Ensign R'Kala: Ending So Soon

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((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Juneau))

R'Kala: Captain Oddas? I'm Ensign R'Kala, a new science officer recently posted to the Juneau. Is there anything I can do to help? Orders, sir?

Oddas:: See if Commander Moonsong, :: the Captain gestured toward the science station :: needs some help with her work mapping the nebulae. 

R'Kala nodded and walked over to the science station. Being in the middle of such a stressful situation, it was unfortunate that they didn't have time for proper introductions. 

Moonsong: If you would join me, Ensign? ::she gestured to the secondary science console.

R'Kala: Certainly, commander. ::she sat at the secondary science console:: 

Moonsong: ::quietly to R’Kala:: We are currently searching for a cloaked Breen ship. They have uploaded the signature to us. We will begin a sector by sector search. ::smiles at her:: With two of us, we can cover twice as much.

R’Kala: ::gazing into the console:: A cloaked Breen ship. I see. 

Moonsong: Let me know if you spot anything.

R'Kala: Of course. 

R'Kala began her search of the signature that had been uploaded of a cloaked Breen ship. She figured it would be easy to find since she had worked on cloaked vessels before when she was studying science on Qo'noS, but the Breen cloaking seemed to be different than Klingon cloaking. As she was conducting her survey, she listened to the dialogue happening across from her on the bridge. 

Orrey: =/\= We can start by offering you the rest of the medical data we have about your people. =/\=

Indobri: =/\= Indeed, First Bekanar’Klan. I would be more than willing to share with you what we know, if our Captain permits it. I could even show you how to operate the cloning facility so that you can continue to create your kind. =/\=

Oddas: =/\= We can make arrangements to figure things out First Bekanar'Klan.=/\=

Away Team: =/\=Responses (if any)=/\=

Bekanar’Klan: =/\= I cannot say that I am liking this very much. We are not willing to trade one set of masters for another. Especially in light of the deception the Breen pulled on us. However, your people make an excellent point and I can’t see that we have much choice. =/\=

Oddas: =/\= First, I recognize you have no real reason to trust me, but I have no desire to conquer - my people have been on the wrong end of such matters.  My only goal is peace between our people, and if possible, your help keeping the peace for the other people in the areas.=/\=

Away Team: =/\=Responses (if any)=/\=

Deckett: Well. Now we're in the clear...:: directing a telepathic message towards R'Kala:: ~First drinks of shoreleave are on me! If you're up for it that is...~

R'Kala's eyebrows raised as she felt Elijah's thoughts inside her head. She didn't know if this was proper bridge etiquette, but it did make her smile. 

R'Kala: oO I drink a lot of bloodwine, so be prepared to empty your wallet, ensign. Oo

Deckett: Response?

She went back to looking at her console to concentrate, but also still paying some attention to the conversation that was being had between the captain and the away team. 

Oddas: =/\= Commander Orrey, make a survey of what the First needs and prioritize their needs, so we can hammer out the details and a way to proceed - defensively and whatever else might arise, =/\=

Away Team: =/\=Responses (if any)=/\=

Oddas: =/\= Thank you Commander, I expect you back aboard soon. =/\=

Bridge: Response

R'Kala: It seems like things are wrapping up? ::she turned to Raissa.::

Moonsong: ::to R’Kala:: We keep looking just in case. Since the ship is cloaked, we want to make sure they do not sneak up on us and shoot us in the back. :slight shrug::  Freeing the Jem’Hadar from their lie would leave them… ::smirks:: Greatly displeased.

R'Kala: ::nodding:: I agree. I'm not having much luck though.

Shark: Captain, the enemy ship is off screen ... no close contact ...

R’Kala: Sensors have still yet to pick up the signature, sir.

Deckett: Captain I do believe we should remain alert and leave with our new friends as soon as possible, maybe scanning for tetryon particles while we're scampering off would be a good idea? Maybe we could track them that way.

Oddas: If we have confirmation of that, some way to successfully track a ship through the nebulae, cloaked or otherwise, be sure to transmit that over to our new friends.

Moonsong: ::smiles:: We will work on that, Captain.

Oddas: I'll be in my ready room when the Away Team reports in.

Moonsong: Mr. Deckett, please monitor Operations while Mr. Shark remains at tactical.

R'Kala: ::looking at Raissa:: I've included tetryon particles to be included while looking for the cloaking signature. Perhaps that may help.

Shark: Response

Deckett: Sir, yes, sir!

As Elijah walked over to the ops console, he did a little victory dance while making eye contact with R'Kala. While she wanted to congratulate her new family on completing their mission, she didn't know if that was appropriate, so she only smiled back at him and continued her search. 

Moonsong: We would like our away team to return to us in good condition. No surprises, if you know what I mean?

Shark: Response

Deckett: Loud and clear sir. We'll be sure to give them a warm welcome.

R'Kala: Understood, sir.

Even though the mission was essentially over once the away team arrived and R'Kala hadn't aided in much of it, she was relieved for the upcoming shore leave. She hadn't had any downtime since she had just completed her cadet cruise, final year at the Academy, and taught her last course at the Institute. It would give her time to catch up with Ensign Deckett and get to meet her new crew. She sat back in her chair at the secondary science console, monitoring to make sure no surprises popped out for the away team that would soon be returning. Once this shift was over, she'd have to report to Sickbay for a physical and officially meet the first officer.

Ensign R'Kala, Ph.D.
Science Officer
USS Juneau

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