Lieutenant German Galven - Cursed With A Good Memory

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Lt. German Galven

Jun 9, 2019, 2:26:27 AM6/9/19
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Montreal

((‘The Den’ Lounge, Caitian Spacedocks))

::German was having a great time watching everyone just enjoy themselves. He glanced over towards the dance floor and saw with a smile in his eyes how ridiculously drunk Teller was as Lael was trying her best to hold onto the man so neither would trip as he kept basically ragdolling himself along the floor. The Denobulan chuckled to himself as he took a sip of his drink, then his attention halted over where Mei’konda was.::

::The same ensign that was piloting a work bee was causing a raucous by essentially looking like he was in a bad musical production by dancing with Evan Delano. Both Mei and Evan seemed amused which German admittedly was as well when he himself was about to bolt forward when he saw the Veritas’ XO almost fall over, but thank Denobula that Xerix had caught him.::

::He saw all around the room people having a good time and there was only a small hiccup when the Astraeus almost destroyed a cargo sled without moving. Then there was a rumor going around about Voles. German had never encountered the creatures, but from the whispers around him, they didn’t seem pleasant. German turned slightly to set his drink down on the bar and took in the moment around him even more.::

::As he leaned back against the paneling, he saw near the corner of the room that Charlena was over by the window. She seemed content as ever which made him happy. She needed to feel confident in herself. He got an idea and hoped on it as he asked the bartender for a couple drinks, then after a moment he took the drinks and pushed himself off the bar.::

::He was starting to bob his head along to the music as the Lieutenant approached the ensign and stood beside her, extending a glass to her with his eyesight still looking outside.::

Galven: A Risian Mai Tai, correct?

Vanlith: Response

Galven: ::furrows his eyebrows:: I’ve been cursed with a good memory. ::chuckles and takes a sip::

Vanlith: Response

::The reflection in the window was quite a stunning pair, but then a third came into view. He hadn’t met this person before so he turned around and saw a woman teal with a blue hijab on top of her head.::

Galven: You know, I thought I met everyone here, but somehow haven’t seen you yet. ::takes a sip::

El Sayid: Response

Galven: That’s right! You were also in the same training class with Charlena. ::takes a sip::

El Sayid / Vanlith: Responses

Galven: I find it so amazing to see a couple of ensigns doing well. ::finishes glass:: I try to keep in touch with my classmates as much as possible. They’re pretty much like family. Hey, if you two excuse me I need to go get myself another drink.

El Sayid / Vanlith: Responses

::He headed forth towards the bar, but then stopped. He knew what he was doing back there and hoped that there might be some truce formed. With his little troubles with crew members in the past, he only hoped the best for the ensigns by the window. German took it all in again as he sighed happily sharing smiles with people knowing that he’d had to say his goodbyes again to his first Captain and some of the older crew.::

::Just that even it was being the second time to say farewell again, it sure was even harder than the first time as he spoke to himself.::

Galven: ::murmurs:: This isn’t so much a goodbye, but a very long see you later. ::sniffs and presents a fabulous Denobulan grin::

Any: Response


Lieutenant German Galven

Chief Science Officer

USS Astraeus


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