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Bill Helms

Nov 9, 2015, 5:52:27 PM11/9/15
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((Bridge, USS Tribal))

::James watched as the Stormcrow was found using the low energy settings, she was close to, real close.::

Thorn: Send these scans to Albion, raise shielding around the warpcore and the computer core.  We are about to by the Albion the time she needs.

Martins: Shields up and we have full data recording active.

Thorn: I sure hope I know what I am doing: ::Half Grinning::

Martins: ::In his most dry tone:: We all do sir. We are being hailed by the Stormcrow sir.

Thorn: ::Walking to the center of the Bridge and doing his best to make him self look bigger:: I guess its to late ask for my brown pants? ::Grinning:: On screen::

Arrhimen:  =/\= I warned Star Fleet that I would not be stopped.  I did not want to engage a Federation ship son. =/\=

Thorn: =/\= Captain Haz Arrhimen, I am ordered to take you into custody.  You and your men will be charged and placed under arrest and held in the brig of Star Base 118 to await a trail by your piers.  Do you have any questions? =/\=

Arrhimen: ::Rolled his yes and moved closer to his view screen:: =/\= This can be done the easy way or the hard way son,  I don't want to kill you or your crew.  But I will if I have too.  =/\=

Thorn:  =/\= That is the only way you will get through us sir. =/\=

Arrhimen: =/\= Very Well, have it your way. =/\=

::The Comm Closed.::

Thorn: Make sure these new shields stay on take power from where its need.

Martins: Sir, there moving in closer.  Very closer sir, there weapons are hot.

Thorn: He is trying to make us blink, if we move then we will take power from our shielding.

::The ship rocked hard as the Stormcrow opened phaser fire, a firing that did not end.::

Martins: He is hitting us with every back she has.  There prolonged beams, shields are.....

::Before he could finish a Torpedo ripped through the shields and into the port warp engine.  Everyone on the bridge went flying.  The lights flickering off and on.::  Fires broke out on the bridge.  The view screen exploded as the EPS Relays and the Bio Neural Gel Packs over heated and surged behind it.::

Martins: Pulling himself back up to his station, as I was saying shields are fracturing he is opening them.  We now have fires on all decks.

Thorn: Move us away.

Martins: Another Torpedo sir.

::The Torpedo ripped into the saucer taking out the array and the port side decks 3, 4 and 5.::

Martins: We are dead in the water sir and the Stormcrow is moving off.

Thorn: Communications?

 Martins: All dead sir, I also don't think the Albion got our transmission, looks like it was jammed.

Thorn: Get damage control teams to the most needed parts of the ship.  Get someone to pilot a shuttle and send a message to the Albion, have them take our data logs.

Martins: Aye sir.


Lt. Cmdr James Thorn
Commanding Officer
USS Tribal

Simmed by:


Lt. Commander Baylen M. Anders
Mission Specilist
Fleet Operations 118th Fleet
Star Base 118,_Baylen

ID: R238606GHO


~The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.~

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