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Jun 7, 2019, 11:30:12 AM6/7/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Montreal
((The Den - Cait Spacedock))

::Ghant re-entered the lounge, the thrill of helping save a galaxy class vessel from serious damage pushing adrenaline through him. Grabbing a flute of champagne, he made his way towards the crowd. he had an idea or two of what to do with all the excess energy::

:: A Denobulan man he recognized from the former Montreal crew approached him::

Galven: Were you the one in workbee 2?

Xerix: Yes, hello

Galven: You have a very distinct voice. I’m Lieutenant German Galven. ::smiles:: You did really well out there, ensign. ::extends his hand for Xerix to shake::

Xerix: ::shaking the man’s hand:: Ghant Xerix, helm of the Veritas and occasional Bee jockey ::with a self deprecating smile::

Xerix: Congratulations on your new ship, I’m glad she’s intact for your maiden voyage aboard

Galven: response

::Ghant smiled at the man’s quip::

Xerix: Lieutenant,::raising his glass:: to the Astraeus...May she always have such a fine crew as the Veritas to watch over her ::with a wink::

Galven: response

Xerix: If you’ll excuse me, I’m afraid I am much too hyper to chat.

::Ghant nodded to the man and began seeking his prey in earnest. The target was hardly difficult to spot, standing taller than nearly everyone in the room. Ghant approached him with a lopsided grin::

Xerix: Pardon me Captain Meikonda..., Commader Delano?

Delano: response

Xerix: I was wondering if you would...join me to dance?

::Ghant felt embarrassment and joy flood through the man in equal measure.::

Delano: response

:: Ghant nodded to the Caitian and offered his hand to the Vulcan Terran hybrid, trying to mask his expression as the emotions of the others in the room registered. A slow, jazzy waltz warbled through the lounge. ::

Xerix: Now Sir, as your Helm Officer, I’m very tempted to lead, but given your height and rank, I will let you make that decision.

Delano: Response

Xerix: ::With a broad grin:: Very Good, Commander.

::Ghant placed his arms in the appropriate positions and began moving with the very tall senior officer.::

Xerix: It occurs to me how very privileged we are, sir. Recent events have reminded me that life is finite, and we should enjoy what we have, and protect it.

Delano: response

::Xerix nodded and smiled, enjoying the scene and the company. He wondered if he would get to feel this content in the future. Perhaps the beautiful doctor MacKenzie could help him answer that question. He hoped with all his heart…


Ensign Ghant Xerix
Helm/Navigation Officer
USS Veritas
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