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Lt. German Galven

Jun 8, 2019, 1:49:51 AM6/8/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Montreal

((Work Bee, In Orbit of Cait))

Rosek: =/\= Understood. Rosek out. =/\= ::turns to German with a grin:: Well, that was unexpected. But it’s good to know that even after a few months of minimal action, we’re still sharp.

Galven: ::chuckles:: I believe that’s what the party needed anyways.


Rosek: ::smirks:: I believe we have a dance to finish...and a conversation.


::He didn’t know if that would be such a good idea being that before all the mess happened, he had basically ignored everyone else while dancing with Lael. Admittedly, when he wasn’t working, it was hard to see anyone else other than Lael in front of him. Her perfect blue eyes, blonde hair, her exquisite smile and infectious laugh. No, they needed to mingle with everyone else rather than be selfish with one another.::

Galven: We’ll have all the time to talk during our camping trip. Besides, I have a feeling some are getting the wrong impression and can’t tell the difference between professionalism and personalism. At a party no less.

Rosek: ::enters the commands into the console to dock the vessel:: We were perfectly professional. Dancing with a colleague isn’t a crime.


::The way she was entering the commands while pouting was pretty darling. He brought up his hand to brush through her hair.::

Galven: No need to worry. I’ll always have my sense of humor. It’s kind of funny when it’s not necessarily picked up on. ::laughs::

::She laughed and paused, turning to brush her lips against his. Just the sound of her laughing made German love her more. Her brilliant smile was all what he needed. With the shuttle docked and as she pulled back, her gaze locking with his there was something about the moment that felt like time had paused.::


Rosek: ::murmurs:: You’re perfect for me just as you are, German.


Galven: ::blushes a crimson red:: As are you, sweetheart.


((‘The Den’ Lounge, Caitian Spacedocks))


::Once they got back to the lounge, German gave a smile and a nod to Lael before heading over towards the Betazoid/Risian hybrid that had helped Tiria. He enjoyed meeting new people and grabbed a champagne flute along the way.::  

Galven: Were you the one in workbee 2?

Xerix: Yes, hello

Galven: You have a very distinct voice. I’m Lieutenant German Galven. ::smiles:: You did really well out there, ensign. ::extends his hand for Xerix to shake::

Xerix: ::shaking the man’s hand:: Ghant Xerix, helm of the Veritas and occasional Bee jockey ::with a self deprecating smile::

Xerix: Congratulations on your new ship, I’m glad she’s intact for your maiden voyage aboard.

::So was German. When he saw what was going on, in his mind all those unique science labs and rooms were nearly just thrown away. He more or less was being dramatic, but he had big plans in his department. He had just passed the six month mark at being a department head.::

Galven: ::nods:: Me too. Serving aboard a starship and being department head has some interesting responsibilities.

::Ghant smiled at the man’s quip::

Xerix: Lieutenant,::raising his glass:: to the Astraeus...May she always have such a fine crew as the Veritas to watch over her ::with a wink::

::He arched his eyebrow at that comment, but chuckled and took a sip of his drink. Quite the peculiar ensign that Xerix was. It reminded him of when he was an ensign and was running every which way.::

Xerix: If you’ll excuse me, I’m afraid I am much too hyper to chat.

::Too hyper to chat. German didn’t know what that meant until he saw the man speed off into the direction of Mei’konda and his husband. German glanced around hoping to figure out what had just happened as a server passed by and grabbed his empty glass. His attention met the bar area which made him see Teller and Lael about to either dance or teach the chief engineer how to walk. Teller looked pretty sloshed from the looks of it and from the sounds of it as he got closer.::

Rosek: ::laughs:: Yeah. That’s my goal. Dance my way through the department heads. ::smiles:: But seriously. A dance is just a dance. This is a social event after all, isn’t it?

Teller: Response

Rahman: Response

::When both Lael and Geoff headed off to the dance floor, German started to chuckle and the silly height difference, then turned to order a Denobulan surprise and his attention diverted over to his former captain who which then he saw Admiral Washington approach as well. German took a quick sip of his drink then tried to make himself look presentable as the dark skinned man stepped closer with intimidating piercing eyes.::

Galven: ::clears his throat:: Admiral Washington, I presume? Lieutenant German Galven.  

Rahman / Washington: Responses

::Not every day there’s a Fleet Captain and a Rear Admiral standing in front of German. He thought through what to say, but then saw Tiria in the background.

Galven: It sure has been an experience to say the least the past 11 months.

Rahman / Washington: Responses

::German waved over at Tiria, but instead walked over to her quickly.::

Galven: Excuse me, but I’d like to apologize for earlier. You had something important you wanted to talk about.

Hamasaki: Response

Galven: Right, well follow me. Please.

Hamasaki: Response

Galven: Before the weird incident, Lieutenant Hamasaki wanted to talk to you, Captain. Seeing that the Admiral is here as well and it has to do with the Shoals, I’ll leave you three to talk.

Rahman / Washington / Hamasaki: Response

Any: Response



Lieutenant German Galven

Chief Science Officer

USS Astraeus


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