Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: A New Perspective

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Lael Rosek

Nov 6, 2018, 11:39:01 PM11/6/18

((Main Engineering, Deck 4, USS Montreal))

Thoran: ::to Rosek:: I thought we could do the tour first and then get them set up in the system. Does that sound all right to you, ma’am?

::Again with the ma’am. She had to fight the urge to grimace. They’d talk about this later when he wasn’t running a huge department on a skeleton crew.::

Rosek: ::nods:: Sounds good. ::to Carter:: I’ll only need to borrow your Chief for a bit, Mr. Greyson. ::smirks:: I’ll give him back in one piece.

Thoran: ::clears his throat and turns to Greyson:: Keep working on that environmental systems glitch. ::fans himself:: See if you can make it less like the inside of a broiler in here.

Anara: Response

Greyson: As you wish, sir.

Anara: Response

::The four officers turned, leaving Carter to his work as they strode the dozen or so steps toward the warp core. The room was small and the core and its platform seemed to take up most of the space near the back of the room, while the front was occupied along the walls by consoles. It was far smaller than what Lael had gotten used to aboard the Veritas. Then again, unlike their former assignment, Engineering didn’t have its own deck.::

::On the Montreal, it shared a deck space with the bridge, the captain’s ready room, and the first officer’s office among other things. It was an unusual layout, though if Lael recalled, this class hadn’t exactly been built for long-term missions. It was going to be interesting running her out here in the Shoals where contact with stations like Esperance wasn’t as frequent.::

Thoran: It’s not much, but… ::motions to the room:: it’s starting to become like home. ::smirks:: Though admittedly I wouldn’t complain if we could convert one of the cargo bays into an Engineering lab at some point.

Anara: Response

Rosek: ::laughs:: It’s a nice thought, Mr. Thoran, but not likely given the limited space on this ship.

Thoran: ::shrugs:: At some point…

Anara: Responses

Thoran: ::to Anara and Harkrow:: Any questions so far, Ensigns?

Harkrow: ::shaking his head:: I’m sure I’ll have plenty at some point, sir, but right now I think I’m at that “unknown unknowns” phase. Given the timetable we’re on, it might be best to dive right in and find the problems as they surface.

::Lael arched an eyebrow. She liked that Harkrow seemed to know his stuff. This ship needed capable engineers and it seemed to have found a couple more in the new ensigns. Her eyebrows arched higher when the younger ensign’s gaze dropped and he appeared to go suddenly meek. She was all to familiar with the fear of overstepping.::

Harkrow: If you think that makes sense, sir.

Anara: Response?

::Lael opened her mouth to reply, but was cut off by Mei’konda’s voice over the comms.::

Mei’konda: =/\= Attention all hands, this is Captain Mei’konda.  I’ve been authoriized to brief the crew on our mission. I’ll keep thiis short.  Astrofori One, the Federation’s headquaarters in the Menthar Corridor, has been destroyed by a Tholian attaack.  Thaankfully, due to the sacrifices of the starships Stalwart and Minerva, casualties were miinimal.. =/\=

::Lael froze, her heart thudding against her chest. Astrofori One. Tholians. Minverva. Chills raced through her veins as she tried to take in the news. There’d been rumors for months that there was unusual activity near the Tholian Assembly border. But this...They’d crossed a line. An entire space station...two Federation ships. She shuddered to think of what the final death toll was going to be from all of this. It took every bit of her focus to keep her mind from wandering to the past and all of the lives that had been lost aboard the Gorkon during their year in hell. Somehow, she knew that this was even worse than her worst memories of those times.::

Mei’konda: =/\= The Montreal and Veritas have been taasked with finding a lost Federation cargo vessel, the Artemis, near the Tholian border.  Consiidering the Tholians’ current attitude, we must be ready for hostiile action.  The Veritas will be escortiing us, but we don’t know what we’re going to encounter in the next few daays. =/\=

Mei’konda: =/\= You have all done amaazing work over the last few days, and I haave complete faith in the ability of this crew to accompliish its mission.  We will be running battle drills while we’re en route to the Artemis’ last known location.  We’ll get to know this ship, and by the tiime we meet the Tholians, they will be the ones who aren’t ready for US.  Mei’konda out. =/\=


::As the comm closed, Lael turned to Anjar and the two new ensigns. It looked like these two fresh-off-the-boat engineers were going to see some action sooner rather than later. Though she would love nothing more than to be down here directing things, her place was on the bridge now. Her gaze flickered to Anjar, determined to remain professional.::


::Anjar may not like her at the moment, but she knew he respected her and her decisions. That was the one thing they had working in their favor right now and it was how she’d been so certain that he was the best choice to fill the position that had once been hers. She saw his potential even if he couldn’t see it himself.::


Rosek: ::to Thoran:: We’re going to need torpedos at the ready, Mr. Thoran.


Thoran: ::grimaces:: The autoload is still disabled down there. We’d need to do it by hand.


Rosek: ::nods:: Gather a team and head down there to give them a hand. I’m sure they’ll be happy to have the help.


Thoran: ::turns to Anara with a smirk:: You up for some excitement, ensign?


Anara: Response


Thoran: I’ll track down Swenhart. ::to Harkrow:: You and Carter are in charge of things down here while I’m gone.


Harkrow: Response


Thoran: ::nods and smiles:: I’m sure you’ll do fine, ensign. ::smirks:: After all, problem solving is what we engineers do best. ::to Anara:: You’re with me. We’ll grab Swenhart and our kits, then head to deck 7.


::Anjar and Anara left, leaving Lael alone a moment with Harkrow. She studied the younger man a smile crossing her lips. He certainly had the ideas to be a strong officer and she had a feeling this situation would be a good test of that.::


Rosek: Mr. Harkrow, if I may? ::pauses:: Speaking your mind is a good quality in an engineer, especially out here in the Shoals. We need more officers with the courage to offer solutions.


Harkrow: Response


Rosek: ::smiles:: Lieutenant Thoran will be a good mentor for you. He’ll always hear you out, even if he disagrees with your ideas. The mere fact that you express them anyway will earn you respect around here.


Harkrow: Response


Rosek: I’m needed on the bridge. ::claps the ensign on the shoulder:: Keep up the good work. ::pauses:: And don’t break the ship.


Harkrow: Response


((Bridge, USS Montreal))

((Mini-Time Jump))


::Lael strode onto the bridge torn between taking the chair beside her captain and going to the engineering station. She hesitated only a moment longer before stepping down into the pit. Out of the corner of her eye, she noted German standing at his station, offering a small smile and a nod of acknowledgement as she slid into the chair. The view left her momentarily breathless, a knot forming in her throat as the reality sank in.::


Mei’konda: Response


Rosek: ::clears her throat softly and turns to Mei’konda:: Lieutenant Thoran, Crewman Swenhart, and Ensign Anara are on their way to deck 7 to help manually load torpedos into the tubes and Ensign Harkrow is staying behind in engineering to help Lieutenant Greyson keep things on track.


Mei’konda: Response


Rosek: ::nods:: Yes, sir. ::pauses:: How’s it looking out there, Mr. Galven? ::jerks her head toward the viewscreen::


Galven: Response


Rosek: ::brow furrows:: It just seems odd is all.They were able to overcome Astrofori One. You’d think that getting farther would be child’s play after that.


Mei’konda/Galven: Responses


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USS Montreal, NCC-64927

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