Ensign Ksivi-Sava - Is There a Doctor in the House?

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((Sannin VII - Cardassian Embassy - Corridor))

Away. The oppressive Cardassian architecture spun around her; orbited just out of her reach like the washed-out impressions of his own past. The ecliptic tilted ever so slightly, then toppled with a start, and Ksivi-Sava fell. Like a ship in a dive with no inertial dampening, no artificial gravity. Free fall. Those were the things that came to his mind, because… because he was Ksivi-Sava. Yes! It occurred to him a mere instant before he hit the ground: He knew all that because he was a pilot! And a physicist! Goodness gracious, that had been the important thing: He was Ksivi-Sava! And it wasn’t his own chin that hit the corridor floor in a Cardassian embassy.

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): I’ve got you, don’t worry. ::did she though?::

At least that was what his own voice told Ksivi-Sava while somebody tried to pick him up again—or felt like trying. It all happened to only moderate success, so there was a reasonable chance the helping hands were his clumsy own. He knew those. They were grey or something. Wasn’t it strange how most other people had so vastly more colourful hands? Green and pink and brown and blue and everything… but only his were grey. Statistical sampling was strange and bewildering sometimes. He really preferred being a pilot rather than a physicist now.

Renot (as Tito): Are you ok?! Are they ok!?

That one’s hands seemed to be more of a pink or orange tone, but it was fine. Ksivi-Sava really wanted to tell him that he was okay, as he wasn’t really envious about the hands or anything. It was fine being a grey pilot. Just now, he felt too dizzy to explain all that, so he just nodded as much as he could without making his environment shake too erratically. He’d rather stay on the ground if that was okay. They were Starfleet, they would probably understand.

Garev (as Renot): They seem…fine. For now.

By and large, yes. The sand on a beach would have been much nicer than this floor, but it would have to do. His own hands even seemed to hold him somewhat more comfortably than the floor alone would. Floors normally were not in the business of being very comfortable, just like his hands normally weren’t capable of holding himself. It was strange, but fine.

Iru: Response?

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): Okay, maybe I don’t but you aren’t anymore injured than before right?

Renot (as Tito): I seem to be… somewhat stable physically. I can help guide people to medical if need be.

That struck Ksivi-Sava as a useful idea. There had been a whole thread of thought about something medical going on, he was fairly sure about that. Besides, it had gotten rather crowded around his little spot of floor. Just as he realized that slightly uncomfortable fact, one of the crowd—a bearded man in operations gold—seemed to stand up and make some room again. That was really nice of him. Starfleet were really nice people.

Garev (as Renot): I can, too.

Iru: Response?

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): Nevermind, the reporter seems to have left.

That sounded somewhat comforting. Ksivi-Sava was really comforting to Ksivi-Sava; funny how he had never realized that before, after all those years of being himself. He was very tired.

Renot (as Tito): Right, good. R…. Renot… Are you able to walk on your own or do you need assistance? Willow? Ensign? Are you two able to manage or do you need help?

Garev (as Renot): I'll be fine, Lieutenant.

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): ?

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): Do we have to go? If it’s all the same to you gentlemen, I wouldn’t mind resting for a while.

But alas, it was of no use. With the help of the bearded goldshirt, the man in science blue eventually grabbed Ksivi-Sava and tried to keep him steady. As uncomfortable and dizzying as that was, Ksivi-Sava felt compelled to show the courtesy of trying to keep his balance as best he could. After all, he imagined lifting him must be a rather exhausting activity for the human-looking blueshirt.

Renot (as Tito): Right, lets get all of us to medical and then R….Renot…. And me… to Taybrim. I think? I don’t recall.

Garev (as Renot): I think at this point, we just need to find…anyone.

Ksivi-Sava (as Willow): When this is over, would anybody care to join me for a swim? I don’t normally like natural environments, but somehow, I miss the beach.

Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): Response

Renot (as Tito): Response

It had seemed unavoidable for a while now, but when the blueshirt finally attempted to drag Ksivi-Sava forward, he found walking a rather taxing activity indeed. He wasn’t sure whether his attempts at moving Willow’s feet were actually helpful or not, but nobody complained, so this was as good a start as any. He might end up having to reconsider the whole going-for-a-swim plan, though. Well, that wasn’t too bad, he didn’t like oceans anyway.

Ksivi-Sava: ::slurring while stumbling along:: They’re so huge and scary and dirty. So many disgusting things live there.

Somehow, he was very sick already. He could really go without something disgusting biting him and making him even sicker.


((Lab, Cardassian Embassy, Sannin VII))

Before long—which was strange, because it also felt like an incredibly long time—they had arrived somewhere. Ksivi-Sava wasn’t exactly sure where, but there were new people and a distinct feeling of arrival: Everybody seemed really relieved to meet everybody else. And being relieved was normally such a pleasant experience, Ksivi-Sava was quite happy for them.

Garev (as Renot): Hello, I hope we aren’t interrupting.

Marsh (as Wethern)/Wethern (as Marsh): Responses

Oh, he even recognized somebody! There was Corey Wethern, from… school? Ksivi-Sava knew him from some sort of school. But was it community school, Risian Security Academy, or that other thing, the one with advanced physics and flight training? He really didn’t know whether he knew Wethern from any of those. Whether he knew Wethern… Federation standard was funny.

Garev (as Renot): We require assistance.

Ksivi-Sava: ::pointing at Wethern with a bloody finger and such an excited smile in Willow’s blood-smeared face, it betrayed a distinct lack of mental faculties:: Wait, you’re a doctor! I know that! ::elucidating at Renot as Tito, while still pointing at Wethern:: I know this man. He’s a doctor.

Renot (as Tito)/Willow (as Ksivi-Sava): Responses

Marsh (as Wethern)/Wethern (as Marsh): Responses

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