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Lael Rosek

Nov 9, 2018, 12:21:57 AM11/9/18

((Bridge, USS Montreal))

::Lael strode onto the bridge torn between taking the chair beside her captain and going to the engineering station. She hesitated only a moment longer before stepping down into the pit. Out of the corner of her eye, she noted German standing at his station, offering a small smile and a nod of acknowledgement as she slid into the chair. The view left her momentarily breathless, a knot forming in her throat as the reality sank in.::

Mei’konda: Good morning, Commander.  Staatus report?

Rosek: ::clears her throat softly and turns to Mei’konda:: Lieutenant Thoran, Crewman Swenhart, and Ensign Anara are on their way to deck 7 to help manually load torpedos into the tubes and Ensign Harkrow is staying behind in engineering to help Lieutenant Greyson keep things on track.

Mei’konda: We’re on the right traack.  Good work, Lael.


::The Engineering team and the other teams had definitely been working hard to get them ready for their maiden voyage so to speak. That ship had technically sailed long ago, but with new leadership, it could still be seen that way. They were as ready as they were going to be.::

Rosek: ::nods:: Yes, sir. ::pauses:: How’s it looking out there, Mr. Galven? ::jerks her head toward the viewscreen::

Galven: Good morning, ma’am. Ensign Vardai was able to find an encrypted Tholian message and now we’re trying to decode it. ::turns around:: Obviously they’re hiding something. I’m just trying to find what that something is.

Rosek: ::brow furrows:: It just seems odd is all.They were able to overcome Astrofori One. You’d think that getting farther would be child’s play after that.

Mei’konda: Well, in the Menthar Corridor, there are no tetryon fields to contend with, which is why the Tholians were able to send three hundred and twenty two vessels to destroy the station and its defenses…


::She nodded. He had a point. She doubted the Tholians had ever contended with anything like the tetryon fields. Starfleet had enough trouble with them as it was. She grimaced. It would have been nice if she could have had the ship on its way to being lined with that metal they’d discovered reflected the radiation. It could have given them a bit more of a sensor advantage over the Tholians.::

Galven: ::arches both eyebrows:: Sounds like they sent their entire fleet.


Rosek: ::grimaces:: I wouldn’t doubt it.


::A tall Dokkaran woman with bright blue eyes and an ensign pip on her command red collar turned, both eyebrows raised.::


Chatva: I’ve only read about Tholians, sirs, but from what I’ve heard, I don’t expect recovering the Artemis is going to be easy.


Rosek: ::nods:: Definitely not. Aboard the Victory, we tried to recover the Arrow, a small cargo vessel. Ended up losing the ship we were sent to recover and nearly losing our away team in the process.


Any on Bridge: Responses

Mei’konda: The Shoals are much more complex to move through, and I would thiink, all but impossible for such a laarge force.  Their deployment here will, I thiink, be more tactical than brute force.

Rosek: ::sighs:: And with all the tetryon radiation confusing the hell out of our sensors, it’d be the perfect place to sneak up on us.


::Not altogether surprising. Even most enemies who did seem to prefer brute force could be strategic when it was necessary. She doubted the Tholians were any different. She’d seen their strategies full bore when those ships had attacked the Arrow and the Victory. Honestly, the Victory crew had been lucky there weren’t more casualties...namely the away team who were in serious danger of being blown out of the sky like space junk.::

Galven / Any on Bridge: Responses

Mei’konda: =/\= Commander Tel-ar and Counselor Cattan to the Bridge, at your earliiest convenience, please. =/\=

Tel-ar: =/\= On my way captain. =/\=


Cattan: =/\= Response =/\=


::Lael arched an eyebrow, curious.::

Mei’konda: I thiink we should bring the experts in to discuss thiis.


::She nodded, returning her attention to the viewscreen, her brow furrowed in thought. It made perfect sense. From what she understood, both had experience with the Tholians. She had a decent amount of it herself. Maybe between the group of them, they’d be able to strategize and come up with ways to counter any aggressive moves by the Tholians. Knowledge of their enemy would keep them alive. How long, she didn’t know. But anything could be the difference between the Tholian ship being the one disabled and theirs being the one destroyed.::

Galven: Commanders, I’m picking up something new. ::taps his commbadge:: =/\= Lieutenant Galven to Ensign Vardai =/\=

Vardai: =/\= Response =/\=

Mei’konda / Any on Bridge: Responses

Galven: =/\= I’m picking up some irregular signatures. Linking to your PADD now. =/\=

Vardai: =/\= Response =/\=


::She listened to the exchange between the two officers, though her mind was on her previous encounters with the Tholians, trying to remember anything of importance that could give them the advantage if the Tholians did show their ugly crystal mugs. She shuddered. Thankfully, she never seen one up close and personal. And she had no desire to either.::

Mei’konda / Any on Bridge: Responses

Galven: ::turns to command staff:: I’m picking up a temporal rift, commanders. My readings are showing that the other side of the rift is around one hundred years in the future.


::That announcement caught Lael’s attention. She straightened in her seat, tucking one ankle behind the other as she stared at the screen. The future? What in the hell was going on here.::

Rosek: Keep scanning, Mr. Galven. See if you can detect anything else unusual. ::to Chatva:: Let’s keep out distance, Ensign. The last thing we want is a repeat of the Gorkon’s jump to another universe.


Chatva: ::nods:: Yes, ma’am.


Mei’konda / Cattan / Any on Bridge: Responses

Galven: You might want to alert Captain Rahman, sir. It’s heading straight towards them. Do you want to distract the vessel?


Rosek: ::to Mei’konda:: Should we send an encrypted data burst? Last thing we want is to alert any Tholians in the area about this.


Mei’konda: Response


::At that precise moment, the doors swished open and Tel-ar made his way onto the bridge. She arched an eyebrow at his rather exclusive greeting. He was clearly only addressing Mei’konda. She was offered a bare acknowledgement, but she wasn’t sure if Tel-ar was even aware of the presence of the others in the room. Brushing it off, she returned her focus to the matter at hand.::

Tel-ar: Captain. :: Tal said simply as he gave a slight nod of his head as a form of greeting. ::


Mei’konda: Response


Rosek: ::pauses:: It’s looking like we’re dealing with a rift opened from one hundred years in the future. We don’t know if this has anything to do with the Tholians, though I’d lean toward no.


Tel-ar:  I see. :: Even as he said it his left eye brow rose and fell. A clear indication that the information was interesting. ::


Mei’konda: Response


Galven: Response

Rosek: ::grimaces:: Figures. How close are they, Mr. Galven?


Galven: Response


Rosek: ::pauses:: Red alert. ::presses her thumb to the comm button on the arm of her chair:: =/\=All hands to battle stations. This is not a drill. Repeat. All hands to battle stations. This is not a drill.=/\=


Mei’konda: Response


Rosek: ::smiles wanly:: The first time I sit in this seat and we’re going up against the Tholians? Not my top pick for my first battle as first officer, but I suppose it could be worse.


Mei’konda: Response


Rosek: Could have been the Borg.


Tel-ar/Galven/Mei’konda: Response


Rosek: ::to Tel-ar:: We could use your skills and knowledge of the Tholians at tactical, Commander.


Tel-ar: Response


Rosek: ::to Cattan:: If you know anything that could give us an edge here, Lieutenant, it would be appreciated.


Cattan: Response


Galven: Response


Rosek: ::to Mei’konda:: Should we at least try to talk to them?


Mei’konda: Response


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