Cmdr. Kelrod: Drifting around

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Kelrod Dickens

Jun 7, 2019, 1:58:21 PM6/7/19
(( ‘The Den’ Lounge, Caitian Spacedocks ))


:: As good as Kelrod felt chatting again with his former FO on the Veritas, it seemed that he has his mind on another place. After a few exchange of words he seemed ready to go where his mind was. ::

Mei'konda: I’ll make sure to take good care of her, Commander.  Thank you for the good wishes. :: He inclined his head toward Kelrod, then Vanlith. :: The Commander here will take good care of you, Ensign.  If you both will excuse me, I am going to go fiind my husband.

Kelrod: :: Seeing him moving out to meet Delano :: There he goes...

Vanlith: Responses

:: With a more gracious smile, the Caitian took a step back and was joined by his husband ::

Kelrod: So, you're still free of any engagement?

Vanlith: Response

Kelrod: :: Seeing her surprised reaction :: Hehehe, yeah, it is. Sorry if it bothered you. Its just that it seems that most of the senior crew is finding someone to share personal life on this ship. Just was curious about you, … :: taking a sip of his mug ::

Vanlith: Response

Kelrod: I might need to check on with Orrey one of those days... I won't keep you from joining the others if you want to, besides, I might find some of my old crewmates. Maybe Rosek, Tel-ar …I believe I've even saw Solok wandering around.

Vanlith: Response

Kelrod: See you on the ship, okay? Enjoy the party

::He raised his mug to her and then turned to fade between the different groups of people talking, bringing back memories of his time on the Atlantis, his time on the Columbia, Somehow, his memories made him drift through the room and ended up next to a window, sipping from his mug of Chech'tluth, looking outside to open space. ::

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