Ensign Ghant Xerix - Dancing with Demotion

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Jun 8, 2019, 8:53:07 PM6/8/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Montreal
((The Den - Cait Spacedock))

Delano: No promises, but I’ll do my best. :: Turning to Xerix and offering his hand. :: Shall we, Ensign?

:: Evan had to fight down a few strong emotions: embarassment at being singled out and being watched by some of the other officers, and a bit of flattery. And, at least a little attraction. A fairly upbeat jazz number had started to play and Evan tried to remember the proper positioning for a very basic dance. ::

Xerix: Now Sir, as your Helm Officer, I’m very tempted to lead, but given your height and rank, I will let you make that decision.

:: The first officer set a hand on the helmsman’s shoulder. ::

Delano: By all means, lead on. I’ve never been much of a dancer.

Xerix: ::With a broad grin:: Very Good, Commander.

:: In a moment, they were moving along to the music, with Evan only stumbling once or twice as they found a rhythm that worked. Even if Evan didn’t know what he was doing, Ghant seemed to know his way around the dance floor, leaving the commander to simply rely on instinct. Oddly, Evan found himself leaning into the kind of clear-minded headspace he often relied on when practicing martial arts katas. He never would have expected to find that in this context. ::

Xerix: It occurs to me how very privileged we are, sir. Recent events have reminded me that life is finite, and we should enjoy what we have, and protect it.

Delano: Wise sentiments for one so young, Mr. Xerix.

Xerix: We Betazoids may not enjoy such longevity as other species, but we do benefit from the wisdom of our elders.::slightly more serious:: Me less than others.

:: The music was shifting to a faster pace, and Evan had to concentrate a little more to keep up with it. It was a moment before he spoke again. ::

Delano: Is that what drove you to Starfleet?

Xerix: The Occupation. I am determined to do everything in my power to drive a change in Starfleet. Exploration and cultural exchanges are important. But the safety and health of Federation Citizens

Delano: When I was your age, I just wanted to see the universe. Experience things no one ever had before.

Xerix: I’m looking forward to those situations as well

Delano: As you said, life - or at least the life we have - is limited. It seems natural to want to see and do as much as we can in that time.

Xerix: I agree.

Delano: It’s only recently that I came to understand that protecting those experiences for future generations is just as important.

::The music was reaching its Crescendo, and Ghant couldn’t help himself. He caught Mei’konda’s eye and winked::

Xerix: Commander, I am enjoying myself immensely tonight. And I really hope there is a sense of humor under that uniform.

::With that, Ghant slipped his foot behind the taller man’s heel, tripping him slightly and catching him with an arm. He felt everyone’s amusement as he dipped his tall and surprisingly solid Executive Officer. Blood and heat rushed to his face as he held him, from effort and nerves at his brash action. Heaving the first officer upright, his face flushed further as he realized he could be in serious trouble with Delano. ::

Delano: response

Xerix: My apologies if I embarrassed you. ::nodding to Mei’konda:: but it does seem like at least some enjoyed it.

::Ghant flashed the XO a smile, praying to everything holy that he wouldn’t be demoted to Chief toilet scrubber for the foreseeable future::

Delano: response


Ensign Ghant Xerix
(Former?) Helm/Navigation Officer
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