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Yael:  It’s not really the bar people go for though.  It’s the ambiance.  The dabo tables are always spinning.  New people all filter through as they travel.  It was mostly about the company we kept.  Quark himself is *quite* a character, and there was always some trouble or excitement brewing.  ::pausing::  There were more Klingon brawls there than there ever were at the Klingon restaurant.

Granted… he didn’t drink anymore, so maybe a bar wasn’t the best place to go.  He could hear his old friends' very straight laced voice in his mind, that stern Vulcan voice admonishing him for even talking about it after he had helped the Denobulan get sober.  It had been years since then, but it still made him feel a bit… off.

It was still hard to process everything that had happened back then.  But he was putting it behind him now.

They dropped Sachiko off at DeVeau’s quarters and made their way to the Promenade.  He let the Lieutenant Commander lead the way, enjoying the crowd and the company alike.

DeVeau:  There are so many places around here that people visit, not just the bars, but if you want a drink, we can go to one.  

Yael:  I don’t actually drink… anymore… ::he tried to say it naturally, but he couldn’t pull it off::... but if the food and the company are good?  

Alora let the awkwardness slide without a comment.  It was obvious there was something behind that little tidbit, but if he wasn’t going to divulge, she wouldn’t ask - they didn’t know each other well enough for her to prod that deeply just yet. 

DeVeau: Well, there are a /ton/ of eating places.  Sometimes, just going into the food court where the smaller places to eat are, the ones that don’t have an actual internal area, that’s a good place to watch people.  They’re kind of like...just food stalls where they prepare the food and then you can sit in the public seating area they all share.  Those kinds of places tend to sell fewer items from a limited menu, but they’re still pretty good.  Then there are the actual restaurants.  It’s really all in what you want and how much time you want to spend waiting for it.  

Yael:  People watching is good.  What do you prefer?  I  may choose something spicy otherwise.

DeVeau: I’m easy, and I like all sorts of things - and we don’t have to rush either since my shift’s over and I don’t really have anything major planned.  Just tending to my plants, maybe some practise, but nothing set in stone. 

Yael: Practice?  

DeVeau: Music, martial arts.  That sort of thing.

Yael:  Martial arts as well?  You have a diverse range of talents for which I am jealous.  ::spotting a Bajoran food stall and instantly cueing on it::  Oh, there it is.  I knew I had a craving for something spicy.  Are you good with Hasperat?

DeVeau:  I /love/ hasperate.  The spicier, the better!

Ashley ordered a vegetarian Hasperat, which was similar to a spicy burrito while *not* being a burrito, and what all else they needed.  The food was made quickly but smelled delicious, and they found open seats nearby.

Yael:  What belt have you accomplished?  Do you have a specific form of martial arts?

DeVeau:  Second degree black belt.  I’d be higher officially, but I haven’t tested for it even though I’ve kept up with my training.  I hope one of these days I can get to ninth, but that will be years and years and years and years from now.

Alora settled down to take a bite of her hasperat, savouring the flavour that filled her mouth.  So good.  It was difficult to describe form a Terran standpoint, but the closest thing she could say was it was somewhere between Mexican and Indian - which, for most people, didn’t really help much.  

DeVeau: Do you practise a martial art?

Yael:  Oh, no.  I enjoy *watching* competitions, but I’m not one to do it myself.  ::pausing::  I had a friend who was quite skilled in Krav Maga, it was brilliant to see.  But I’m not that coordinated, myself.

Subconsciously, without realizing, he traced the edge of one of the braces round his hands.

Alora’s gaze flicked to the braces briefly before she allowed herself another bite of her food.  

Yael:  Do you compete, or is it for self-fulfillment?

DeVeau:  Actually, the style of Aikido I study, well...there are competitions, but it’s not /meant/ to be a competitive sport. It’s truly an art of self defense.  I never competed - my sensei did not allow his students to compete, and honestly, I prefer it that way.  

Yael nodded more than answered, as he’d just taken a bite of his Hasperat. 

DeVeau: So what sort of hobbies do you have?  Do you play or sing or anything? Read?  Do theatre?  Juggle?

Yael: Hmm…

He finished his bite slowly, trying to form a satisfactory answer.  He certainly couldn’t say “I’m a reformed alcoholic with a side addiction to thrill-seeking behavior, and I’m still figuring out who I really am without all that.”  Instead, he decided to deflect with humor.

Yael:  Oh, I’ve been told my juggling is legendary.  ::he laughed lightly::  Not so much.  I’m addicted to furthering my education.  It seems there are days the only thing I do is read or study.

DeVeau: Darn.  I was hoping someone could juggle around here.  I’ve tried, I’m absolutely hopeless.  All that happens is balls falling on my head. 

Yael:  I do have this quiet hobby I do.  I like to psycho-analyze complete strangers as I people-watch.  ::pausing::  That Bolian over there?  ::he pointed subtly to a passing blue-skinned man::  He’s having trouble with his wife… his suit isn’t pressed, and Bolians still maintain some gendered social roles concerning the house duties.  He’s emotionally hampered and incapable of expressing himself, which she translates as a lack of interest, so she passive-aggressively leaves his suit to wrinkle.  If he would give her a hug once in a while his suits would be perfectly pressed.

Alora turned her gaze toward the Bolian in question and pondered what he told her while comparing it with what she saw.  Interesting.  He continued even as she ate, and Alora listened attentively.

Yael:  The Vulcan woman with the jum-jah stick.  ::he motioned toward her with his eyes and a side-ways nod of his head::  She’s 1/4th Romulan, and less capable of repressing her emotions than full blooded Vulcans.  Occasionally she indulges in something new, and today it’s the Bajoran sweet stick.  But she’s embarrassed, so she’ll take it to her quarters before enjoying it.

DeVeau:  Very interesting, Counselor. 

Alora took another bite of hasperate, then placed the half that was uneaten down and crossed her arms over each other, leaning against the table.  Her gaze settled upon the man, a half smile playing over her lips as she chewed. Finally, after swallowing, she dared to ask. 

DeVeau: And what, pray tell, would you say about me?

Ashley turned his eyes from the strangers on the Promenade to the Human woman in front of him.  He sat silently in thought for a moment, then eased forward in his seat slightly, leaning on his arms.  Was it time to show off a little?  He set his amethyst eyes on her and didn’t rush.

Yael:  You’re a romantic idealist with energy to spare and unsure what to do with it all.  You cultivate plants, living things, because you need to care for something, or someone.  They could also be a coping mechanism for internal pain you’re not sure how to handle.  You practice martial arts to help you feel stronger, which indicates some trust issues… you have the ability to defend yourself, you think that’s important, so maybe something happened to inspire you to take this path.  … ::he paused, thinking a bit more::  You’re searching for a serious relationship partner that can counter and compliment your overflowing energy without being intimidated by it, but your last serious relationship was years ago.  So when you meet a new person you dive in One Hundred Percent, because if they can’t handle it, they’ll show those colors early on and not waste your time.

He stopped, keeping his eyes on hers, wondering just how accurate his assessment was… or if he’d gone too far.  He’d said everything somewhat positively, but with a neutral heart.  Her expression would tell him if he’d pressed any buttons.

Alora couldn’t help but laugh.  Oh man, really?  That was his assessment?  It tickled her, and her amusement reflected in those oh so verdant eyes of hers.  She found his insight into her very interesting.  Was that how other people saw her?  Or just him?  Either way, she couldn’t help but find some humour in it.  Maybe some of what he said was accurate - but then again, there were definitely some parts that weren’t.  Oh boy, he had no idea about some of that.  Some of it was definitely way off.

DeVeau: Wow, that was a mouthful.  

Yael:  ::glad she didn’t seem upset::  Sorry.  Was that too much?  I was winging it a bit.

DeVeau: Doesn’t bother me at all, I just find it interesting.   I’ll have to ask my friends and see if they agree with it.  So you do this with everyone?  Is there anyone you /don’t/ analyse like this?

Yael:  Oh… just about everybody.  Though I usually keep it to myself unless it’s important.  ::pausing::  Though, it’s hard to evaluate oneself.  Internal biases and all.

DeVeau:  I see.  I guess that makes sense.  

Yael:  Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong.  Or keep your secrets.  It’s all good natured fun.

Ashley stood and stretched slightly, their meal being finished.  He did have a few things to take care of before it got too late.

Yael:  If Sachiko comes by again, I’ll be sure to let you know.  ::pausing:: I enjoyed our meal.

DeVeau:  Indeed, it was enlightening. 

While Yael had been analysing her, Alora had to admit, she was pretty much doing the same thing - she just hadn’t really been doing that sort of thing consciously.  She wondered how much of her own impressions he would agree with - or disagree.  Well, she would keep her own thoughts to herself unless he asked.  

DeVeau: I did too.  Don’t forget to send me your schedule.  We did have an agreement about holotravels.  

Because that wasn't something Alora was going to let him forget.  

Yael nodded, gave her one of those smiles, and departed the table.


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