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Jun 6, 2019, 10:10:48 PM6/6/19
((The "Den" Lounge, Caitian Spacedock))

::pulling Wil over to a somewhat quiet corner of the Lounge, G'var double checked her uniform in her reflection in the view port. Turning she licked her fingers and pressed a few stray hairs down on the side of Wil's head::

G'var:::placing her hand on Wil's shoulder::-Alright, You're still wanting to move in together right? ::glance over Wil's shoulder:: Cause the Captain is alone, so nows our chance.

::G’var stood silent as Wil blinked his eyes a little bit, before trying to look over her shoulder to look at the Captain. A wonderful smile came across Wil’s face as he shifted his focus back to her, G’var had to resist the strong urge to kiss her Mate.::

Ukinix: G. ::Holding her hands.:: We’ve discussed this. Yes, I still want to. ::Nodding:: Let’s go ask her

G'var:::Taking a Deep Breath::-Team Us ::placing a quick kiss on Wil's cheek:: Let's do this Beloved, all in.

Ukinix: Alrigh-

::Before Wil could finish, G’var had turned around and was leading him over to the Captain. G’var could hear Wil’s heart rate rise, then she saw it too, the Captain want alone Commander Core and a tall blonde female Lieutenant Commanders he didn’t recognize where talking quietly together and looked like Jansen, Raissa and Natalia were on their way over to speak to the Captain as well, G’var squeezed Wil’s hand a liitle tighter as she quickly moved through the crowd to get to the Captain before her friends did.:;

::Weaving through the Crowd of Officers, G'var lead Wil over to the Captain, standing at attention, G'var waited until the Captain saw the pair.::

G'var:::Standing at ridged attention::-Captain Rahman, with your permission Lieutenant Ukinix have a request we would like to ask of you.

::Wil's eyes opened wide, before he looked at G'var incredulously

::G’var waited impatiently for the Captain to notice the two standing there, she almost knocked the glass from the Captains hands as she sat it down, but successfully fought the urge.::

Rahman: At ease, lieutenant. And relax a little. This is supposed to be a celebration.

::Taking in a deep breath, G’var tried to relax, but found it almost impossible, she had only ever lived with someone who was just another crewman, not her Mate, this was the first time she had ever trusted another person to live with her to be with only her. It was a very big step.::

Rahman: ::nervous smile:: What is it, you two?

Ukinix: ::To G’var:: What?! ::Pointing at self:: You want *me* to ask, Lieutenant *not* junior grade? ::Rolling eyes, quick sigh:: Alright, I'll ask.

::Giving Wil a dumbfounded look, G’var stopped and thought about what he had just said, why would she need him to ask? Suddenly eyes going a little wide, G’var thought her words through, she had by accident, insinuated the Wil should ask the Captain’s permission, not her. Chiding herself, G’var could only give Wil an apologetic look as she waited for Wil to ask.::

Ukinix: ::Quickly, exhaling, cheeky smile:: G'var's-asked-me-to-move-in-with-her. Captain.

Rahman: Oh.

::The Mugatu was out of the Cavern now, G’var held her breath as the Captain took, what seemed like an eternity to answer.::

Rahman: …congratulations?

G'var:::Taking a deep breath::-We have thought it through Captain, and we just need your approval for the move.

Ukinix: ::Smiling:: I feel like I'm asking my Mum.

::G’var could see the Captain do a double take at Wil's Statement, the woman was far too young to be either of their’ s Mother. Looking to Wil, G’var watched as his face suddenly turned Serious.::

Ukinix: Geez, I haven't even told Mum and Dad yet

G’var:::Taking his Hand::-The Real Danger is when you ask the General for my hand, ::gently squeezing:: he may give his blessing or just decide to bifurcate you with his sword or maybe both.

Core: Response

::Jansen, stepped forward towards the group, with Natalia and Raissa. G’var let out a playful snarl at the Little One when she saw the trio. Neither of the two had gotten chance to speak to Raissa since she awoke from her coma, G’var gave her friend's arm a reassuring rub as she stepped close. Watching Wil Interact with the Little One always made G’var’s heart melt, the Child was the only other Woman G’var felt any competition with for Wil’s Affection. Running a hand down Wil’s back, G’var encircled his waist with her arm, Smiling down at the Little One, G’var knew Wil was going to be a Great Father.::

::Raising her brow, G’var felt a sudden turn in Wil’s stance, he was tense, and a little agitated, Rubbing Wil’s back, G’var sent him as much calm and warmth as she could to help him relax .::

Orrey: Well from an official, counselor’s perspective,I think it would be helpful for both of them to at least try it out for a bit.

::Nodding her thanks to Jansen, G’var realized that the Captain had yet to fully endorse their move. Running a Hand up Wil’s Spine, G’var tried to calm his emotions along with her own::

Moonsong: Response

::The captain smiled and looked back at G’var and Ukinix, nodding.::

Rahman: Yes. ::to G’var:: The fact is, lieutenant, you’ve earned the privileges of your rank to have your own room now. Whom you choose to invite to share it with is um…

::Before the Captain could even finish her statement G’var felt a huge weight being lifted off her, for the First time she was had the privilege to invite someone to share her room, she wasn’t forced to share or told to share, she had the choice to invite someone in, and her choice would always be Wil.::

Rahman: …up to you.

G'var:::smiling from ear to ear::- Then I choose my Mate Wil Ukinix to share my room Captain

::Holding Wil close, G’var silently thanked the Captain, with that hurdle surmounted, she just need to talk Wil into meeting the General, so he could ask for her hand one day.::

Natalia: ::offering her grasping wave:: Wee! Gee! Rara!

::Laughing out loud, G’var ran her hand over the Little One’s head, her hair was softer than Tholian Silk. G’var could tell the Child’s outburst had brought Wil out of his malaise as he held out his finger for the Little One to grab. Raising a Brow, G’var thought to herself, that maybe the child had inherited her mother’s abilities, she always seemed to know how to cheer everyone up. Tickling the Little One’s belly, G’var let herself relax for the first time that evening.::

Rahman: ::kneeling down in front of Natalia:: Aww, how are you, sweetie?
Suddenly, the nearby Lieutenant Commander seemed to tense up a little.::

Rosek: ::murmurs:: I--Excuse me.

::Seeing the discomfort in the other woman’s face, G’var had a good idea where the emotions where coming from that Wil had picked up on, as she watched the Lieutenant Commander walk away, she gave a little prayer to Kahless that she was alright.::

Ukinix: :: To Natalia, imitating voice:: Tar! ::Normal voice:: How are you, gorgeous?! Oh, and, just a tip - ::leaning forward to Natalia, whispering loudly:: that’s “*Captain* Rara”.

:: Watching Wil play with the Little One, G’var felt a stronger connection to him, having fashioned the child’s first companion for her and the other small things he had done for her, building toys, spending time with her, made apparent Wil's abilities as a Father, the man was a natural, having grown up without her own Father and her only male role-model growing up was the D’har Master. G’var felt a warm sensation when she thought of the Father Wil was going to be to their Children..::

Rahman: Pssh… Auntie Rara has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

G’var:::Nodding::-Me'nal Gee does as well Captain.

Moonsong: Response

::G'var could see that the Captain and Commander Core were deep in a conversation that only they could hear. Seeing the look that passed between them, G'var would wager her weight in latinum that it had some thing to do with their own future as a couple.::

::Wil quietly blew air out through his cheeks, to ground himself again. His smiled fully returned, he turned to Raissa and spoke.::

Ukinix: Raissa, it’s so good to see you. The last time you spoke to me was telepathically through some speakers. How are you feeling?

Moonsong: Response

G'var:::Giving Riassa a quick embrace::-It's good to have you back ::smiling:: you have a mighty Spirit to resist the Songs for Sto'Vo'Kor. It is an Honor to be in your presence.

Rahman: Response

Natalia: Responses

::Taking Wil by the hand, G'var led him out to the dance floor and held her hand out for Wil. With one more step on their journey together taken, G'var smiled as she felt Wil's arm slip around her waist, right now surrounded by her Family and Friends there was no other place she would rather be.::



Lieutenant G'var
Assistant Chief of Security
USS Veritas NCC-95035

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