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((‘The Den’ Lounge, Caitian Spacedocks))

::Charlena was happy and content. She was able to finally feel relaxed and thought she could take in just exactly how remarkable working with Starfleet was as she gazed at the scene outside. It made her want to paint but she barely had any supplies and it was something she wanted others to know about her just yet. Painting was personal to her. She saw Galvens reflection coming towards her so wasn't entirely startled when he greeted her but she was surprised by being offered her drink.::

Galven: A Risian Mai Tai, correct?

Vanlith: Yes. Thank you. How did you know?

Galven: ::furrows his eyebrows:: I’ve been cursed with a good memory. ::chuckles and takes a sip::

Vanlith: ::Charlena chucked herself:: Does that mean I'll never live down the tribbles.

::The reflection in the window was quite a stunning pair, but then a third came into view. Charlena hoped Galven wouldn't notice or if he did that she could figure out a quick escape.::

Galven: You know, I thought I met everyone here, but somehow haven’t seen you yet. ::takes a sip::

El Sayid: Response

Galven: That’s right! You were also in the same training class with Charlena. ::takes a sip::

::Charlena drank her drink using it as an excuse to not have to talk whilst have tried to come up with a plan to get out of this situation. Yes she needed to apologise but she didn't know how and she really didn't want to draw attention to it all here.::

El Sayid : Response

Galven: I find it so amazing to see a couple of ensigns doing well. ::finishes glass:: I try to keep in touch with my classmates as much as possible. They’re pretty much like family. Hey, if you two excuse me I need to go get myself another drink.

::A sad smile crossed Charlenas face as she thought back to the library::


((Library, Deck 4, USS Veritas))

Vanlith: Hello? Who's here?


El Sayid: Huh? Wha? Whozair?


::Charlena spun around quickly her stance ready to fight fully alter to see Nabihah sat in a chair.::


Vanlith: What are you doing here?


El Sayid: I dunno what are you doing here?


::Charlena looked at her with raised eyebrows just as she would have at her brother. For the first time she was starting to truly feel at ease on the ship.::


Vanlith: I asked you first.


::Vanlith only slightly corrected her stance as Nabihah stood, still unsure as to why she would have followed her.::


El Sayid: Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. I just found you here when I was exploring deck four, and then I fell asleep. I was wondering where you were actually, didn’t mean to stalk you or anything. ::She chuckled to herself softly.:: What were you doing down here anyway?


Vanlith: I just needed to get away.


El Sayid: Oh… Well. You know… As long as we live in the same quarters, I want you to feel like wherever you live… you know, that it’s like home. And I want you to know that you can come to me if there’s something on your mind.


Vanlith: What do you mean I can go to you. It’s not like we are family. ::Charlena took half a step back at this. She didn’t do opening up. Only one person in her life knew her well and he couldn’t help her now.::


El Sayid: Well, no. But I’m your friend. And in Starfleet I suppose that's as good as you get.


Vanlith: Yeah I know what you mean


Vanlith: That they are Sir.

El Sayid: Response

::As he headed back towards the bar the awkwardness between the 2 ensigns grew to the point you could cut the air with a knife. Charlena didn't know what to do. Nabihah was still the closest person Charlena really had and all she wanted to do was fix this but knowing how and when to was her problem. She didn't have friends to fix problems with in her life up until now so socially she was at a complete loss.::

Vanlith: So...urm… have you enjoyed tonight?

El Sayid: Response

::An awkward silence fell on the two of them again. Charlena couldn't do this now. Apart from anything else she'd had a few drinks tonight so it probably wasn't a good time to try and fix this.::

Vanlith: Well I urm won't keep you from talking to or dancing with the people you'd rather be around right now. I'm sorry for taking up your time. ::Charlena finished her drink:: I'll urm see you around.

::Charlena slowly headed away from Nabihah. She knew she may have just made things more awkward when she did go to apologise later but right now she couldn't do it properly and that's what she really cared about. She needs to get this apology right.::

(OOC anyone can jump in at the end if you want but I think these classes as the end for Charlena here)

Ensign Charlena Vanlith

Engineering Officer

USS Veritas


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