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((Bridge, USS Tribal NCC-63201))

::Lt. Commander James Thorn sat in his command chair of the Tribal an Aegian Class Fast Frigate. He had just been given the assignment and command of the ship. He had been assigned Border Patrol duty along the neutral zone. The Aegian Class was a small ship, larger than its brother class of Defiant but smaller than its cousin the Intrepid. The Aegian Class is only 10 decks will only 9 of those being livable. Deck 10 is utilized for storage and cargo.  The ship has a total crew count of 116 and 35 of witch being officers.

James Crossed his legs and took a sip of his coffee and kept reading his PADD, as of late this side of the Border had been fairly calm.  Nothing out of the ordinary, he did not that Stormcrow was now listing as MIA.  He was just about to read into that when his Tactical and Security Chief spoke up.::

Martins: Captain, we have a recorded message coming in from the Captain of the Stormcrow. Should I play it, it is directed at the Commanding Officers of Star Fleet.

::James had never been big on secrets, he was all about a transparent Command. He thought for a moment, could this be something to do with Section 31?::

Thorn: ::Standing up, and facing the Tactical Station:: Lets here it Lieutenant. ::Pointing to the overhead area that sound came from::

Recorded Arrhimen: To Star Fleet Command, This is Captain Haz Arrhimen, Commanding Officer of the USS Stormcrow, Command ID number Alpha 1150Gamma 453 Bravo. As you know I have strong feelings about the Romulan threat, and your weakness and ability to not lift one finger to stop it. I now know that it is my responsibility to purge the issue for ever. I will take up the flag of the martyr. My crew and I are ready to do what is need to save and protect the Federation.

 I am deeply saddened that I will not live past what I have to do, if I were to live my next target would be Star Fleet Command. An American President by the name of Thomas Jefferson once said that The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. He also said that every generation needs a New Revolution.

 Well i say to you, here is the new revolution. Me and my crew of the Stormcrow are those Patriots and we will water the tree of liberty with green blood of the tyrants. We have lived in fear too long. We have had to many of our loved ones taken from us by these tyrants. No more... It ends today. History will remember us as the savors of humanity while our so called leaders did nothing. If you send a Star Fleet ship to try and stop us, I will count them as siding with the Romulans and they will be destroyed. That is your only warning. Captain Arrhimen out....

::James stood in the middle of the bridge not moving or saying anything for a few moments. He knew of Captain Haz Arrhimen, he was well known for his tactical mind and more known for his short temper and hot mouth.  He tended to shoot first and ask questions later. Looking over at Lt. Martins::

Thorn: Can you locate where that message was transmitted from?

Martins: ::Looking at his scans and ran his long fingers over the LCARS, then looked up and shook his head no.:: Sorry sir, it was bounced off a relay stations with a scrambling modulation.  Maybe if he had more sensors we might be able to, but I really doubt it sir.

::The X.O. walked over to the Tactical Station and looked down as she looked over the scans she pushed the blond hair out of her eyes.::

Heartwik: I agree sir, there is no way we can break it down quick enough to do us any good.

Thorn: That might be so, but lets still work on it, it might give us a starting point. Maybe one of bigger brothers my have better luck or we might but lets try. ::James walked closer to Jessica:: Commander I want you and Ensign Paulsen to head to Science and see if you can do anything.

Heartwik: Aye sir.  Ensign you heard the captain ::Smiling and stepping into the turbo lift.:: Lets do this.

::Ensign Paulsen and Lt. Cmdr Heartwik disappeared behind the closing turbo lift doors. James walked about the bridge and up the small ramp to the Tactical Station. Look over the area around them he noticed the USS Albion Traveling at maximum warp.::

Thorn: What is the Albion?

Martins: The Albion is the support ship for Star Base 118, she is an Excelsior Class ::Looking at more info as he scrolled down the list:: Under the command of Captain Lea Handly-Page but looks like the ship is being commanded by the Stations First Officer, Commander Sal Taybrim.

Thorn: Where are they heading so fast?

Martins: ::looking at more info:: The Valdis System sir, its in Romulan Space, there traveling at Maximum warp of 9.4. ::Looking at the captain:: Our max warp is 9.95 ::Grinning::

::James smiled and then laughed at eagerness of his Tactical Officer, he patted him on the back and then walked back around to Command Seat::

Thorn: By all means lay in a course, maximum warp.

Martins: We will beat the Albion by ::Looking down at his read out:: 22 minutes sir.

Thorn: ::Smiled and took a seat:: Engage...

::James watched the view screen flash white then balance out to the stars streaking by on the screen.::

Thorn: I don't want my first command to come to a quick end because we are mistaken for helping the Stormcrow, Hail the Albion:

::Commander Thorn waiting for a moment for the Transmission to be patched in...::

Thorn: Captain Taybrim, I am Commander James Thorn of the USS Tribal, I am warping to the Valdis System, I will hold outside of the system in case you need me. THe Tribal is a new Fast Frigate, we are faster than you and our shields are far better but both you and the Stormcrow can out gun us. I just wanted to add my support so your not out here alone.


Throne: We will be outside the system in two and half hours.


::James stood up and looked at the man on the screen::

Thorn: I stand ready and you have the lead of course, You have the higher rank and the stronger ship. ::Looking at his PADD with the info on the Albion, he noticed something and then looked back up at Sal.:: You have Commander Baylen Anders on board?


Thorn: I do yes, we went to the Academy together and worked together on Outpost Ganzera. Good luck captain, We have your back.



Lt. Commander
James L. Thorn
Commanding Officer
USS Tribal NCC-63201
Aegian Class

Wishing you Fair Winds and following Seas...

Lt. Commander Baylen M. Anders
Mission Specialist
Fleet Operations 118th Fleet
Star Base 118,_Baylen

ID: R238606GHO


~The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.~

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