Lt. Geoffrey Teller - Feeling the Breeze

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Jun 7, 2019, 6:25:20 PM6/7/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Montreal
((Beneath the transporter assembly, Cait Spacedock))

::As Teller wriggled his way further into the guts of the transporter system, the phaser fire from Commander Tel-Ar in the crawlway behind him intensified along with the screech and skitter of agitated voles.  The pattern storage buffer was nearly within reach, but the indicators were now blinking an urgent red.  Teller hoped it wasn't already too late as his dress uniform once again snagged and tore as he shoved himself forward.::

Teller:  Almost there...just gotta...

::From somewhere behind him, a furious, half-crazed vole jumped on his foot and began working its way under his pant leg and up his leg.  Teller yelped in pain and flailed desperately in the small space, unable to get his arms down or leg up far enough to have any impact on the critter.  As he continued to struggle and thrash, he tumbled forward the last few meters and found himself eye to eye with the pattern storage module.  Trying to ignore the increasing pain in his leg, Teller tapped the control surface on the module and it came free from the assembly smoothly, blinking urgent warnings that the stored pattern was degrading rapidly.::

Teller:  Gotcha...=/\= Teller to Vistain...emergency beamout...Commander Tel-Ar, Me and one piece of equipment. =/\=

Vistain:  =/\= Chief we're picking up an additional biosign in direct contact with you...=/\=

Teller:  ::Teller yelped loudly as the vole bit down hard::  =/\= Energize, now! =/\=

Vistain:  =/\= Standby =/\=

::As the blue shimmer illuminated the compartment, Teller could see dozens of beady eyes staring back at him hungrily, working their way down the walls and ceiling towards him and let out a blood curdling yell..::

((Transporter Room 2, USS Veritas))

::...which continued as he re-materialized aboard the Veritas and promptly fell on his ass, no longer being sandwiched between components.  Re-materializing next to him, Commander Tel-Ar looked wild eyed and was still holding both phasers in front of him, aiming at whatever had been bearing down on him a moment earlier.  Blue blood dripped from numerous small cuts and scratches.  He rose from his defensive crouch and lifted Teller to his feet as Teller desperately yanked at his torn, blood stained uniform pants.  Behind the transporter console, Lt. Vistain tried to process the scene as Ensign Macedon, one of the waiting security team, moved in.::

Vistain: =/\= Medical team to Transporter Room 2! =/\=

::Macedon grabbed Teller's pant leg and ripped it from ankle to groin in one pull.  He jumped back when a shrieking, blood covered vole tumbled to the deck, hissed at all present, then darted away to an open jefferies tube hatch nearby, leaving a trail of dark ichor across the otherwise pristine decking.::

Teller:  Clear the pad!  We've got to get this hooked up now!  

Tel-Ar:  Response

::Teller hobbled off the transporter pad and found the adapter cradle waiting as promised.  As he settled the unit into the cradle, the final indicator light briefly turned a solid red, then faded completely.::

Teller:  Vistain, NOW!

::Vistain's brow furrowed as she worked at the transporter controls, bypassing error messages and warnings with a few deft taps.  She engaged the re-materialization sequence as Teller held his breath.  The annular confinement beam snapped into place and the silhouette of a man could be seen fading in and out a few times, but it wouldn't stabilize.  With a string of curses that would've done a Klingon proud, Vistain slammed on the controls and within seconds, the transporter cycle completed successfully.  A visibly confused but otherwise unharmed Admiral Washington took in the scene with a scowl.  Behind the transporter console, Lt. Vistain let out a relieved breath as medical team arrived and began attending to the injured Teller and Tel-Ar.  Ensign Macedon sprang to attention::

Macedon:  Admiral on Deck!  

Washington:  Response

Teller:  Apologies sir, little difficulty during your transport.  You'll get a full report ::Teller yelped as one of the medics slathered disinfectant onto his leg:: just as soon as I stop bleeding. Sir.  

Tel-Ar:  Response

Washington:  Response

Teller:  Yes sir, and after I get a new pair of pants.  If you'll permit me, sir.  ::Teller brought his hand to his comm badge.::

Washington:  Response

Tel-Ar:  Response

Teller:  =/\= Teller to El Sayid, mission successful.  We've got the Admiral aboard the Veritas and will be returning him to the party in a few minutes.  What's your status?  =/\=

El Sayid:  =/\= Response =/\=

Teller:  =/\= Understood, do what you can and then hand it off to the dock crew.  Good work.  Head back to the party when you can.  Teller out.  =/\=

::Teller examined the ruined shreds of his uniform as a medic ran a dermal re-generator up and down his leg, quickly knitting closed the dozens of scratches and bites he'd picked up in the last few minutes.::  

Teller:  =/\=  Teller to Captain Rahman, the Admiral's alright.  We'll beam him straight to the party in just a few moments. =/\=

Rahman:  =/\= Response =/\=

Teller:  =/\= Shin and El Sayid split off to try to restore the stations sensors, they should be back to you soon.  What's the status on the cargo sled?  =/\=

Rahman:  =/\= Response =/\=

Teller:  =/\= Glad to hear that.  Sounds like we've got even more to celebrate. =/\=

Washington:  =/\= Response =/\=

Rahman:  =/\= Response =/\=

::Teller limped over to the transporter console and leaned against it heavily.  The adrenaline in his system finally subsiding, he began to acutely feel every bruise, scratch and cut he'd accumulated since leaving the party less than half an hour earlier.::  

Teller:  Lt. Vistain, would you do the honors?  

::Teller nodded and the Admiral hesitantly resumed his position on the transporter pad.  With a few taps, he again vanished into a swirling cloud of blue sparkles.  Teller let out a breath when the transporter confirmed the Admiral had arrived at his destination at the party intact.  The medics had finished attending to Commander Tel-Ar and were packing away their gear, but strongly encouraged both men to visit sickbay as soon as possible for a full physical.  Sheepishly, Teller noticed Vistain smirking at his dilapidated appearance.::

Teller:  Lieutenant, make sure you find that vole before it makes any more of a mess in here.  Commander Tel-Ar and I are in desperate need of a quick shower and change of clothes.  Good work, Danielle.

::As Teller turned and limped towards the door, he swore he heard snickering laughter behind him and turned to find both security men and Lt. Vistain intently looking in any direction but his and struggling to suppress giggles.  It was only then Teller realized that the ship seemed very drafty and the damage to the seat of his underwear was quite substantial.  Blushing an incandescent red and marshaling whatever dignity he could muster, Teller headed into the hallway and back to his quarters.::  

((Twenty Minutes Later, The Den, Cait Spacedock.))

::Teller returned to the party, still slightly disheveled but at least fully dressed, and made a beeline for the bar.  After the last half hour, he intended to explore the upper limit of his ability to consume alcohol, and was already three healthy shots of Saurian brandy in.  Leaning against the bar and letting the heat of the drink burn its way down, he didn't see Captain Rahman approach until she was beside him.::

Rahman:  Response

Any:  Response

Teller:  Respectfully ma'am, the next time I volunteer for something, feel free to stun me.  

Rahman/Any:  Response


Lieutenant Geoffrey Teller
Chief Engineer
USS Veritas - NCC 95035
Capt. R. Rahman, Commanding

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