Rear Admiral Washington: The Safest Way to Travel

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Jun 9, 2019, 7:35:30 PM6/9/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Montreal

((Starfleet Regional Headquarters, Cait))

::It had been quite the unusual day for Rear Admiral Joseph Washington. The Commander for Starfleet Operations in the Tholian region had started his morning as usual, with a cup of coffee with two shots of espresso to accompany his daily briefing with Starfleet headquarters back on Earth. His adjutant Commander Savan, a ruthlessly efficient officer even by Vulcan standards, had updated him on his agenda for the day, which included an inspection of USS Sojourner, a meeting with the Talarian ambassador, and overseeing the promotion of Commander Mei’konda Delano to Captain and officially giving him his new assignment.::

::It was the last matter that the admiral had been attempting to accomplish, but unfortunately, just as he was dematerialized from the surface, a pair of voles deep within Cait Space Dock’s transporter systems had managed to find the third ODN conduit quite delicious. Sadly, for the voles, it proved to be a literal "last meal" as the circuit shorted out, frying the little critters and sending the admiral into the void of transporter purgatory.::

((Transporter Room 2, USS Veritas))

::The passage of time was imperceptible when one’s molecules were otherwise unassembled as they were in a transporter beam, and so when Admiral Washington was finally rematerialized on the USS Veritas instead of the space dock directly, his first thought was that the transporter operator had made an error in destination.::

Macedon: ::springs to attention :: Admiral on Deck!  

::The admiral waved off the ensign. He was more interested in answers than pageantry.::

Washington: ::looking around:: Where am I?

::He looked over at a short, red haired and scruffy officer near him and furrowed his brow.::

Washington: Who are you?

Teller:  Apologies sir, little difficulty during your transport.  You'll get a full report ::The man yelped as the medics treated his injuries:: just as soon as I stop bleeding. Sir.  

::Another officer who’d apparently joined him in the transport, an Adorian simply nodded.::

Tel-ar: Admiral.

::The admiral looked back at the other human who was with him.::

Washington: Are you all right, young man?

Teller:  Yes sir, and after I get a new pair of pants.  If you'll permit me, sir. :: Teller brought his hand to his comm badge. ::

::The admiral nodded before his attention was diverted back to the Andorian.::

Tel-ar:  Cardassian voles Admiral. ::The Andorian stripped off his tattered shirt to reveal a host of bites and scratches.:: A Bajoran transport somehow transported a large number of them, a situation that needs to be intensely investigated and they somehow managed to get onto the station.

Teller:  =/\= Teller to El Sayid, mission successful.  We've got the Admiral aboard the Veritas and will be returning him to the party in a few minutes.  What's your status? =/\=

El Sayid:  =/\= Response =/\=

Teller:  =/\= Understood, do what you can and then hand it off to the dock crew. Good work. Head back to the party when you can. Teller out. =/\=


::The man then called the CO of the USS Veritas, evidently at the ceremony still waiting for Joseph.::

Teller:  =/\= Teller to Captain Rahman, the Admiral's alright. We'll beam him straight to the party in just a few moments. =/\=

Rahman:  =/\= Good work, lieutenant. =/\=

Teller:  =/\= Shin and El Sayid split off to try to restore the stations sensors, they should be back to you soon.  What's the status on the cargo sled? =/\=

Rahman:  =/\= Our pilots have managed to keep the Astraeus safe without a scratch. =/\=

Teller:  =/\= Glad to hear that.  Sounds like we've got even more to celebrate. =/\=


Teller: Lt. Vistain, would you do the honors?  

::As the other engineer powered up the transporter again, Admiral Washington stepped back on the pad, a little more cautiously this time as he looked down at the lit circle beneath his feet. He then looked back up and at his two “rescuers” and nodded.::

Washington: I look forward to that report, lieutenant.

::And with that, Joseph was once again beamed away, this time safely and directly without being hijacked by a mischievous vole.::


Rear Admiral Joseph Washington

Commander for Starfleet Operations - Tholian Region


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