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((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Juneau))


Tomas was surprised at how surprised he was at the message he had been able to intercept from the surface. He felt reassured the rest of the bridge crew were also momentarily taken aback as he played it to them.


Computer Playback (Voice of LTJG Wyss):

::static:: When you're alone, and life is ::static:: lonely
You can ::static::
When ::static:: worries, all the ::static:: hurry
Seems to help ::static::



SIlveira: That’s a song… I don’t recall the artist, but it's a human tune.


Oddas: ::softly, wincing :: Earth .. ::doing some date conversions in her head:: 1960s. I don't remember the name or the artist, just where I was when I first heard it.

Stelek: ::flatly:: Main Street Park, Sunrise, New York.


Tomas looked across to Tactical. Silveira was shaking his head in the manner of someone thinking something through.


Silveira: Ensign Falt can you send something down?


Tomas decided it was probably best just to think out loud.


Falt: I’ll need to duplicate the soundwave, isolate the part of the soundwave that contains the message and replace it with one of our own. ::Tomas paused as he did some quick mental calculations:: It will take me about a minute, do you have a message in mind?


Victor smiled in response. Tomas watched as he accessed the ships database


Silveira: This for starters. It might work as a communication or at the very least distract them enough so we can fire.


Oddas: Oddas: Let's hear it, Lieutenant.


Victor patched his choice through the ship’s loudspeakers.


Computer: Hot town, summer in the city

Back of my neck gettin' dirt and gritty

Been down, isn't it a pity?

Doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city

All around people looking half-dead

Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a matchhead


Silveira: They might understand that.

Oddas: Let's give it a try. Transmit back along the same frequencies when ready.


Falt: I’m compiling our own soundwave now, we’ll be ready to transmit via the main deflector in 45 seconds


As Tomas worked a drop of blood dripped from the wound on his head onto the console. Tomas wiped it away without thinking. He isolated the section of the soundwave that contained the message from Lieutenant Wyss. Using the universal translator he converted Silveira’s message into the same format and reconfigured the signal.


Oddas: Mister Silvera, lock on the power junction, just in case.  Minimal power necessary to degrade the city's response.


Silveira: Understood Captain. Lieutenant Stelek I am powering up phasers to thirty five percent. 


Stelek: That should be sufficient, but at our current rate of power drain we will need to make a decision in the next three minutes.


Falt: The soundwave is ready, beginning transmission in 10 seconds. ::Tomas tapped his index finger on the console in time with the countdown as the main deflector charged up:: transmitting now.


Tomas watched the view screen and his sensor readings for any signs the transmission had been received, he knew it would take a few moments for the sound wave to reach the city. A minute passed without any noticeable change in the city below, followed by another. Then suddenly the tower's light shown a brilliant dazzling white, completely overwhelming the view screen which automatically shut down.  The ship jolted suddenly and violently to the port.


Oddas: Mister Silveira, fire!


Silveira: Opening fire. Shields down to sixty eight percent.


The view screen was still out so Tomas didn’t see the phaser beam shoot to the surface of the ring. His sensor reading’s showed the explosion as the power junction was hit, knocking lights back out across the city. Unfortunately the tower was still functioning, albeit at a much reduced capacity.


Falt: I’m reading a decrease in energy levels across this section of the city.


He watched on his console as Silveira strafed a bit further along the power conduits, severing the city’s power allocation even further.


Silveira: Target destroyed. 


Oddas/Stelek: Response


Falt: That had some effect sir’s. Tower output has decreased and we’re no longer being effected. It must be drawing power from elsewhere though as the sound wave is still targeting the Grace, albeit at a lower intensity.


Silveira: Well at least it worked on something. We are pulling the Grace to  safer distance now, without extra power needed


Oddas/Stelek: Response


Silveira: Shall we try another volley, Captain?


Falt: There are other power junctions we could target sir, although as we have seen complete success is not guaranteed. I would recommend checking to see if our message got a response before we take further action?


Oddas/Stelek/Silveira: Response   


Falt: I’m unable to intercept the soundwave from here now the intensity has decreased. I believe Doctor ::pause:: Indobri thought she had made contact with the patient on the Grace. Maybe he’ll be able to tell them if Lieutenant Wyss replied to our message. If we’re lucky Wyss may have sent us a clue to help with our situation.


Any: Response




Ensign Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801





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