Mei'konda, Delano, Washington - The Start of something Great

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Jun 9, 2019, 7:40:36 PM6/9/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Montreal

(( ‘The Den’ Lounge, Caitian Space Dock ))

:: The emergency had been averted, and the crews were once again assembled back in the large lounge. The party atmosphere was a bit slow to recover, however. Fortunately, no one had to wait for very long. Admiral Washington finally arrived, and though he wasn’t quite the guest of honor, his arrival still garnered several audible cheers. A violation of decorum, for certain, but no one seemed to mind. ::

:: Washington made his rounds through some of the officers before finding Captain Rahman. A moment later, both officers approached Evan and Mei’konda, who were still near each other. Admiral Washington gave a once over of the officers. ::

Washington: Captain. ::turns to Mei’konda and Delano:: Commanders.

Rahman: Admiral. ::She looked up at her former CO, who seemed to still be getting his bearings after the transporter mishap.:: We’re glad to see you made it up from the surface in one piece.

:: Straightening up as the Admiral approached, Mei’konda reached up to give his jacket a tug.  It wasn’t that often that he met with brass, but he’d always had a good relationship with Washington, and he was glad that this particular Admiral was the one heading up the ceremony. ::

Delano: A lot of trouble for a few random rodents.

Mei’konda: I just feel lucky that no one has made any cat jokes.

::The admiral took a deep breath, shaking his head as he looked back out at the officers who had started to gather closer, sensing that the main event was finally about to begin with his arrival.::

Washington: Yes, thanks to the combined efforts of your crews.

Delano: They’re some of the best, Admiral.

Mei’konda: And they’ve just proven it again, I thiink.

::The admiral nodded over to his aide, who quickly retrieved a PADD and small box.::

Washington: Well, are we ready to begin?

:: This was probably the most nervous Mei’konda had been before during a ceremony in his career at Starfleet.  He cleared his throat, squared his shoulders, and nodded once in return to the Admiral. ::

Mei’konda: Yes, sir.

:: Evan added his nod to the affirmative. ::

Rahman: ::nods before turning out toward the crowd:: Attention to orders!

::As the audience stood a little straighter, Washington walked out towards a lone podium that had been set up at the head of the lounge, the backdrop of the Astraeus and Cait below visible behind the large windows.::

Washington: Ladies and gentlemen, we are here to celebrate not just one man’s promotion but the commendable achievements earned by the entire crew of the USS Montreal. As I’m sure many are aware, the Montreal crew will soon be heading back out into space aboard the newly refitted USS Astraeus that you see behind me. What you might not know is that her new captain has had an integral part in that refit process for the past several years now, and even before the most recent heroic efforts of the Montreal in taking down the criminal known as Lenik, he was always among the top list of candidates we had in mind to take command of the Astraeus.

::The Admiral paused, looking out at the gathered faces.::

Washington: Your latest actions--and that of your captain--only confirm what Starfleet Command and his mentors and former commanding officers have known for a while now: that Commander Mei’konda Delano is a skilled starship commander ready for the next challenge of deep space exploration. I’d like to now invite his most recent commanding officer to present the next part of this ceremony. ::turns to Rahman:: Captain?

::Roshanara nodded and smiled at the Caitian before she walked up to the podium.::

Rahman: It doesn’t seem so long ago that I spoke of Commander Mei’konda’s qualities as a Starfleet officer and his potential as a commanding officer. But today, I’m so thrilled to present his latest achievement that marks that potential turned reality. For the past seven months, Commander Mei’konda served as captain of the Montreal, starting with the abrupt change in command needed during the Tholian crisis. In a region filled with innumerable challenges, Commander Mei’konda has demonstrated that no matter the tech or capabilities of our starships, ultimately, it’s a ship’s crew and captain that achieve missions.

::The Kriosian took a moment to look out at Lt. Commande Rosek.::

Rahman: And I have seen how he has taken on not only the captain’s role of ship’s master but also a mentor for those future command officers learning from him. At his last promotion, I had asked his partner Commander Evan Delano if he’d wish the honors of affixing the new pip on his collar. For this occasion, after months of separation in their relationship necessitated by the needs of the service, I think it only fitting that Commander Mei’konda’s husband be given the honor of addition the fourth pip.

::She looked over at Evan and Mei’konda to step forward. The admiral’s aide handed the box to the Vulcanoid.::

:: Mei’konda stayed quiet during what Washington and Roshanara had to say.  His former Captain had always had a way with words, and it was all he could do to keep his composure during their speeches.  He knew it was genuine. He took a deep breath, exhaled it slowly, and turned back to face Evan, who was waiting for the cue that would make the promotion official. ::

::Still standing at the podium, Roshanara began reading the official citation for Mei’konda’s promotion to captain.::

Rahman: Commander Mei’konda Delano. Having completed the requirements for advancement to the rank of captain, having served as the commanding officer of a starship and demonstrated the highest standards of Starfleet and the Federation, and for performing your duties with distinction and valor to secure the safety of a Federation colony and the region, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain, with all the rights and privileges thereof.

:: Evan opened the small box and produced the pip. It was such a small thing, but it was heavier than it looked. With practiced fingers, the commander pinned the pip into place. It was a simple act, but one that seemed heavy with meaning. ::

:: Holding his chin upward and closing his eyes for a moment, Mei’konda reached up to brush fingers over the four gold pips on the right side of his collar.  Afterward, he straightened up, smiled at Evan, then turned back to face Washington and Rahman. ::

Mei’konda: Thank you, Captain.  Admiral.

::As the crowd applauded, Admiral Washington walked over to the newly minted captain.::

Washington: Captain Mei’konda, it is now my pleasure to give you your first official orders as captain. You are hereby requested and required to take command of the USS Astraeus as of this date.

::The admiral paused to address the computer.::

Washington: Computer, transfer all command codes for USS Astraeus to Captain Mei’konda Delano, voice authorisation Washington alpha-three-one.

Computer: Transfer complete.  USS Astraeus is now under the command of Captain Mei’konda Delano.

::The tall human extended a firm handshake with the Caitian, who reached out to take the other man’s hand and shake it in return with a quick nod. ::

Washintong: Congratulations.

Mei’konda: Thaank you, Admiral.  I’ll take good care of her.

::When Roshanara next walked over in front of her former XO, she decided if there was any occasion for her to forego her usual aversion to physical contact--handshake or otherwise--this was it. And this time, she went in for a full hug.::

Rahman: Congratulations, *Captain*!

:: The hug caught Mei’konda off guard, to be sure, but after just a moment of hesitation, he reached up to squeeze her in return.  It felt awkward to him, but only slightly. He’d known her a long time, now, and this was the first time they’d been on more or less equal footing.  They were both starship commanders of the same rank. It felt good. ::

Mei’konda: Thaank you for all you’ve done for me, Captain!

:: As soon as Rahman was done, Evan moved in to offer his own congratulatory hug, and took the opportunity to whisper into his husbands ear. ::

Delano: :: whispered :: It looks good on you.

:: It was easier for him to hug Evan.  Caitians were known for friendly touching, but Mei’konda had just never been that way, perhaps because he’d been raised on Terra Nova instead of the planet they were orbiting now.  Even if Evan was significantly larger, fitting their bodies together like this was just something that was much more familiar. He murmured some quiet words in return. ::

Mei’konda: :: whispered :: It’ll look good on you too, love.  Sooner raather than later, I think.

::As the applause continued, Captain Rahman turned to the new captain of the Astraeus.::

Rahman: Any words to your crew, captain?

:: This was it.  Mei’konda hadn’t prepared a speech, exactly, but he’d sat up late last night thinking about what he’d say.  The Caitian paused for a moment, and turned to face his officers, as well as those of the Veritas. ::

Mei’konda: I would like to thaank the crews of the Montreal, now the Astraeus, and the Veritas for helping me get to this point.  But more than thaat, I want to thaank you all for your service to the Federation, to Starfleet, and to the Shoals.  Without all of you, countless liives would have been lost, and both Tholian and piraate forces may have significant footholds in that territory.

:: He paused for a moment, cleared his throat, and continued. ::

Mei’konda: It is tiime for my crew to move on to other things, however.  To that end, myself, Captain Rahman, and Admiral Washington will be pushiing for additional ships to be assigned to the Shoals.  It has become very clear to me that there is too much ground to cover for two starships, and though the forces actiing against us haave been significaantly weakened, we cannot give them a chance to regroup.

:: The Caitian shifted his attention more directly toward his officers. ::

Mei’konda: The Astraeus will be in the Ferasa star system for another two months, during which tiime we will all be getting used to our new ship.  After our shakedown is complete, we will move on to our new mission… a mission of exploraation.

:: Mei’konda’s expression shifted to a less restrained smile as he continued. ::

Mei’konda: We will be taking the Astraeus far from the Federation, into unexplored spaace near the center of the galaxy.  No one has ever been there before. Over the laast decades, Starfleet has faced crisis after crisis.  We have defended our friends and loved ones, sometiimes at great cost. And now, it is time to resume Starfleet’s original mission - to explore new worlds, to stretch the boundariies of known space.  I know that you will all liive up to Starfleet’s highest ideals, and I will be honored to serve as your Captain. With that, I would like to say just one more thing. The ship’s motto of the Astraeus, as she was commissioned with over thirty years ago.

:: He paused, summoning the words from memory. ::

Mei’konda: Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul.  And sings the tune without the words, and never stops at all. Thank you, everyone.

:: Mei’konda inclined his head toward the gathered officers, and took a step back as polite applause echoed through the lounge.  It was the end of a good day - but the start of something great, he thought. ::


Captain Mei’konda Delano

Commanding Officer

USS Astraeus NCC-70652



Commander Evan Delano

XO, USS Veritas



Captain Roshanara Rahman

CO, USS Veritas


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