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Aly Drolet

Nov 24, 2020, 8:48:25 PM11/24/20

OOC - All actions, words, emotions and experiences are that of the characters. 


((Bajoran Temple Gardens - Starbase 118 Ops))


Strange how hard it rains now. 


Lova: Today we give thanks for what we have. Today we show gratitude for those around us. Today we release our irrational anger and wish for peace and tranquility. To enjoy each moment as it comes and not to dwell on what could have been or might be, but what is. Join me, in a toast! For all my faithful flock, may the Prophets guide you and keep you! For our friends, may the Prophets bless you in whatever way you hold dear….May the festival begin!


And then everyone drank.


The true festival was beginning to start as the opening ceremony had been concluded. Now was the time for drinks, taking and partying. Sheila was down for it; her emotions hadn’t reached a peak at which it would be time to leave. Until then she was fully ready to partake in the festivities. That included drinks -Jumja brew which was sweet and thick and non-alcoholic, and Spring wine which was light and sweet and alcoholic. Both had a lovely aroma, enticing with notes of citrus and caramel. Sheila herself had reached up to take a drink not bothering to look which kind it was. If it was alcohol then she would allow herself one, and only one. No one wanted a drunk girl trying to push herself in her wheelchair. On the whole the atmosphere of the Bajoran district was upbeat and lively. Music as well as the aforementioned drinks. And the senior staff was allowed to move about too; take in the experience. 


In the meantime Bailey sat over, not in a corner, but a less crowded space, sipping at her drink. The liquid was sweat, pouring down her throat quickly and easily. Made her already cold limbs heat up; red. Soon enough two more officers joined her; Talas and Yael. 


Yael: ::smiling at his crewmates:: Now that the pomp and circumstance is done, time for the social event.


Talas: Response 


Bailey: I’m looking forward to it. Lots to see and do. Now what do you say about these drinks? 


Yael: It’s quite good, isn’t it? ::sipping the second glass:: It has a pleasant warming effect despite being chilled.


Talas: Response 


Sheila had taken another sim, feeling herself heat up even more. If she hadn’t been feeling so warm she would have questioned the liquid's effects. She might have even wondered if she was having an allergic reaction with a clearer head. Yet she ignored the whole experience in favor of chatting with company. 


Bailey:  I’d say so. ::Her cheeks were already red::


Before much else could be said a new figure joined them. Sheila didn’t know the Cardasian man at all. She pondered why he might be at a Bajoran festival. Again she surged this off as the individual wore a smart nondescript black garment. He did seem to match with Yael making her smile for a quick second. However the growing heat from her drink made her unable to hold the smile for as long as she wanted. 


Zorkal: Ah, Ashley.  A pleasure to see you again. 


Yael introduced the small group to their newcomer being the only one who looked to already know him. 


Yael: Lukin, I’m glad you made it. Let me introduce you… Lukin Zorkal, this is Ensign Talas, our helm officer. And Lieutenant Bailey, our chief of medical.


Bailey: Hello. ::She gave a small wave with her middle and ring finger::


Talas: Response 


As Ashley introduced him to his crewmates and vice versa, Lukin offered each one of them a polite nod. 


Zorkal: Well met. I hope you are all enjoying yourselves.  


Bailey: I’m doing well. Yourself? 


Talas: Response 


Yael: ::sipping at his drink:: The ceremony was quite nice, wasn’t it?


Zorkal: I’m finding this fascinating, and thus far enjoyable.  


As the Cardasian’s gaze fell upon her, her thoughts started to turn sour. Not only was she feeling overly warm, even with her romper on, but now she was starting to experience some dizziness. It made it hard to think. She too was beginning to think that the man would say something hateful. Of course that couldn’t be true. Yet part of her mental barriers, the ones that knew the truth, were being lost.  


Zorkal: Madam, forgive my curiosity, but might I inquire about your chair?


Bailey: Nothing's wrong with it. My wheelchair only aids me with mobility. 


Talas: Response 


Zorkal: It aids you, then? Interesting. I don’t recall ever seeing one used when I was stationed on Deep Space ten.  


Bailey: Most folks don’t use them. Older technology. 


Talas: Response 


Yael: I think... Perhaps I’ve picked up the alcoholic selection by mistake. I’ll need to replace my drink. If you’ll excuse me.


Sheila watched Yael walk off. He didn’t seem at all himself. Granted she wasn’t one to say what Yael was normally like, drunk or not. And herself too. She only ever had one drink at a time, not enough to get her truly drunk. Yet one drink and she felt like she was going to drive herself into a wall if she tried to wheel off. Plus she truly did wonder why she had been asked about her wheelchair. Was it because it was broken? Made her look broken? All she knew was what her uncle had told her as a kid. 


Now I don't want to beg you baby

For something maybe you could never give

I'm not looking for the rest of your life

I just want another chance to live

As Yael left Sheila watched him run into Taelon. Now it became clear that something was not quite right, not for either of them. 


Yael: My apologies. I didn’t see you there… somehow.


Taelon: Response 


Yael: I don’t think we’ve officially met. Ashley Yael, counselor.


Taelon: Response 


Yael: Are you enjoying the festival?


Taelon: Response 


Yael: I’ve heard that El-Aurians are fabulous listeners. Meanwhile, Denobulans *do* love to talk. We should get along *smashingly.*


Taelon: Response 


The Denobulan hybrid stepped forward just slightly closer, becoming subtly more aggressive about being in the angular man's presence. The closeness made Sheila shutter. People normally never got that close unless. Unless one of two things. A romantic relationship or something far much worse. Something far worse was what she was thinking. 


Zorkal: Response 


Bailey: Should we do something? 


Talas: Response


Sheila tried to listen to what those around her were saying. Listening took a great deal of strength that she was starting to lack. Her thoughts were clouded, her mind dizzy. Maybe she was only starting to dissociate. oO Please not now. Please don’t dissociate now. Oo  


Taelon: Response 


Yael: My replicator or yours?


Seemed the situation was getting much more heated. And maybe it was her fear that someone was going to get hurt as to why she stood up. Her fuzzy brain forgetting that she had come in her wheelchair, not having access to her crutches. 


Slowly she stood up. Pushing up from her chair, arms and legs shaking. Standing she shook like a leaf, pushing her chair back. A few steps forward, shuffling rather badly almost like a zombie. 


Bailey: Hey! Get away from him! 


Taelon/Yael/Talas/Zorkal: Response 


Unable to move much further, without tripping or twisting an ankle, Sheila lowered herself to the ground. Okay so maybe it looked like she more or less fell to the ground. Twisting, arms out to try and stop her. In good news she didn’t hit her head on the way down. Now Sheila was terrified for both Yael and Taelon as well as herself. Too many emotions. She felt fuzzy, hot all over, shaking with fear. She’d rather be left alone then have folks crowd around her. 


Bailey: No, no, no. Not too close. ::she tried to sit up::


Taelon/Yael/Talas/Zorkal: Response 


Bailey: Don’t hurt me…


Taelon/Yael/Talas/Zorkal: Response

OOC - Please let me know if this is too much.

Lieutenant Sheila Bailey

Chief Medical Officer

Starbase 118 Ops


"The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm." - Florence Nightingale

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