((JP with Wyn Foster and Alora))

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Dec 30, 2020, 11:40:35 PM12/30/20

((Starbase 118 Ops - Alora’s Quarters))

Blackwell: Sounds perfect. 

Wyn: Is this a musical?

He sounded so trepidatious about it, as if musicals had somehow bitten him when he was a child.

Rue heard a bit of wariness in his tone -not severe, but certainly sincere. Was this about taste or something else, she wondered.

Blackwell: Are musicals something you take issue with? ::She asked, between bites:: 

Deveau: You don’t like musicals? I adore them myself, but I know not everyone cares for them.  

Foster: no, nothing against them really.  Unless we’re in a holodeck and something started singing.  Or rhyming.  Or malfunctioning.

Or really just holodecks in general were bad.  

It was when Wyn said holodeck that Rue connected the dots - holodecks. Wyn did not like holodecks and she couldn’t honestly blame them. It always seemed anytime he went near a holodeck the infernal device would do something insane or dangerous - and usually both. 

Blackwell: Ah, I think I’ve heard of this holofilm. If I recall correctly, it’s a situational comedy with a lot of dry wit ::she grinned to Wyn:: 

Deveau: Exactly.  No music included.  Except background music. 

Although it might be interesting if it were turned into a musical.  Alora would have to wait and see what the movie was like.

Foster: Ok, I can get behind that.  ::he hoped.::

If not he could just shove french fries into his mouth and keep quiet.  Not a stellar solution, but a working one.

Blackwell:She skewered a bit of egg on her fork, taking a bite and chewed before speaking:: No, I don’t tend to keep up on a lot of modern films, though it is interesting to see how different cultures end up influencing each other.

Deveau: Oh I agree.  It’s also interesting to see how humour translates from one culture to another.  What’s funny in one might not be in another.  .

Foster: Ain’t that the truth.  

But he was pretty sure the majority - if not all - the people in the room had an Earth background.  Including the blue guy.  So he would probably get it even though by visual standards he shouldn’t.

Blackwell: ::A grin::well there was a point where earth “spaghetti western” type films got very popular with different cultures, and a lot of films inspired on those became a bit popular for a while. ::She chuckled:: I kept hoping for one with a vulcan gunslinger. I could see the interpretation of “this town ain’t big enough for the two of us” coming across in an interesting way.

DeVeau: Oh man, that would be very interesting.  I’m seriously trying to get a picture of this in my head.  

Foster: Sounds… illogical.  ::he quipped drily.::

Blackwell::::and she made her voice very straight forward, with a calm even tone:: It is illogical to believe that we two entities can cohabitate within the parameters of this community.  ::and then she grinned and winked:: It does lose a little bit in translation.

Alora couldn’t help but laugh at the image that was conjured up with Rue’s and Wyn’s dialogue.  A Vulcan gunslinger.  Would any Vulcan be willing to participate in that type of movie?  More than likely, they’d have to get someone to play a Vulcan.  

DeVeau: But it sounds like it would be fantastic!

Foster: I have met some pretty emotional Vulcans… ::he offered in a low, flat tone.:: And some extremely nutty half Vulcans.  And some highly illogical Vulcans

He looked at Rue as if to plainly say ‘do you remember T’Reshik?’ who was an emotionless but also wholly illogical former crewmate of the both.

DeVeau: So if you don’t like musicals - or rather, don’t have them at the top of your list, Doc, what sort of entertainment do you like?

He blinked, not exactly read for that question.  He… didn’t consume much entertainment.  He spent a lot of time and energy consuming information for his role as a medical officer, so when he was off duty he preferred to just experience or converse energy.

Foster: I don’t really watch much…. ::He said, antennae dropping down.  Was that weird?  It felt weird.::

DeVeau: You know, you really aren’t giving me much to work with here.  

Alora leaned over to peer over at Rue.  There were whispers and rumours and things about the two, but she didn’t know exactly what was true and what wasn’t, except they were friends. 

Rue looked back at Alora and quirked a brow, sipping her drink. Rue was at a crossroads as an unexpected protective feeling welled in her. Alora was not being rude, nor even unkind. The fact was, Alora was doing what most people would want to do - trying to connect, bridge a gap and get to know two people. However, Rue knew Wyn could be careful - very careful, on who he let in. Whatever hurts he had gone through had resulted in him putting behind walls of stone and steel - walls that had to be climbed. 

DeVeau: Rue, a little help here?  I’ve got lifting weights, mixing drinks, tribbles, along with their hybrids, as well as popcorn and fries.  Got anything else to add to the list?  

Blackwell: ::she leaned forward, pulling attention to herself for a moment:: For myself - I enjoy running, reading a lot, and practicing my fighting skills. I took up martial arts at a young age, and keep adding different styles into the mix. ::She grinned faintly:: and I tend to always have some project that was thrown on the back burner that I pick up when I have time.

Foster: I like running?  ::he sounded hopeless.:: 

DeVeau: You’re really making me work for this, aren’t you?


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