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((Junior Officer Quarters, Deck 9, USS Montreal, Afternoon))

:: Tiria had given in a while back. While officers were given a minor budget to redecorate (and Ensigns were given a *very* minor budget,  she was given enough to justify what she did end up doing, which was setting up this holo computer table on her desk on her half, and a little ‘dock’ for PADDs, which she regretted needing. It meant the only other thing she put up was the Andorian painting of the Sunrise off the Ice Fields in southeastern Andor, and the painting of the Typhoon Mary over Havley’s Hope, because that’s all she had. Well.. that and the picture of her and Pezi that one time...::

oO ... *sigh*... Oo ::Tiria looked at it fondly, remembering the time she had spent with the female Andorian at a fair the one time the two had happened to have enough leave together to go.. but .. she had a job to do, and she could go get lost in memories later. ::

// .... per the Treaty of Oscalion, Starfleet’s ability to act in Klingon territory, even territory that Starfleet is granted rights to operate... // :: The library access was rather droning, but she had to know it in case she was asked, so she was researching it.. in her copious off-time, of course. At least she was done with the paperwork for the Marshalls, and the gathering of evidence, attributing it, properly segmenting it... but that was done, sent to the Command staff for their approval, and she would be told if it was wrong. Hopefully it wasn’t.::

:: The door opened, and Tiria looked up, smiling a bit as she saw the Vulcan engineer from the bridge walk in. ::

Hamasaki: Good afternoon. I take it you are my new roommate?

:: Sotak had just arrived from speaking to one of the Montreal’s Operations Assistant, who had seen to her accommodations on the ship. Since Sotak was an ensign, she was expected to share her living area with another ensign because of space restrictions. Sotak had no issues with this arrangement — it was only logical — and so she made her way to Deck 9, where the Operations Assistant had indicated. ::

:: As she stepped inside her assigned quarters, she immediately noticed the two paintings that hung on the wall, and she heard the voice of the Montreal’s computer coming from above. ::

// …makes it a delicate situation as evidenced by the conflict of - // :: and then the computer was interrupted at the same time that Sotak was greeted by the helmswoman she had met during the brief conflict in Meridian. ::

Sotak: I would assume I am. I was indicated to find accommodations here and share them with another ensign. Apparently that refers to you. :: Sotak walked farther in and dropped the case she was carrying on the empty bed facing the human’s. Afterwards, she turned back to glance at the dark-haired woman. :: What were you listening to, if I may ask?

Hamasaki: Oh, that. That was the analysis of Klingon-Starfleet operations. The computer apparently has nothing resembling a brief on operating procedures, so I have to learn the long way around and go through the entire history. ::sighs a bit.:: I can expect to have to know this, so I have to.. well.. know it. Related to my collateral duty.

:: Tiria pauses, and after considering for a second. ::

Hamasaki: If you want, I can take the paintings down. Not sure where I’ll put them, but that’s my problem, not yours, really. ::The last is in a good natured tone.::

Sotak: That is not necessary. As a matter of fact, they are rather interesting. :: Sotak looked up again at the paintings. She was used to analysing art since her Suvnak, her pyllora, was an Art professor in the Science Academy back in Vulcan. :: Have you ever visited Andor?

:: Woof, Tiria should have expected that question. ::

Hamasaki: ::wryly, with a note of buried sadness:: I was going to. ::She looks at the painting.:: I was going to propose to the painter there.. but well.. she was killed in the line of duty before I could.

:: By now, Tiria had made her acceptance. Mostly. Granted, she had also been so busy that she was a bit too busy to think about in depth, though. ::

:: Even though Sotak could not relate to the other’s pain, she knew that the loss of such an important person in someone’s life hurt and could change people, especially after an unexpected accident. She knew not what the appropriate response would be for her, but she attempted to convey her understanding of the situation. ::

Sotak: I regret what occurred to the painter. Life is… irreplaceable, valuable, and unique. But there are circumstances that prevent one from saving it, otherwise we would have conquered the universe. :: She stopped herself before talking more than was necessary in that situation. ::

:: Tiria .. had to parse that. That was an unusual way of phrasing it, she supposed, but .. she could really .. maybe.. possibly.. understand that. ::

oO I really should sit down and understand that. Oo ::Tiria found Vulcan philosophy interesting, but she was too much a product of where she grew up to really pursue it in depth. ::

Hamasaki: Thank you. ::Tiria shrugs, brushing some hair out of her face.:: I’ve.. made my peace with it. Well, except for the anniversaries, but .. I’d rather remember her as she was in life instead of forget her entirely.

Sotak: Indeed, that is most logical. Vulcans believe a part of the soul always lives on through other people. I suppose that philosophy is applicable in this situation. :: Remembering the task that the other had set herself to achieve with the Klingon data, Sotak brought that subject up again. :: I understand that the Montreal is currently heading to Karakka. I admit my knowledge concerning this region of space is quite limited, but I understand it is on the edge of Klingon territory. Considering one of the terrorists was a Klingon… what do you theorise to be the most probable course of action they will take?

:: That was a very good question, and one Tiria had been thinking about during her studies. She appreciated the distraction from the thoughts too ::

Hamasaki: The group that they belong to tends to have variable aims, depending on who you’re talking to - for example, if my researches about the name were correct, from what I can decipher from the unclassified data is that we faced one of the more radical members. That said, it is very uncommon for the Klingon Empire to support such terrorist groups.. I would suspect he’s trying to recruit mercenaries, or possibly try to force a breach between us and the KDF. That or he has a hidden base along the Widowmaker trail, which is extremely likely.

Sotak: ::Nodding once :: It is not unheard of that external groups or separatist factions attempt to create tension between the Federation and the Empire. That is a plausible outcome. And they most certainly will try to make repairs and strengthen themselves with the resources on Karakka, whether they be people or otherwise.

:: Sotak sat down on her new bed and opened the case that contained her few belongings. She began to take them out one by one and organising them in an orderly manner. ::

Sotak: During our journey to Karakka, I will need to familiarise myself more with the specifications of this ship to prepare myself for when we reach our destination.

:: Tiria nodded, considering the specs she had of the Norway-class as she answered.::

Hamasaki: The dangerous bits are once we reach the Widowmaker Trail. It’s the site of many an ambush, although even the Norway-class frame should be well above the punching weight of most pirates.

Sotak: The Widowmaker Trail… I assume that is the place of the highest concentration of tetryon fields?

Hamasaki: ::nods:: Not within the trail, but it’s bordered by it very heavily

Sotak: I see. That is a most… unique environment, if one could call it that. :: Sotak stood from the bed and ordered her belongings in the nearest drawers, which she discovered to be empty. Once she was done, she turned back to the human to address her. :: I believe you were referred to as “Ensign Hamasaki” on the bridge. I assume that, as a human, you have a first name?

oO Oh, I forgot to .. Oo :: Tiria mentally berated herself.::

Hamasaki: Correct. My first name is Tiria.

Sotak: :: nodding thoughtfully :: May I refer to you by that name, or would it not be acceptable?

Hamasaki: ::considers:: I would not mind that.

Sotak: Very well then. :: Sotak lightly pulled the covers of her newly assigned bed and arranged them neatly at approximately half the length of the bed. :: If you will excuse me, I have not slept since I left the USS Atlantis exactly 17 days ago, and while I do not yet feel exhaustion, it would be appropriate to obtain sleep now that there is nothing I need to immediately attend to.

:: Sotak took the extra blanket she used to sleep (as she required warmer temperatures to be sufficiently comfortable thanks to her Vulcan heritage) and set it over the standard ones. She considered for a moment what human sleep necessities demanded, and so she turned back as she set herself between the mattress and the covers. ::

Sotak: I am of course unfamiliar with your sleep patterns, but it is probable that you require rest as well. It was, after all, a generally tiring mission that the Montreal crew endured.

Hamasaki: ::nods:: I’ve got to do something before I can sleep, but I will be moving to activities that don’t require me to cause noise. May your rest be pleasant.

Sotak: As long as it completes its function, it is irrelevant whether it is pleasant or not. :: Arching an eyebrow :: But the thought is appreciated all the same. For now, I shall turn in. :: She remembered the human goodbye before going to bed and attempted to say it. :: May your night be good, Tiria.

Hamasaki: Thank you, Sotak.

:: After that, Sotak lied down with her head against the pillow and her hands over her heart and stomach. She closed her eyes and concentrated on her heartbeat (which was very accelerated compared to the human heart, but normal for Vulcans) to clear her mind. Once she had achieved that, she continued the practice until she did not recognise the difference between that state and unconsciousness any longer. She knew nothing more of that day. ::

:: Tiria quietly marked where she was in her research, and also headed to sleep as well. She had a somewhat early day planned the next few days, and committed herself to meditate until her thoughts were organized enough for her to sleep. The last few days.. had stirred up some memories she had thought dead, and now wasn’t the time to let them ruin her health further. But.. now to turn in, for an early shift tomorrow.::

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Ensign Tiria Hamsaki


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