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Amanda Nordstrom

Jul 7, 2020, 8:35:25 PM7/7/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118

((StarBase 118 - Alora’s Quarters))

Computer: Call from Commander Raymond Lassiter on a secure channel.  

The monotonic voice of the computer caused Alora to jerk.  She’d been so focused on her reading, and the alert so unexpected, that her reaction was a little overkill.  Blinking into space, she shook her head and stood, crossing over to the desk that squatted in the corner of her room.  Accepting the call, she grinned at the genial face of the man who had contacted her.  

DeVeau: Ray, it’s great to see you!

Lassiter: =/\=It’s always good to see you too, Alora.  How are you?=/\=

DeVeau: Are you asking as my friend or my counselor? 

Raymond bobbed his head from side to side and lifted a hand, rocking it in a similar motion.  

Lassiter: =/\=A little of both.=/\=

DeVeau: Doesn’t matter, really, the answer’s the same.  I’m doing well.  

Lassiter: =/\=Well, eh?=/\=

On the screen, Raymond leaned back in his chair, lacing his fingers.  His warm smile didn’t fade, but his expression relaxed a bit.  The beard on his face seemed more grey than the last time she saw him, offering more contrast against his dark skin.  Perhaps it was simply the lighting, though his job certainly wasn’t an easy one, so she wouldn’t have been surprised had it truly gotten grayer.

Lassiter: =/\=What does ‘well’ mean?=/\=

DeVeau: Now I /know/ you're asking as my counselor.  

Lassiter: =/\=To be fair, I ask that even as a friend.=/\=

DeVeau: It’s ingrained in you.  To answer your question, well means well.  I’m feeling well, energy is up, I’m getting enough sleep, I’m back to work, I get to do what I love, I’ve been welcomed quite warmly here, and I like the people I work with.

Lassiter: =/\=That’s a nice long list of positives.=/\=

But Raymond knew that was Alora.  She tended toward the positive.  Not always, oh she fell into that negativity trap, and there had been times he’d had to walk with her through the lows.  Overall, though, negativity just wasn’t natural for her - which was a plus considering what she had been through, and what she had to deal with.  Still, she wasn’t immune, which was why Raymond wanted to make sure he continued to check on her.  As her counselor.  Also as her friend.  

Lassiter: =/\=You’re set with your medication?=/\= DeVeau: Yeah, I’m good.  I got notified of a new shipment, and I met with the Chief Medical Officer - just today, actually.  

Lassiter: =/\=I didn’t look at the roster.  Who’s that?  =/\=

DeVeau: Shar’Wyn Foster.  Andorian.  Seems like a nice guy.

Lassiter: =/\=Ah, yes, Commander Foster. =/\=

Alora straightened in her chair a bit.

DeVeau: You know him?

Lassiter: =/\=No, not really.  I’ve heard of him.  Quite intelligent from what I hear. You’re in good hands.=/\=

DeVeau: I think so.  He instilled confidence.  Plus he has tribbles - and a tribble cat!

Lassiter: =/\=A...what?=/\=

DeVeau: A tribble cat!  A hybrid between a tribble and a cat!

Lassiter: =/\=That’s...interesting.=/\=

It was, but also surprising.  Raymond had never thought about such a combination before, but then again, that was also a different type of science.  

DeVeau:  Isn’t it though?  It’s really cool.  He also has a collection of items.  Said he collects them from crewmembers. 

Lassiter: =/\=And I’m sure he’ll acquire another one.  Have you given him a violet yet?=/\=

Alora was known for doing that, though Raymond hadn’t received one - she hadn’t been able to bring her collection with her, and had told him they were being cared for by friends on the Veritas.  

DeVeau: Not yet, but that’s because Sachiko and my plants haven’t arrived.  I imagine I’ll have a ton of new babies, and I can distribute them.  I’ll be sure to send you one.

Lassiter: =/\=I would like that.  Got any red ones?=/\=

DeVeau: Yep.  I’ll be sure to pick a nice red one out for you.  Kind of ironic though, huh?

Lassiter: =/\=What is?=/\=

DeVeau: It’s a violet...that’s red. 

Raymond chuckled a little. Lassiter: =/\=I suppose it is a bit ironic. =/\= There was the sound of a voice and Raymond turned to ask for another moment, then focused back on Alora. Lassiter: =/\=I’m afraid my time’s up. I’m glad you’re doing well.=/\=

DeVeau: I am.  Really, Ray.  I am.  

Lassiter: =/\=Don’t be afraid to utilize the counselor there...obviously keeping within the parameters. =/\=

Alora nodded, smiling a little. 

DeVeau: I know, and I will if I need to.  Thanks Ray.  I’ll talk to you later.

With that, the call ended and Alora leaned back in her chair.  She knew Ray was worried about her - considering everything that had happened, she couldn’t blame him.  Still, she was grateful that he cared about her - and that was one of the things that made him so easy to talk to.  He cared.  About everyone.  And it was obvious.  That’s what made him a good counselor - and Raissa as well.  Alora had to admit, she was lucky to have two people she could go to if nothing else - even better, they were both experienced counselors.

The chime of the door interrupted her thoughts and Alora pushed herself to her feet.  DeVeau: Come on in.

Of course, the person or people outside couldn’t hear, but it was the cue for the computer to open the doors and allow whoever it was inside.  The person who stepped through was unfamiliar to her, and he held a PADD.  He was young, younger than her...well, younger than what she was supposed to be, his brown hair was kept a little long, and had enough body that it swept to the side and stayed.  His uniform was the yellow of Ops.  Officer: for...Alora DeVeau?

DeVeau: Yes that’s me.  

Alora drew closer and peered behind him, then hopped up and down and clapped her hands together.  Her plants!  An annoyed ‘meoooooow’ also let her know that Sachiko had also arrived.  

DeVeau: Yay!  Thank you!

Officer: Yeah, sure.  Um, sign here.

He held out the PADD and Alora used her finger to sign.  Kindly, the young man helped her bring the containers in.  Although Sachiko was annoyed, Alora waited until everything was out of the hallway and the young man had left before letting the cat out of her carrier. 

DeVeau: Sachiko, it’s so good to see you.  Once out of the carrier, the cat calmed down.  She butted her head against her owner’s and began to purr as Alora cuddled her in her arms.  

DeVeau: I missed you too girl.  I missed you too.  

Alora spent a good twenty minutes just cuddling on the couch and enjoying Sachiko’s company - and the feline seemed happy to allow that.  Softly, Alora sighed, enjoying the warmth of the furry body, and the gentle rumbling from the body pressed against her heart.  With all her things, her plants, her babies, and her Sachiko, now Alora felt like she could really settle in.  Now she could really call the place ‘home’. 

Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
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