Lt. Geoffrey Teller - Saturday Night Fever

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Jun 9, 2019, 2:54:30 AM6/9/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Montreal
((The Den, Cait Spacedocks))

::As Teller slid further into a firm drunk, he found himself in good company at the bar::

Rahman:  Response

Any:  Response

Teller:  Respectfully ma'am, the next time I volunteer for something, feel free to stun me.  

Rahman:  Response

Rosek: ::smirks:: Sounds like you had to deal with the voles, Mr. Teller. I’m glad I was the last one to know what was going on. I much prefer a runaway cargo sled.

::Teller considered it for a moment, but the idea of wedging himself into a workbee was somehow even more unnerving than what he had just did.  He took finished another drink and motioned for the bartender.::

Teller: Just leave the bottle - it'll save us both a lot of time.  

::The bartender gave Teller a curious look, then left the bottle and retreated hastily from Teller's withering glare.::  

Rahman: Response

Rosek: ::chuckles then turns to Teller:: I do believe you were wanting a dance earlier. ::smirks:: Still up for it?

::Teller considered the bottle in front of him for a moment, but decided that perhaps a different diversion would do more to clear his head and slid it back down the rail.::  

Teller:  Actually Chief, that sounds great.  Think this band knows anything with a beat?  

::Teller offered a smirk to his former boss before smiling at the Captain.::

Rahman: Response

Rosek: ::laughs:: Yeah. That’s my goal. Dance my way through the department heads. ::smiles:: But seriously. A dance is just a dance. This is a social event after all, isn’t it?

Teller: If you'll excuse me Skipper, it looks like I will need to blow up something tonight.  The dance floor.  

Rahman: Response

::With an exaggerated bow, Teller took his former bosses hand and headed to the dance floor.  Some combination of residual adrenaline and brandy had breathed new life into legs, and he twirled and spun with wild abandon.  At first, Lael seemed shocked at the energetic enthusiasm but quickly found a rhythm, and within a few moments the two were laughing and swaying together.  The voles, the Admiral, and most of the party entirely forgotten, Teller found himself dancing on air, lost in the moment.::

::It really had been quite a good party after all.::


Lieutenant Geoffrey Teller
Chief Engineer
USS Veritas - NCC 95035
Capt. R. Rahman, Commanding
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