MCpt Luthas & Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau - Prying but not prying, part 2 (NT)

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jul 13, 2020, 10:18:36 PM7/13/20
to StarBase 118 Ops – UFOP: StarBase 118
((Botanical Research - Science Lab, Deck 518, StarBase 118))

Luthas: :: Clearly unbothered by the question. :: Grace is human. She
and her crew took me in after I lost my parents in a pirate raid and no
one claimed me. None of the crew were Vulcan, so I grew up in a
multicultural, if human leaning, environment, so that cultural
resistance to Vulcan’s joining the marines I never picked up.

DeVeau: I see!

And it made some sense now, why he was more expressive than other Vulcans.

Luthas: What about you? Why science? :: Most of the scientists he’d
talked to about why they had joined up did so because of a passion or a
goal, though he’d met enough that didn’t that he knew not to assume. ::

DeVeau: Because science helps you learn about the whys of the universe. 
The hows.  It helps in the understanding of things. It’s just
so...interesting and amazing to get into the details of creation.  I
just couldn’t /not/ study it.  I want to know too much. I guess that
just makes me nosy.

Which Alora had been called before, though not by polite people. Maybe
she was, but she just wanted to know. Discovery was exciting, learning
was exciting, and Science afforded the opportunity to learn about
details of life.

DeVeau: And I’ve always had a thing for plants and animals.  So you’re
the second Vulcan I’ve met that does not suppress emotion. I hope that’s
not too forward of me either.

Luthas: Nah, your fine. You haven’t accused me of not being a Vulcan so
you’re miles better than some other comments I’ve heard.

DeVeau: Have you met Ensign Kudon?

Luthas: Technically? I’ve seen him, but we’ve never interacted.

DeVeau: He’s a Vulcan as well.

Luthas: Most Vulcan’s I’ve met are unnerved about me. :: Which made
sense, he represented  something that was anathema to their entire race. ::

DeVeau: Well, I’d introduce yourself. He is similar to you in regards to

Alora knew it could be hard when you thought you were the only one a
certain way.  Maybe the two would find support from each other.

Luthas: That’s unusual. Most of them are trained from birth to repress
everything they can.

Which wasn’t always successful, if you were good at reading people you
could pick up the initial surge of knee jerk emotion before they could
suppress it.

DeVeau:  I know.  From what I understand, Vulcan’s just...suppress
them.  Prevent them from ruling their choices and actions. Which...can
be a good thing.  It can also be a bad thing.

Alora pondered for a moment.  She didn’t want to speak ill, but she
wanted to be honest . At the same time, she had a high respect for
Vulcans, and in some ways could understand why they did what they did -
and sometimes she couldn’t.

DeVeau:  Things like...showing affection.  Love.  Compassion. Those are
all emotions that I think are good to not suppress.  I’m not saying
Vulcan’s can’t show these in their actions, but sometimes…

Alora’s face twisted.

DeVeau: I don’t know how to say it without sounding like I’m putting
Vulcan’s down, which isn’t my intent.

Luthas: Ehh. :: He waved his hand dismissively. :: It’s nothing I
haven’t said before myself.

He knew the reasoning behind why they repressed everything, but
obviously he didn’t agree. If he could keep his emotions from running
wild, then couldn’t the rest of them do so without repressing everything?

DeVeau: Emotions in of themselves aren’t bad . It’s what we do with them
that can be bad. can have some really detrimental consequences.

She had seen that in others.  Alora didn’t get angry too easily compared
to some, but she knew what she felt like doing when she was.  It could
be difficult to control.  There were other emotions of hers, however,
that held more sway - some detrimental.  Some she had to work through
and be careful about.

Luthas: You won’t hear me disagreeing. :: Too much emotion could be just
as bad as too little. ::

DeVeau: Have you ever thought about suppressing your emotions?  I know
you didn’t grow up in a typical environment for a Vulcan, but has it
ever crossed your mind?

Luthas: Nope, never.

DeVeau: I imagine it must be hard.  ::She paused a moment, hesitant, but
then continued.::  Like...sometimes you don’t belong anywhere.

Luthas: I guess. I’ve never felt that way. Everyone on the ship doesn’t
fit in with their species one way or another.

Even the human members of the crew didn’t fit in with their cultural
norms in one way or another, and the human species was a giant mixed bag
of the stuff.

Luthas: No matter where I go or who I meet or how much I change, the
Rascal and her crew are waiting and will accept me with open arms. ::
After a bit of affectionate ribbing. :: I’m their oddball Vulcan, just
like they’re my oddball Bajoran, or Klingon.

Alora’s grin returned, glad to hear that he hadn’t really had to deal
with that sort of emotional struggle.

DeVeau:  I hope you’ll consider talking to Kudon.  I think he could
benefit from your wisdom.

Luthas: I’m not a counselor but I imagine most of it comes from trying
to fit in and finding you can’t. Sometimes you need to say screw it, I’m
going to find my own group of people who fit me better.

DeVeau:  I like that idea.  Hopefully here at the Starbase we’re a part
of that group.

Alora loved that there was so much diversity, so many people with so
many differences that really made things interesting - and beautiful.

DeVeau:  Tell me about the Rascal and her crew.  Is that a ship?

Luthas: Yep. An old rundown one held together with duct tape and a
prayer but it’s home. As for the crew, the original crew was mostly made
up of ex-Starfleet personnel like Grace. The rest are like me, picked up
during the attack and had nowhere else to go so they stayed.

DeVeau: I imagine you must miss them.  Do they ever come around here?

Luthas: They’ve visited me before at some of the other bases I’ve been
stationed at. Haven’t been at the starbase long enough for them to have

DeVeau: Well if they do, I, for one, would love to meet them.  I love
meeting new people.

Luthas: Some of them will probably be here in a couple of months or so.
:: Heck given that this is a stardock they might bring the whole dang
ship. :: So you’ll get to meet them then.

DeVeau: Good.  I look forward to it.


Marine Captain Luthas
Marine Officer
Starbase 118 Ops


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Science Officer
Starbase 118 Ops

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