Commander Mei'konda - The Evening's Pleasantries

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Jun 8, 2019, 3:43:21 PM6/8/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Montreal

(( ‘The Den’ ))

:: The incident with Washington and the Voles had been resolved.  It had been a hiccup - but a relatively small one, all things considered.  Mei’konda considered that it said something big about the crews of the Astraeus and the Veritas.  The Caitian acknowledged that he was probably biased when it came to his evaluation of Starfleet in general, but even among Starfleet crews, he couldn’t imagine many handling the situation as well as these officers had.  No real damage had been caused, and no Admirals had died. All in all, a good day. ::

:: Mei’konda had returned, carefully buttoning up his dress whites once again.  He’d located Evan, slipped in to give him a squeeze, then settled down onto his heels with a content sigh. ::

Mei’konda: Well, that could have been worse.

Delano: Response

Mei’konda: Mhm.  Disaaster averted.  I believe the Admiral is just getting everything back together.  He’s fine.

Delano: Response

:: Mei’konda perked his ears up and rotated them to the right as he heard footsteps approaching them.  One of Veritas’ Ensigns.  Xerix. Mei’konda remembered him, and offered a measured smile over at the Betazoid / Risian. ::

Xerix: Pardon me Captain Meikonda..., Commander Delano?

Mei’konda: Hello, Ensign.  It’s good to see you again.

Xerix: Response

Delano: Response

:: Xerix’s attention was largely focused on Mei’konda’s taller companion, and the Caitian pivoted slightly to one side in order to enable them to speak without him standing directly in between. ::

Xerix: I was wondering if you would...join me to dance?

:: Mei’konda’s brows arched upward, and he gestured toward the Ensign.  He’d never felt particularly possessive of Evan. Perhaps it was simply a genuine sense of security.  Either way, Evan was attractive. So was Xerix. So he’d simply settle back and enjoy the view. ::

Delano: Response

Mei’konda: Please.  Enjoy yourselves. I’ll just haave a drink. And Evan, try not to step on his toes.

Delano: Response

:: Xerix nodded back toward him, reached out toward Evan, and Mei’konda’s husband took the Ensign’s hand.  It was as good a time as any for Mei’konda to enjoy a little quiet before the ceremony began in earnest - assuming no further Vole infestations or shuttle accidents occurred in the meantime.  Picking up an herbal tea from one of the Caitian waiters making their way through the lounge, Mei’konda settled comfortably at the edge of one of the large windows, flashed his husband one more smile, then let his eyes wander out toward space, and toward the Astraeus looming in the background past the Veritas once again. ::

Xerix: Now Sir, as your Helm Officer, I’m very tempted to lead, but given your height and rank, I will let you make that decision.

Delano: Response

Xerix: ::With a broad grin:: Very Good, Commander.

::Ghant placed his arms in the appropriate positions and began moving with the very tall senior officer.::

Xerix: It occurs to me how very privileged we are, sir. Recent events have reminded me that life is finite, and we should enjoy what we have, and protect it.

Delano: response

:: Mei’konda kept one ear angled toward his husband and the hybrid Ensign.  It was turning out to be a very pleasant evening. ::


Commander Mei’konda Delano

Commanding Officer

USS Astraeus, NCC-70652


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