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(( Main Bridge - Deck 1 - U.S.S. Narendra )) 

Ross watched patiently as the PADD changed owner and McLaren accessed the desired files. 

Fairhug: ::turning to Rustyy and Sol:: Any ideas? 

McLaren: Im an intelligence officer, not an engineer. 

Her remark caused a twitch around his lips - well said. Before he could comment, they were interrupted by another guest - he didn't catch a glance at the arriving officer, however. The group split up once more, separating them from Hael and Fairhug, whose focused and smooth demeanor Ross would miss for sure. 

He also noticed how Fairhug used a shortened version of McLaren's first name - everybody on this ship seemed to know each other very well, which made him kind of hopeful for his future as a crew member.

Fairhug: Thanks, Rustyy. ::turning back to the two Intelligence Officers:: So, do you two think you have enough information to help the crew on the surface?

McLaren: With the caveat that this may not be exactly the same thing? Probably. We'll figure it out either way.

Ross: Agreed.

Fairhug: Use whatever resources you need. Sol, go ahead and contact the surface whenever you’re ready.

McLaren: Understood.

Ross: Commander. 

McLaren gestured to the large layout table at the rear of the bridge and stepped over - he followed her swiftly.

McLaren: So tell me, what do you see in those files? Anything that could be of use to us?

Ross sat down, placing the PADD in front of him and tried to make sense of the revealed files. Some parts had been blacked out, but it was enough to get a general idea of the device's form and function 

Ross: Well, we would need more time for an extended analysis, but it should be enough to decide if we are working with a similar kind of device - if someone down there is able to work with the device, maybe we can talk them through it - might even reverse the effect. 

McLaren: I see. Then let's call our people and help them out.

Ross: Yes, Commander. 

Sol nodded, tapping a few controls.

McLaren: =/\= Narendra to Taybrim. =/\=

Tito (as Taybrim): =/\= Response? =/\=

Ross noticed how McLaren hesitated, but it wasn't long enough for him to actually question it. He was soon distracted by the conversation.

McLaren: =/\= We believe we have some information that might help with your situation. =/\=

Tito (as Taybrim): =/\= Response? =/\=

Her gaze hit him unexpectedly - Ross cleared his throat somewhat uncomfortably before he leaned in to the communicator and spoke up. 

Ross: =/\= Commodore, this is Ensign Ross. We were able to access confidential files in relation to a similar incident. It involved a probe that forced a personality-swap on a crew. It might be a device, might be a program on a bigger system. =/\= 

McLaren: =/\= With more information, we might be able to narrow things down more. =/\=

Tito (as Taybrim)/Taybrim (as Garev): =/\= Response? =/\=

Ross: :: narrowing his eyes and turning his PADD upside down :: =/\= If you have an idea where the program or the device is located, can you access its logfiles? They should be accessible similar to a PADD's menu, maybe a button, bottom left or bottom right? Is there anything you can see, a list of activities maybe? =/\= 

It was hard to make guesses about the exact layout of the program in use.

Tito (as Taybrim)/Taybrim (as Garev): =/\= Response? =/\= 

Ross: :: sliding the PADD over the table towards McLaren :: It seems like the device from the files is working with active programs, right? Reversing personalities as a constant, dynamic re-channeling of consciousness instead of a static on and off switch. Would you agree that a restart of the device might have a similar effect like reversing the swaps, effectively ending all current swap-"programs"?  

McLaren: Response? 

Ross: We should make sure. If it's an ongoing re-channeling instead of a static swap there might be some errors. Gaps, overlaps.

This was tricky. Ross rubbed his forehead and contemplated for a second before he leaned towards the communicator once more. 

Ross: =/\= Commodore, we are just discussing the nature of this body-swap. Can you describe the effect to us? Are there any gaps and mistakes in the swap, do your memories mix and get confused? If so, a restart of the device might solve the situation. =/\= 

Tito (as Taybrim)/Taybrim (as Garev): =/\= Response? =/\=  

McLaren: Response? 


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