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James Barratt

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(( The Den - Cait Spacedock))

Solok: Roraemey.

Roraemey: Um… hello.

Solok: Greetings. ::He paused.:: It is ... somewhat unusual, to find you in the absence of Doctor Bailey. Are you well? Do you require assistance?

Roraemey: Oh… No, Doctor Solok. I was briefly unwell, but am now fine. No need for alarm.

Solok: Response

::Roraemey only half listened to Doctor Solok’s response. While her mood was much better, her questions about her name were still out at the edges of her mind, floating just at the outer fringe of her mental awareness. Not about being Roraemey Naf, not about who she was at the core, but about all the parts that came before that. If she’d moved to another nahe from her own, or if she’d gone entirely insane and settled down and joined a work family in a hollowed-out asteroid of a nefile somewhere, she would have taken on their name as part of the joining. She’d have become Läsif Linyoy say Fi Suvu say Roraemey Naf or something, and the name would have been a stony tomb around her nature but it wouldn’t have been in question.::

::Considering, she lifted herself up, raising an end to be closer to the level of Doctor Solok’s head. This only actually put her at the level of Doctor Solok’s waist, but she knew that climbing up the Vulcan to speak to her- no, not her, to speak to him more privately would have been an invasion of his space.::

Roraemey: Doctor Solok, in your… society, in the Federation, how does one go about becoming a member of a fi nahe?

Solok: Response

::Roraemey was briefly surprised. Whatever system the rosivuh rur used to translate between Suyuyan and their own language was usually so seamless she could almost forget about it. Apparently there were some concepts that didn’t quite translate, not exactly.::

Roraemey: Apologies, the term is perhaps not entirely analogous. I think you would say… a ship crew? How would one join the crew of a ship?

Solok: Response

Roraemey: ...I see. And this is the case for everyone? Everyone who was on the Montreal, or who will be on this Astraeus vessel?

Solok: Response

:: Roraemey considered a moment longer, curling her fronds in contemplation, and then directed her attention toward Doctor Solok again.::

Roraemey: Thank you, Doctor. You have been very helpful. ::She started to lower herself back to floor level, then rose back up.:: In the near future, if I am unable to do so at this gathering, I may need to ask you to arrange for me to speak with your Captain Mei’konda. Is that something you would be able to do?

Solok: Response


(OOC: Footnote - Roraemey's hypothetical "new name" in this sim translates to "Far-Flyer from the Work Family from the Stupid Rock".)


Mivon say Siniun Nunviv say Fi Nahe say Roraemey Naf

(Far-Flyer from the Ship Family from the Eighth Child from the Root)


As Simmed By:


Lieutenant Jacob Harkrow

Chief Engineer

USS Astraeus NCC-70652



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