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Lael Rosek

Mar 18, 2019, 2:43:44 AM3/18/19

OOC: Takes place just before “Team-Building Breakfast”

((First Officer’s Office, USS Montreal))

{{Time Index: 0612 hours}}

::Unable to sleep, Lael had finally given up and come to her office earlier than usual, hoping to get through more of the PADDwork that seemed to never really decrease. Stacks of PADDs littered her desk, each needing her attention for a different reason. It was a damned good thing Mei was willing to share his yeoman. Between all of this and needing to be seen amongst the crew for the sake of morale, she certainly wasn’t bored. If anyone had told her that being first officer meant this much PADDwork...well, who was she kidding. She’d still have taken the job without a moment’s hesitation.::

::Despite the weight that was resting on her shoulders, there were moments like now where she could reflect back on her career and appreciate just how far she’d truly come. Only five years ago, she’d been a green ensign with aspirations of sitting in her own Big Chair someday and here she was now so many steps closer to making that dream a reality.::

::She was just about to pull up another report when her monitor alerted her to an incoming communication. A smile touched the corners of her lips. Bear Marshall. They’d met in a bar when she wasn’t more than a cadet. It’d been a one night stand that had turned into a series of one night stands. Even when they weren’t seeking each other out for sex, they had an easy friendship. Lael got along with Bear better than she did most people. He’d been her Chythar before she’d ever known Chythar.::

((The Bat'leth, In “The Dungeon”, StarBase 118 Ops))

{{Time Index: 239007}}

::The lights in The Dungeon were low enough to throw the spotlight off anyone sitting in the corners of the many bars that littered the districts. Spending a day there was maddening; a week there more so, however, their Andorian Captain had elected to give them shore leave while their ship went in for some tender-loving-care at the hands of the base engineers, allowing Bear free reign to do as he wished. Bored beyond belief, sick of staring at the bright delights that the rest of the StarBase offered for its high-class clientele, Bear elected to spend most of his evenings in the dark and dingy Dungeon where the booze was plentiful, entertainment was wildly chaotic, and he could happily get lost in a few random conversations before artificial sunlight hit.::

::Lael wasn’t drunk yet. Hell, she hadn’t even had her first drink before some rude Klingon had tried to push his way past her, spilling her drink in the process. The man was nearly seven feet tall and she’d never know what possessed her to challenge him. She was decent with a bat’leth, but she was willing to bet this guy had almost a lifetime of experience on her. And yet...her nearly six foot tall frame was practically up against his as she glared at him, speaking in what she was sure was choppy Klingon at best.::

Rosek: Hey! You spilled my drink!

::The Klingon glanced at her in surprise for a moment before he burst out laughing. This only annoyed Lael more. She’d worked hard to earn the currency she’d used to buy it and she wasn’t about to let the guy walk away without replacing it.::

Klingon: Out of my way, petaQ.

Rosek: ::growls:: No. You spilled my drink and you’re going to pay for another one.

::She glanced toward the arena that sat off to the side. She’d seen people fighting in it a couple of the other times she’d come here. It was 100 credits a match, but her honor was at stake. It was ridiculous and stupid...but Lael had her moments of utter stupidity. Apparently this was one of them. With higher ranking colleagues around to impress, Lael wasn’t about to back down from a good fight.::

::And that was how she found herself in the arena with a bat’leth in her hands. The Klingon had taken some prodding, but in the end he’d agreed and the bar owner was 200 credits least until it came time for Lael to collect her prize. She was confident she’d be the one of the two combatants getting free drinks.::

::Spoiling his perfectly good, and silent, drink at the bar, Bear had turned to listen to the conversation turned slanging match between the slight dirty blonde with something to prove. As it escalated, Bear found himself becoming intrigued by how this was going to pan out and would’ve put a sizeable chunk of his own credits down on the Klingon winning - obviously - had the woman’s friends and colleagues not been within earshot. Collecting his drink, and sliding some credits over the bar to the owner, Bear slipped through the gathering crowds around the arena, sipping on his warnog.::

::The bell sounded, signalling the beginning of the fight. The Klingon charged, but Lael was too quick, dodging out of his way. The arch of her bat’leth coming down on his should would have been perfect if her back hadn’t chosen that moment to seize up on her. Luckily, she was able to recover before the Klingon could bring his down on her, taking his legs out from under him. She took advantage of his weakness to dodge the half-hearted bat’leth swing that came her way as he rose. The distinct sound of metal clashing with metal filled the bar as she brought her bat’leth up to block his. She gritted her teeth at the painful pressure it put on her lower spine before pulling her bat’leth away and spinning behind him, using the sharp blade to slice open the back of his trousers.::

::A roar of laughter rose from the crowd even as the Klingon yelled in outrage, coming at her harder and faster in his anger. It was a long fight and Lael was starting to wear down. She had to end this quickly. She went at him without mercy, ignoring the contact the sharp blade made with her exposed skin. Before he could blink, she again took his feet from under him and pressed the blade to his throat.::

Rosek: You are defeated.

::She could slice his throat here and now if necessary, but she’d rather not. There was already a high chance she’d get a demerit if her superiors heard about tonight. Thankfully, the man conceded and she headed over to the bar to get her free drinks.::

::At some undetermined point during the fight, Bear had stopped drinking from the Klingon beer in his hand and simply watched the unfolding dispute laid bare. The woman was quick; lean and agile, adept in using the ancient Klingon weapon and felled her agitator like a tree. It was… interesting to watch from the sidelines and was over as quickly as it started. He watched her go back to the bar, took one look into the tankard in his hands and emptied it swiftly, following the applause that still rang out around the dark bar.::

::He placed the mug on top of the bar, sliding it over to the bartender, looking over at the woman surrounded by congratulating friends sharing in the glorious victory. When, finally, the assembled crowd started to depart back to whatever gloomy part of the establishment they’d slid out of to watch the display, Bear leaned his elbow on the bar and narrowed his eyes at her.::

O. Marshall: I’d offer to buy you a drink but you’ve got several coming. ::There was a grin on his face, still quite impressed at the achievement.:: That was some fight.

Rosek: ::shrugs and knocks back a shot of tequila:: Bastard spilled my drink. I worked my @$$ off earning those credits.

O. Marshall: Fair enough. ::He nodded at the bartender for another round.:: I didn’t think you could take him.

Rosek: ::smirks:: Then it shows how little you know about Al-Leyan hybrid physiology, Mr…?

O. Marshall: Not enough to spot one from a distance. ::Hybrid with what crossed his mind.:: Marshall. People I’ve just seen beat a seven foot Klingon into the ground can call me Bear.

Rosek: ::grins:: Bear huh? ::smirks:: Rosek. People who’ve just seen my Al-Leyan heritage on display can call me Lael.

::He smirked, collecting his tank from the bar and knocked it against one of her abundant glasses littering the bar top  - congratulatory drinks from other patrons mixed in with the “winnings”.::

O. Marshall: Lael huh? ::Taking a mouthful of his beer, he wiped his beard with his hand.:: Dare I ask Al-Leyan hybrid and…?

Rosek: ::smirks:: What? My Human isn’t showing? You’d be the first not to guess.

O. Marshall: Why guess when you can tell me?

Rosek: ::laughs:: Touche, Bear.

::A wry chuckle on his lips, he looked out to the rest of the bar, strangely liking the sound of his name in the lilt of her throat. When his gaze dropped back to her, he narrowed his eyes a little.::

O. Marshall: Say it again.

Rosek: ::smirks and lets her Michigan accent slip in:: What? Bear?

O. Marshall: ::He shrugged and smiled.:: I like how that sounds coming from you.

::She gazed up at him from under her lashes. He was certainly a charmer. There was a hint of an attraction there at the very least...enough that it piqued her curiosity. She didn’t doubt that this could be something fun with enough liquid courage. She tossed back another shot before offering him one of hers.::

Rosek: ::smirks:: I know this is usually the other way around, but my mama raised me to play nice and share.

O. Marshall: For the record, I offered. ::Accepting the shot, he held it in his hand for a second.:: To Al-Leyans felling Klingons without having their Human showing.

Rosek: ::laughs and lifts her shot:: To strange men named Bear talking up said Al-Leyan.

::He grinned and dropped the shot in his ale, knocking it back, before pushing the emptied vessel back over the bar for another from the gruff-looking owner stalking behind.::

O. Marshall: Talking you up. I believe you supplied the first round. ::He tilted his head and raised an eyebrow.:: I’ll get the next.

::With a little bit of liquid courage in her, Lael was feeling significantly more relaxed. He was definitely good looking with blue eyes that it would be all too easy for her to get lost in if she let herself. It’d been a while since she’d had a man’s full attention. Bear seemed content to stay close. She suspected it was more out of interest in a good time than really wanting to dig below the surface, but Lael was okay with that. She had no desire for anything serious. She was still young and certainly life would hand her more opportunities for settling down later on.::

::Ordering another round, Bear felt the bright-blue eyed woman watching him, caught up in the conversation with a virtual stranger in a dark bar surrounded by people she knew, and people he didn’t. However, the electrifying sensation of being buzzed from whatever he’d been drinking throughout the evening only seemed to be amplified when he locked eyes with her again, arching an eyebrow in her direction.::

O. Marshall: See something you like?

Rosek: ::chuckles:: Maybe.

::He grinned and handed her drink over, taking the opportunity it afforded to glance her up and down again; not that he hadn’t watched thoroughly during her tussle with the drink slayer.::

O. Marshall: What do you do here? Apart from teaching Klingons how to wrestle.

Rosek: o0 I see someone else I’d like to wrestle. 0o

::The thought popped into her mind before she could stop it. Thankfully, Bear looked Human enough, so she doubted he’d heard it. She leaned closer running a single finger lightly down his bicep before pulling it away. She offered a coy smile and took a long drink, allowing the silence to hang before she replied.::

Rosek: Engineering apprentice. One of my instructors at the Academy said they had an exchange program I might be interested in so here I am.

O. Marshall: Beauty, brains and brawn… ::He swallowed and smiled.:: That’s a deadly combination, Lael.

::She took another step toward him. If she was a couple inches taller, they’d be literally nose to nose. Again, she reached out a single finger, but this time allowed it to linger. Her gaze flickered to his lips. God only knew how much older than her he was. Probably around a decade. But at that precise moment, she didn’t care. He was attractive, charming, and his attention was focused on her. Her tongue peeked out to moisten her lips as her gaze again lifted to his.::

Rosek: ::huskily:: But what a way to go. ::smirks and murmurs:: You look like the kind of guy who knows how to show a girl a good time.

::A wry smirk on his lips, he ran his teeth over his bottom lip; the sheer proximity made the back of his neck tingle. However, there was a dividing line there, between whether she was going to eviscerate him or not. Never one to play it safe, he closed the remaining gap and bent down to whisper into her ear.::

O. Marshall: Is that so?

Rosek: ::smirks:: See something you like, Bear?

::The line he’d used on her earlier, but she definitely had the advantage now. He was interested. She shifted her head so that her lips lined up perfectly with his, pausing a hair’s breadth away to look into his eyes before she allowed hers to flutter shut, her lips brushing like a whisper against his. She could feel the electricity between them even as the teasing game had her drawing a sharp, yet quiet breath.::

::The tentativeness of her lips sent a shiver ricocheting through his own, like pinprick sensations coming alive on his skin. He rolled his lips between his teeth; the taste of her unfamiliar enough to be nearly decadent, and it was only then he realized his hands had dropped to her hips. With the barest hint of a grin on his features, he hummed, voice quiet.::

O. Marshall: Maybe.

Rosek: ::teases:: Your mouth says maybe, but your hands say definitely.

O. Marshall: Oh? ::He flexed his hands, grip tightening just that little bit more.:: What do yours say?

Rosek: ::chuckles and squeezes his bicep:: You’re incorrigible.

O. Marshall: On occasion. Your hands aren’t wrong.

::He smirked, low and nearly completely absent, and if her lips weren’t so close, she wouldn’t have felt it. There was a small, rational part of his mind that peeked through to let him know this was a dangerous line, but the insistent press building at the base of his spine ignored it with full force, and it seemed the invisible thread that had pulled them together wasn’t about to let go.::

Rosek: ::tongue peeks out to moisten her lips and murmurs huskily:: I don’t suppose you know anything about doctorin’? As fun as this was, I’m not looking to have the scars to go with the story.

O. Marshall: Field medicine. ::He pulled back gently, enough to see her eyes, as bright as they were.:: You let me get my hands on you, you’ll have scars.

Rosek: ::smirks:: Those kind I don’t mind. I’m not exactly a wilting flower myself.

O. Marshall: ::He smiled, exhaling a laugh.:: In that case, do you want to get out of here?

Rosek: ::chuckles:: Let’s not waste free drinks. Two more. One for each of us.

O. Marshall: You fought so valiantly for them, after all.

::She grinned, tossing back the last shot of tequila, stumbling just a little. She could have easily regained her footing, but in her current mood, she decided in some part of her brain that it would be the best possible excuse to fall into the man she currently had locked in her orbit. Her hands found his chest and she rose on her toes, brushing her lips against his for the second time that night. However, this time she allowed it to go further, tilting her head to capture his lips with hers, one hand going to the back of his neck to hold him there.::

::Having barely downed his when she fell, he caught her, hands climbing up her back as she kissed him, deep and it almost felt decisive - her hand at the back of his neck causing electrifying impulses to wander freely. He licked his lips as they parted, one hand dropping to the small of her back, holding her against him - a heady mix of the woman’s physical closeness and far too much tequila.::

Rosek: ::huskily:: Wow. That was-- ::licks her lips::

O. Marshall: Yeah. ::His breath was swift in his chest.:: It was.

Rosek: ::traces the tip of her finger lightly over his chest:: What’s say you fix me up then you show me what other tricks this stud knows?

O. Marshall: No scars?

Rosek: ::murmurs:: Only the ones you promised me.

((End Flashback))

::A sudden beeping coming from her monitor drew her out of her nostalgia and she glanced down at it to see an alert on the screen, reminding her of the team-building breakfast she’d sent out invitations for a couple of days ago and had been rolling around in her mind since joining the Montreal crew as first officer. The meal prep would be done by now and the chef along with his assistants would begin bringing the massive feast to the observation lounger any moment now.::

::She sighed and rose, straightening her uniform. It was time to do her duty. A response to Bear would just have to wait. Sweeping her hair back over her shoulder, she exited her office and headed for the observation lounge.::


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