Lieutenant Commander Lael Rosek: Sometimes A Dance Is Just A Dance

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Lael Rosek

Jun 8, 2019, 12:41:19 AM6/8/19

((Work Bee, In Orbit of Cait))

Rosek: =/\=Understood. Rosek out.=/\=


::With the runaway cargo sled taken care of, Lael altered the bee’s course to head back to spacedock. That had been an adventure and a half...certainly not the sort of thing she was expecting to happen at her commanding officer’s promotion party. It had been what she needed though, forcing her to focus on something other than the panic that had been eating her alive. She always managed to regain control of herself more quickly if someone needed her. With the space to sort it out, she’d realized that she was happy for Jansen and Raissa.::


::Her own deepest desires aside, it would be selfish of her to be envious of them. Jansen had likely been just as affected by leaving Jax behind as she had, even if he hadn’t shown it. Jax had meant a lot to both of them. She wasn’t the only one who had lost a piece of herself that day. Besides, it was in the past and she was determined not to live in could-have-beens anymore...not when she had so many exciting possibilities ahead. God had a plan for her, even if she couldn’t see it right now. He could take any situation and turn it into something good.::


Rosek: ::turns to German with a grin:: Well, that was unexpected. But it’s good to know that even after a few months of minimal action, we’re still sharp.

Galven: ::chuckles:: I believe that’s what the party needed anyways.


Rosek: ::smirks:: I believe we have a dance to finish...and a conversation.

Galven: We’ll have all the time to talk during our camping trip. Besides, I have a feeling some are getting the wrong impression and can’t tell the difference between professionalism and personalism. At a party no less.


::Though Lael felt a twinge of disappointment at having lost the chance to spend some more intimate time with him at the party, but he was right. They had a few-day long trip on Cait to look forward to. Their first getaway as a couple. An affectionate smile turned up the corners of her lips. It was still surreal to think about how far they’d come in eight short months and even more surreal trying to picture a future without him in it.::

Rosek: ::enters the commands into the console to dock the vessel:: We were perfectly professional. Dancing with a colleague isn’t a crime.

Galven: No need to worry. I’ll always have my sense of humor. It’s kind of funny when it’s not necessarily picked up on. ::laughs::

::She laughed and paused, turning to brush her lips against his. It was the last intimate exchange they’d share until they left the party and she was determined to savor it. She’d never been the sappy romantic type, but something about German brought it out in her. She felt a tenderness and a gentleness toward him that she’d never felt with anyone. It went beyond sensuality and physical connection, hitting her right in the heart. There was a vulnerability in her bright blue eyes as she pulled back, her gaze locking with his.::


Rosek: ::murmurs:: You’re perfect for me just as you are, German.


Galven: Response


((“The Den” Lounge, Caitian Spacedock))

::As they re-entered the lounge, they went their separate ways, German headed to chat with Xerix and Lael moving toward the bar where Teller was indulging in what she assumed to be an alcoholic beverage. She’d understood what German had been asking of her without him needing to directly say it. They both had careers to protect. Her willingness to put what would likely have been a long work conversation with Tiria on hold earlier showed her commitment. She was trying to change...trying to find a balance.::

::Before German, her career had been her life. But since he’d come crashing into her world, she was beginning to realize that without someone to share it with, no measure of success would make her truly happy. German brightened her world in ways that continued to surprise her. She felt a contentment with herself that she’d never felt before.::

::For the first time, she felt like she was enough. She didn’t need to impress anyone else. As long as German loved her, that was all she needed. It was incredibly freeing.::

::She saw Rahman approach Teller and caught their conversation as she approached.::

Rahman:  Response

Any:  Response

Teller:  Respectfully ma'am, the next time I volunteer for something, feel free to stun me.  

Rahman:  Response

Rosek: ::smirks:: Sounds like you had to deal with the voles, Mr. Teller. I’m glad I was the last one to know what was going on. I much prefer a runaway cargo sled.

Teller/Rahman: Response

Rosek: ::chuckles then turns to Teller:: I do believe you were wanting a dance earlier. ::smirks:: Still up for it?

Teller: Response

Rahman: Response

Rosek: ::laughs:: Yeah. That’s my goal. Dance my way through the department heads. ::smiles:: But seriously. A dance is just a dance. This is a social event after all, isn’t it?

Teller: Response

Rahman: Response


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