Lt. JG Tiria Hamasaki - Deflecting an impact

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Koihime Nakamura

Jun 6, 2019, 4:00:01 PM6/6/19
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((OOC: All opinions in this sim are those of the character. ))

((Cait Spacedock))

Hamasaki: =/\= I just got the engine up.. I'm headed out now. Can you attach yourself to the tug? If we both attach at a eighty-five degree angle to the starboard, and push our thrusters output to max, we might be able to alter the course to a near miss. We just need to get it past the shipdocks, someone can run over and recover it later. That seem to work for you? =/\=
Xerix:   =/\= Yes, Sir. Although I would prefer a near hit to a near miss. =/\=

oO I *really* should learn to give orders properly. Oo ::Tiria was still used to the atmosphere in the squad she was in - discussion was encouraged amongs t the team until orders were given. Then again.. ::
Hamasaki. =/\= It might be risky, but about the only other thing we could do is fire weapons on it, and while that'd give it delta-vee, I think worker-bees don't have weapons, and they'd be upset at us. =/\= ::wry:: =/\= I'm open to other suggestions. =/\=
Galven: =/\= Galven & Rosek to Work Bee 1 and 2, what if we formed a triangulating tractor beam at the same time around the cargo sled? =/\=
Xerix: =/\= Worker bee 2 here, with respect Sirs. Tractor beams aren’t going to cut it. Estimated impact in less than three minutes, let’s push to change its course. The Astraeus doesn’t need a sunroof =/\=

Hamasaki: =/\= Agreed. We don't have the time we'd need for a triangulating tractor beam to work. =/\=
Galven/ Rosek: =/\= Response =/\=
Mei’konda: =/\= Lieutenant Hamasaki, Ensign Xerix, I think we can help.  The Astraeus tractor beams are not fully calibraated yet, but they should be able to slow the sled for you.  One moment. =/\=
:: Tiria waited one while Mei'konda talked to the Astraeus, and then evaulated the impact. They had..about 5 minutes. ::
Xerix: =/\= Captain, that bought us some time but we’re not out of the swamp by any stretch. Worker bee 1 what’s your status? =/\=
Hamasaki: =/\= Attaching to the hull and preparing to punch thrusters to max. Ready when you're attached. =/\= ::Attached was a strong word for what she was doing - pushing against the tug. It was also fairly monotonous work, and her mind drifted to a moment ago after Xerix confirmed he was attached and also pushing it away. ::

((Flashback, The Den, Cait Spacedock))

Galven: Don’t worry, Geoff. I’ll dance with you next. ::winks::

Teller: Hard pass Doc, but there's a guy named Xerix around here somewhere that'd probably take you up on it…

Hamasaki: Hello. :: Tiria rose her glass in salute.:: I'm Tiria Hamasaki, chief helm officer on the Astraeus. :: She turned back to Rosek:: If I have a .. suspicion about something back in the Shoals, should I report it to you, or go ahead and report it to Captain Rahman while I'm here?

Rosek: ::smiles wanly and shakes her head:: It’s a party, Tiria. A time of celebration. Surely work can wait.

Galven: You do know of having a good time, yes?

oO Yes. I do. Which is why I wanted to get this out of the way first. Oo
:: Tiria didn't understand Galven at times. This is actually depressingly standard for parties to contain some work and networking at first. ::

Teller:  Doesn't look like a good time to bother the Skipper, Lt. Hamasaki.  I'm assigned to the Veritas, can you give me an idea of what's going on?  

Hamasaki: ::shakes her head:: Something my parents said. How they acted. Aside from the entire threatening to disown me if I didn't quit thing.

Galven: Tiria, I’m sure they won’t disown you if you tell us more about it in the morning.

oO .... Oo ::Okay, so German clearly didn't want this discussed here. Great. That'd mean more if she was talking to him. But she *wasn't*. And this was something that she felt was enough time-critical to have it written up tonight, even if she had no real desire at first to give the report here::

Teller: It's probably not the right time to bring it to Captain Rahman, but that does sound odd.  

Rosek: Can it wait?

Hamasaki: Probably. I just needed to know if who I should write it to.

Rosek: ::nods:: Compile a report and I’ll take a look tomorrow morning. ::turns to German and smiles:: For now...well, I believe I owe Lieutenant Galven a dance.

Hamasaki: Aye, ma'am

Galven: I believe that was an official order, Lieutenant. 

:: ... German REALLY needed to learn how to be an effective officer, if this is how he's going to act. He made his dislike clear, but the appropriate answer isn't to presume the superior officer's answers, and he really REALLY should be able to put his protective feelings aside. In addition, the use of informality to mask an order was also useful. Some people may not get it, but Tiria didn't think she had ever demonstrated she didn't understand that. That kind of possessiveness would only lead to issues in the future. Whatever. Not her bailiwick to deal with it, she supposed. ::

Teller: Copy me on that report, Lieutenant.  Geoff Teller, Chief Engineer aboard the Veritas.  We should be heading back into the Shoals relatively soon, and I like to get ahead of trouble when I can.  Have your parents ever....

::Teller was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder.  Officers were passing the word in the crowd that something was up and the Captain's of both ships were putting an ad-hoc team together.  Teller finished his drink in one gulp and nodded as the man pointed the way to an adjacent room for the meeting.::

Teller:  Looks like the party just got even more lively, Lieutenant.  Want to go see what world ending crisis has befallen us today?  

::Teller pointed the way towards the adjacent room and began straightening his uniform. Tiria nodded, and noted that down::

((End Flashback))

Mei'konda: Response
Galven/Rosek: Response
Hamasaki: =/\= Course alteration is working. Tug is now moving ..mmm.. one seven six mark zero two relative to the station. Deflection is eight degrees. We just need two more degrees. Time to impact is two minutes. =/\=

Xerix: =/\= Response

Mei'konda/Galven/Rosek: Response

:: Tiria paused. ::

Hamasaki: =/\= Deflection is now.. one zero point two degrees. We'll have a near hit, and we'll need to retrieve it from space, but the Astraeus will no longer impact the tug. We can return to base now. Hopefully they've retrieved the pattern buffer. =/\=

Xerix: =/\= Response

Mei'konda/Galven/Rosek: Response


Lt. JG. Tiria Hamasaki
Chief Helmswoman/Operations
USS Astraeus
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