JP - LtCmdr. Alora DeVeau & 2Lt. Anthony Meeks - Good Music, Better Company Pt. 1

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Tory Flory

Sep 26, 2020, 4:47:16 PM9/26/20
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((Starbase 118 Ops - Trinity City - Rumba Room))


The club was crowded that evening and everyone seemed to be having a good time. The band was playing favorites from just about everywhere, and occasionally there would be something Anthony would recognize; regardless, he was enjoying the atmosphere. It had been a hard road getting here, and God knows, everyone deserved a little bit of down time.


He had ordered his third whiskey sour, and while the waiter went to pour it, he worked on finishing the one in his hand. Taking a drink, he saw her through the bottom of the glass. If the mission had been hard on her, you couldn’t tell. Dressed to the nines, she stepped into the club and her smile shone brighter than the flashing lights from the stage. Anthony caught himself staring as she walked across the room.


Alora had taken Anthony’s suggestion that they go dancing with a great deal of enthusiasm.  While she could dance with holograms, and they were extremely realistic, there was always that knowledge that the person wasn’t real.  Dancing with a real person was much more fun.  


Adorned in a creamy, sleeveless satin dress, collar dipped down in an almost heart shaped V.  Fabric had been gathered off the sides to come together in the front with three accents down the front.  The cut of the skirt allowed it to fan lightly as she walked, swaying gently with every step.  Matching, silk gloves rose to her elbows and she held a small, satin clutch that seemed to be made of the same material. 


Meeks: ::Standing as she drew closer to his table:: Wow… you look, um, amazing.


DeVeau: Why thank you.  You look good yourself.  


Meeks: Have a seat? I’ll get you a drink. ::Motioning to the waiter::


DeVeau: Nothing alcoholic, please.


Alora really did not want another repeat of that night with Raissa and Gaby.  That had lasted enough for a lifetime.  


Meeks: If I remember right, I owe you a dance.


Alora laughed softly and nodded. 


DeVeau: Well, that was the point of this, to go dancing.  It’s nice to have a partner who’s not a hologram. 


Meeks: ::Laughing:: We’ll see how you feel about that later. I’ll try and stay off of your toes.


DeVeau: So what sort of dances do you know?


Meeks: I’m not sure I really know anything. I took some lessons in ballroom dancing when I was a teen, and my mom loves latin dance. She taught me how to salsa, meringue, and tango, but I have to tell ya, I’m not that good.


DeVeau: My parents ballroom dance, so I learned to do the same - plus some other styles thanks to my theatre experience.  

Meeks: Well, I guess the only way we’ll know, is if we get out there and shake it.


Anthony stood and held out his hand to Alora. He gave her a sleek smile and motioned for her to take his hand. 


Meeks: C’mon, I promise I won’t bite.


DeVeau: You'd better not.  I bite back.


Alora grinned and placed her clutch on the table before accepting his hand.


His type “A” personality shining through, he led Alora to the large dance floor. There were people all around, waiting for the next song to start. When it did, he took a second to get a hold of the beat. Recognizing the time the music was set to, he pulled Alora close and placed a hand on her waist. The beat had a rhythm that made a typical step off easy. He stepped, and she followed.


Meeks: ::just loud enough to be heard:: You are good. You let me lead.


Good, perhaps, compared to the average person.  Alora’s parents, however, were simply amazing, and she couldn't compare.


DeVeau: Well, that is what I'm supposed to do!


Amazingly, he hadn’t stomped on her foot… yet.


Meeks: ::Chuckling:: Yeah, so far-so good.


Alora laughed softly, following his movements, making sure to avoid /his/ toes.


DeVeau: You're not giving yourself enough credit.  How long has it been since you danced?


How long had it been? He hadn’t been dancing since before he enlisted in the Corps. 


Meeks: You could say, it’s been a while. 


DeVeau:. I know someone mentioned a salsa class.  I was thinking of joining.  You should too - even if you already know how, it means more chances to dance.


Meeks: Well, if I have a built in partner, how can I say no.


DeVeau:  Maybe we should see if there's a place that would do something weekly or monthly for a group of us, a smaller group of those who want the opportunity to dance.  This is great, and all, but sometimes it's fun to do it with those you're a little more familiar with instead of a room full of strangers.  Something less crowded.


Meeks: I like that idea. There are a lot of people here. I’m game, if you are.


There were a lot of people in the club, rubbing almost shoulder to shoulder on the dance floor. It really didn’t matter though, because he was concentrating on his dance partner and was in the moment. He was really concentrating on not stepping on her feet. It really wouldn’t make the best impression if she had to go to sickbay for a broken toe.


DeVeau: I’ll look into it. 


She had discussed a possible ball with Masha - maybe that could be a springboard for a more consistent gathering.  Alora hoped so. 



2Lt. Anthony Meeks
Company Commander
nd TMR D Co.
Starbase 118 Ops/USS Narindra



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Science Officer

Starbase 118 Ops




2Lt. Anthony Meeks

Company Commander

1/292nd TMR D Co.

Starbase 118 Ops/USS Narindra



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