Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - "Unxpected Request" (Taybrim)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jan 26, 2021, 9:32:30 AM1/26/21
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((CO’s Ready Room – USS Narendra))

Another long moment passed and Alora was silent.  If only she could read the little ramble of thoughts that went on in his brain.  She was hesitant to try and guess, but she couldn’t help but see a path that he’d set down, and the destination.  She had an inkling where that path was going to lead.  He hadn't asked anything of her, but she knew something was coming. 

DeVeau: What do you wish of me, Captain?

Taybrim: I am formally asking if you would feel comfortable stepping up as the First officer of StarBase 118.

Formally ask her to be his First Officer.  Upon stepping on the ship, Alora had no thoughts alluding to that possibility at all.  Even with the strange meeting, the idea hadn’t occurred to her.  With the lengthy explanation of things happening in their galaxy, coupled with the news that Nijil would be leaving for a period of time, his intention had certainly begun to creep into the light. Now it was out in the open and yet again, Alora found herself sitting and staring at the man.

DeVeau: Me?

Taybrim: I know you have not been on this manifest as long as others, but you have been serving in Starfleet for longer than I.  And I recognize the value in experience across many different regions.  You have a talent for working well with others and approaching problems from many angles.  All are good qualities for a leader.

The list of so called virtues still weren’t quite convincing enough to the scientist.  First Officer?  She was willing, of course.  Alora wanted to support her Captain, to serve Starfleet to the best of her ability.  But did that mean First Officer?  He seemed so confident in her.

DeVeau: Captain...that’s...a great honour, but are you sure?

Obviously she wasn’t, but he simply smiled and nodded his affirmation.  Rising, his hand stretched out to her.  She glanced at it, then up at him, slowly accepting his touch before rising herself.  

Taybrim: Well, there is another reason we are on the Narendra.  We are going for a shakedown cruise into Federation territory, to the middle of nowhere and test this fresh crew.  We’re also meeting with an old friend and bringing a new crewmember onboard.  Certainly something that I forgot to log on the records, but Starfleet will forgive me because Intel gave permission.

He was like a kid in a candy shoppe, eagerly eyeing the brightly coloured wares that stretched over the walls, just waiting to be chosen so he could stuff them into his mouth.  Alora could almost feel his pleasure, and she realised she still had his hand. Releasing it, she let her own drop to her side. 

DeVeau: And the purpose?

Taybrim: We’re picking up a Military Intelligence office, someone who I count as a dear friend.  The rendezvous is uncharted and unlogged because Starfleet Intel works in mysterious ways.  But rest assured it is well within Federation territory, just off the beaten path.  Just a simple shakedown cruise, complete with a mysterious passenger pickup.

He was gleeful, absolutely gleeful and despite Alora’s uncertainty, she couldn’t help but smile in the face of it.  In a way, he was much like, taking pleasure in things that others might not.  It was almost as if it was a game, and she got to play.  Her smile lit up her expression.

DeVeau: You seem particularly enthuse about this.  

Taybrim: I’m offering you the chance to sit in the center chair on this quiet little shakedown mission.  It’s a good way to get your feet wet.  ::he grinned.::

Wait, what?  Another surprise, and the glitter of her smile faded a little.  

DeVeau: I see.

A shakedown cruise - for her to get her feet wet.  Ironically, Alora realised she hadn’t actually said yes to the captain.  He just sort of expected her to affirm his choice.  

DeVeau: I have to admit Captain, I am honoured, as I said, but…

But, but, but..there were so many buts.  She was happy where she was.  Chief Science Officer. Ever since she had entered the academy, that had been her dream position.  As First Officer, there was no way she could hold that job and be CSO.  

Taybrim: ?

DeVeau: I...suppose I could step in.  I’m assuming this is only for the time that Nijil is gone. 

Temporary, allowing her to take her CSO role back once Nijil took his.  

Taybrim: ?

Normally, Alora greeted most things with an enthusiasm of her own.  This, however, was just so out of the realm of her idea about he role in Starfleet, she was still trying to process the idea.  

DeVeau: All right.  ::Glancing at the doors, her mouth quirked as her mind worked.::  You said we’re picking someone up?

Taybrim: ?

DeVeau: Then perhaps we shouldn’t keep them waiting.

Taybrim: ?

Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Chief Science Officer
Starbase 118 Ops
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