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Kelrod Dickens

Jun 9, 2019, 8:32:33 PM6/9/19

(( The Shoals - Karakka ))


:: A few months have passed since the challenge has been made and he's nominated as challenger for the governor's seat. In those months, there have been critics about his challenge, mostly those supporters of the actual governor Blackhurst, but Rajel has kept to his schedule and he showed up at different points of Antor and made some travels to planets like Karakka and Meridian. ::

:: While on Meridian he'd addressed the latest issue of the plague that the Montreal had helped to eliminate and exposed Lenik's plans. Of course part of his speech was blaming the Federation presence for that kind of plots and assured that he had a plan to not only prevent those kind of attacks, but to get rid of the problem with the Juk'lian. ::

:: His agenda didn't stopped there and he'd travelled to Karakka. There he'd managed to get contact not only with the federation colonists, but also with prominent Klingons officers and representatives of the Romulan refugees. Somehow, he'd managed to get in the good side of both powers, unknown to the public, he'd made arrangements for them to support him in exchange of future treaties and easier access to Karakka's resources. On the other hand, Klingons had promised to look into any kind of piracy coming from his borders and be ready to answer to his call for help if needed in the widowmaker's trail. ::

:: As he was just six months from the contest for the governor's seat, he got word that the Montreal had been destroyed and that the Veritas was out of the Shoals. With those news, he sent a private message through a secured channel. In the next twenty four hours, there were reports of pirate attacks on the widowmaker trail, next to Karakka as he was spending some time visiting the federation colonists of that plannet. As the call for help arrived, the officer in charge of the colony was unable to get any immediate help for the freighters and that was his chance ::

:: Rajel called to the officer while being recorded by his assistant asking him what he'll do. ::

Tutoatasi: Are you telling me that we have no Federation vessel in reach to lend help?

Officer: That's it. The only capable ships were those escorting the convoy. If they've been disabled, that's what it is. I've called for help, but the nearest support is about two days away.

Tutoatasi: I see... well, I might be able to pull some personal strings to see if they can help.

Officer: You?  What is it?

Tutoatasi: I've yet to check it it can be used, but if they can, I guess it'll be the best thing to do, right?

Officer: Well, of course, anything that helps is welcome.

Tutoatasi: Okay, I'll call you later. :: he hanged up the call ::

:: The next minutes he made a few calls but they're on audio only and the record couldn't pick up the other end. As they ended up the recording with Tutoatasi sitting on a couch looking to a padd, the plan was set in motion ::

(Widowmaker's trail )

:: As the freighters were struggling to keep their shields up, one of them loosed them and they started to loose their cargo to the pirate ships. The three escort vessels weren't a match for the half dozen attack ships. Two were drifting away and the other one was kept in a tractor beam as he'd lost shields, weapons and warp drive. Suddenly, three klingon bird of prey decloacked and started firing on the pirate ships, destroying two of them and disabling the rest in less than a minute. The startled freighter crew as well as the escort ships were speechless about what had just happened until the klingon called them and told them that they're requested to help them. The klingon commander told them that they're free to continue their travel and that they'll take those pirates to Karakka for punishment. With that said, the Klingons moved away and warped towards Karakka ::

( Two months later – Antor II )

:: After a travel that included going through klingon territory to get around the Shoals and then enter through Esperance to get back to Antor, he set foot on the Senatrum again to speak to the permanent commission about their situation. ::

Tutoatasi: Dear colleagues, what else do we need to see, to suffer to know that we're not good. The Federation clearly let us down to ourselves. Operation safe harbor had minimal effect, we almost saw this place, our capital, be destroyed by pirates with subspace weapons, the Shoals freighters are not safe to travel. The Veritas has been moved out of the Shoals with no proper replacement sent, the Montreal has been destroyed and still no sign of increase of Starfleet presence here. Not long ago, I personally had to call for help to the Klingons and they helped us out because there was no one else to help us. That only shows that we need to get stronger, we need to be able to stand by ourselves, we need to be able to be independent and choose our friends and with whom we make deals. We have treasures that are being exploited by others and those benefits didn't seem to get back to us... The rest of the Federation benefits from our dilithium, our benamite, our position on the galaxy, and we still get attacked and our lifes don't improve. Why can't we have weather control systems to change Karakka's environment? Why can't we have safety on the capital of the Shoals? Why doesn't the most important commerce planet on this region benefit from the resources it trades and their citizens feel free to travel from one place to another without the fear of being assaulted or killed while travelling? We need to stand by ourselves, we need to take care of ourselves, we need to find allies who are willing to lend us a hand and respects us for what we are, for what we could become. Does it matter if we're Humans, Klingons, Romulans, Antorans, Ohanze or Vulcans?. We are from the Shoals, we are the Shoals, we want to be as great as we could and while we're depending on the Federation and Starfleet, we'll always be held back.

:: The session was prolongued for about two hours where other issues were discussed. At the end of it, he stated the same arguments to the press waiting outside and challenged the governor to counter his arguments with facts and what were her plans for the future of the Shoals if she had any. ::


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