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Koihime Nakamura

Jun 8, 2019, 6:02:14 AM6/8/19
to USS Montreal IC
(OOC: Now, with a title! Don't write sims at 3AM, it's bad for you.)

((Work Bee, In Orbit of Cait))

Rosek: =/\= Understood. Rosek out. =/\=

:: Tiria returned her worker bee to the dock. That had... been too close. It's likely that at it's momentum it wouldn't have been a very damaging impact, but that was beyond the point. ::

oO It's also pretty bad luck. Oo :: Tiria never really got the point of the superstition, but that was sometimes the joy of superstitions. Still, she hoped they had retrieved the Admiral's pattern. They probably had, to be fair,Teller struck her as competent, and Tel-ar was as well. The other people who had gone that way also didn't look like they were bad at their job, and you'd have to hope senior staff wasn't terrible at their jobs:: 

((‘The Den’ Lounge, Caitian Spacedocks))
:: Tiria returned to the party, seeing that .. well, people were filing back in. She picked up some firewine, and began sipping it again. Part of her wondered if that evaluation she had mentally given had been incorrect - certainly, it's not unreasonable to expect that people want to relax. ::

oO I'll have to think on this more.. Oo   

::Granted, Tiria .. wasn't really sure who to talk to. Part of her wanted to just fade into the background and watch. Maybe she could work out who to approach. Maybe she'd just drink the firewine there and contemplate things... She spotted German walk over and was a bit confused. ::

Galven: Excuse me, but I’d like to apologize for earlier. You had something important you wanted to talk about.

Hamasaki: Ah.. well. It may not have been the best time. I was the one in error, and I apologize for interrupting you.

Galven: Right, well follow me. Please.

Hamasaki: Sure.. :: Tiria put the - was she ever going to finish one?- firewine down, and headed over. ::

Galven: Before the weird incident, Lieutenant Hamasaki wanted to talk to you, Captain. Seeing that the Admiral is here as well and it has to do with the Shoals, I’ll leave you three to talk.

oO The Admiral?! Oo

Hamasaki: ::blinking, then collects herself.:: Well.. Thank you, Lieutenant Galven. ::Tiria takes a deep breath, thankful her qi pao was still as clean as you can expect for someone who had to run around in it. :: This might sound weird, but.. Well, to start at the beginning, I assume both of you are aware of a growing political movement for secession of the Shoals from the Federation. The party behind it, has.. gathered steam surprisngly fast, and merely speaking as an interested observer, some of the withdrawls from competing with this party have been more than amazingly lucky. I didn't think too much of this until.. well.

Rahman / Washington: Response

oO mm.. This is a party.. Oo ::Tiria decided to settle on a useful level of warning that isn't.. well, overly detailed, and leaves the personal issues out. ::

Hamasaki: Well, my parents and I got into a yelling match at Esperance. My father, who is a rather senior adminstrator in the government at Havley's Hope, was making comments that... to my judgement would imply there is sufficient threat to warn anyone operating in the region that Starfleet and the Federation are unwelcome by various parties to the point of expecting attacks of various natures. I plan to write a full report at a later date, and I just wanted to know if I should send additional copies early, or let it be passed along normally through the chain of command. Lieutenant Teller has already asked for a copy, and I'll be sending it early tomorrow.

Rahman / Washington / Any: Response 


Lt. JG Tiria Hamasaki
Chief Helmswoman/Operations
USS Astraeus
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