Lt. Commander German Galven & Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau & Ensign Casparian - Incredibly Hungry - Part 3

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jul 2, 2020, 9:37:25 PM7/2/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

Part III of III. :) ((Granny’s Place, Starbase 118 Ops))

Casparian: They are both starfleet officers, so naturally they expect their children to follow in their footsteps, right? Well, my dad was a flight instructor and he was very clear about the importance of studying and striving to be the best. He wanted me to be a starship pilot, a test pilot, like him, but I was more interested in the engines. 

DeVeau:  It’s always good to pursue your own dreams.  What about your mom?  

Galven: ::takes a drink:: Alora is right. Follow wherever your dreams may take you. 

Casparian: My mom? ::sinks down in her seat:: She wasn’t around much after she was given command of an intrepid class starship, exploratory missions are long, you know. She was never the cuddly type to begin with, her being half Vulcan and all. ::shrugs:: So, um yeah, Starfleet seemed like a place where I could at least feel part of a bigger whole and venture out to start a life of my own.

Romyana fell silent for a moment. She’d shared much more than she intended to. Perhaps because Alora was so genuine and friendly and because German had openly shared his story, she’d now felt confident in sharing hers too.

Maybe this would teach Alora not to ask about why people got into Starfleet.  In this case, she’d only managed to bring up bad memories - painful ones.  

DeVeau: Well...I have to say, I definitely agree with the part about meeting new people and cultures.  I find it fascinating, learning about others, their backgrounds, traditions, beliefs…

Galven: Ain't that the truth! In more ways than one, I still have such an amazing experience whenever there's something or someone new that I've never met before. 

Casparian: Indeed! It’s why I’m so thrilled to be talking with you now and also why I just love roaming the Starbase. It is a melting pot of people and cultures. I’m so lucky to be posted here!

DeVeau:  It’s interesting on a ship, but it feels like on a Starbase, there’s room to see /more/ of a culture from more of the representatives of that culture.  

Even though German was the second officer, he still had to get used to the enormous starbase. There were so many places, people, and events going on that he still had to see the experience for himself. Part of why he enjoyed showing new officers around when they arrived was to witness things for himself and with others to share the incredible feeling he got. 

Galven: Indeed. There's countless different species here and the last time I checked, the population was around 250,000 people. ::smiles:: And keeps growing. 

DeVeau: Personally, I don’t know a lot about Denobulans.  I mean, I know a few things, but not a light.  Feel free to enlighten me, German.

Galven: I can go into detail, but let's start eating this food. It all looks so delicious!

DeVeau: My stomach agrees with you.  Oh, this looks yummy.  Smells yummy...and spicy. Might need some more water. 

Alora loved spicy, but that didn’t mean she didn’t need water to wash it down! Casparian: Really? It’s quite the opposite for me. Even the tiniest bit of hot spice would feel like my lips are on fire! ::laughs out loud as she makes a waiving movement with her hands as if to waft away the heat::

Galven: ::grasps his spoon, then eats some beans from the syto bean soup. Finishes chewing before talking:: For the better part of my life, I was raised on Earth. Every now and then, my family and I would take vacations back to Denobula and other planets. 

DeVeau: Were you born on Denobula?  

Galven: I was, but a few months after I was born, my parents had a job opportunity on Earth. They're both Xenobiologists as well. We have curiosity running through our genes. ::chuckles, takes a bite:: Which eventually led to adopting my sister, Arlil. 

Casparian: ::pricks a few crunchy yellow salad leaves on her fork.:: Arlil. That is a beautiful name. So she was, um, is Terran? And I’d guess younger than you?

Alora glanced over at Casparian.  She wasn’t sure if she should say a word about the sister he’d lost. 

The glance from Alora made Romyana snap her mouth shut, instantly realizing that in her enthusiasm she was asking German indelicate questions about a sensitive topic, and should aim for a somewhat lighter table top conversation. She put her fork down without eating.

DeVeau: We don’t have to talk about it.

Galven: ::shakes his head:: No, no. It's okay. I'd rather talk about her than hide behind the memory of her. I try to be as transparent as possible. 

Oof, that could have taken a bad turn, but the young engineer was glad to see that German had overcome the initial stages of grief and was actually able and willing to talk about his sister openly. It must have been a difficult emotional road to get to this stage. 

Alora nodded and indicated for German to go on even as she continued to eat her food.

Galven: At first, we thought she was Trill, but come to find out that she's a mixture of more hybridized species. After the incident is when we found out. 

As German was talking Romyana raised up her fork again and began to eat quietly. Listening intently to his every word.

DeVeau: So she’s a mixture?  How did you find out?  She’s alive? That was, at least, a positive thing, wasn’t it?  

Galven: ::nods with a grin:: She's very much alive and I've even talked with her through somewhat stable connections. Ever since the last mission and now, it's made me think about adopting my own. ::takes a drink:: If that makes sense?

Casparian: Hm! ::quickly swallows her mouthful before speaking:: That is good to hear. 

She was referring to the part of him knowing Arlil was alive. Why he wanted to adopt, would’ve been interesting to know and many questions began floating through her head, but she didn’t want to trigger another delicate private topic right now, so she left it at that.

DeVeau: So does that mean she was reclaimed from the Borg?

It was getting more and more intriguing.  Freeing those who had once been Borg wasn’t unheard of, but Alora had never met anyone who had previously been a part of the collective - or even anyone who’d known anyone else.  It was fascinating, though sad that his sister had to endure such a thing.  

Casparian: Is that even possible? I mean, as far as I understand it, without the hive mind… ::pauses to consider finishing her sentence or not:: borg drones cannot survive.

Then again, it could be that there were specific cases that were successful but Romyana simply had not heard or read about it in any Journals. There was so much going on in the universe that it was impossible to be up-to-date about everything.

DeVeau: So what is she doing now?

Galven: ::takes a drink:: She's still with the Collective. Haven't had the chance to fully deactivate her from the Hive Mind. 

The Trill waitress returned to their table and asked if the three had enjoyed their meals and if they wanted to order anything else.

Casparian: It was delicious, thank you. ::sits back and pats her stomach with a grin:: Dessert anyone?

Galven: ::shakes his head:: I couldn't possibly have anything else to eat. ::leans back, pats his stomach:: I'm full. 

DeVeau: I’m good, though I’d like to take the rest with me if that’s okay.

Alora pointed to the half eaten food.  Most likely, she’d eat it later that evening, especially after a workout.  She got hangry then.  

Casparian: ::nods at the waitress:: Same for me. ::at her dinner companions:: Hey, I've been looking at going to join a dance class. Once a week or so. As a new fun hobby. 

Alora perked up at that little tidbit.

Galven: Oh yeah? ::takes a last bite of the food:: I haven't really explored any kind of dancing before. 

Casparian: It's Salsa. I thought I'd give it a try. The Flamingo club offers different types of dance classes. Do you have a favorite pastime?

DeVeau: I have several favourite past times.  Dancing is actually one of several things I enjoy.  Salsa is a lot of fun, but there are other fun ones too.  

German was too full to contribute to the conversation between the two officers. Instead, he just listened for the next few minutes and finished his glass of water. Perhaps they could make this a regular thing after their missions. A nice relaxing day just chatting away seemed a lot better than listening to his mom rant and rave about nothing of importance. 

Casparian: Oh yes indeed. I especially like the Earth Latin-American style music and Salsa is a fun dance to do to that music. ::shakes her hands and shoulders as if doing a little dance right there at the table:: I mean, it's hard not to move when you hear that type of music, right? 

DeVeau: My parents are actually amateur ballroom dancers and compete.

Casparian: ::eyes widen a little:: Competitions? Impressive. It is so nice that they both like to dance. ::looks down shyly at her half filled water glass:: I think it is incredibly romantic when a couple dance together.

For a moment Romyana imagined what it would be like to sway across the dance floor in someone's arms. A lot different than club style dancing, but then she snapped back and gulped her drink down.

Casparian: So you can dance very well already then, Alora? But not competitions?

DeVeau: I’m decent, but they are /fantastic/.  I just love watching people dance too, especially people who are really good at it.  I wouldn’t mind joining you if you’re interested.  

Casparian: That is an excellent idea! You are very welcome to join, maybe you can teach me a trick or two! 



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