Lieutenant JG Dekas - Looks like I owe a lot of people a drink.

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Ace Christensen

Feb 10, 2022, 1:32:17 PMFeb 10

((Clanhouse, Deck 10, USS Juneau))

Oddas: Thank -- 


The Captain stopped, realizing she was still holding a mask of feathers and jewels to her face, then placed the mask on the podium before and spread her hands asking for forgiveness.


Oddas: ::clearing her throat:: Thank you, thank you all for coming, thank you for being a great crew, and thank you especially to the Counselor for making this evening so special.


She paused to lead the crew in a short round of very heartfelt applause.


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Oddas: It should come as no secret that our last mission posed some particular challenges, ranging from how to deal with aliens bent on assimilating us, and a civilization of people just getting situated in life, to not interfering in that same civilization's development.  To no one's surprise, the crew of the Juneau went above and beyond, not only keeping themselves safe, but finding several Borg artifacts throughout the system, rendering them inert, and rescuing their Captain. ::beat:: That last was particularly important.


Oddas: For their efforts all around, the Crew of the Juneau has been awarded the Explorer's Ribbon, particularly for their efforts in learning more about Anadasa and the surrounding system.  Congratulations to you all.


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She took a moment to look from one member of the crew to the next - a varied crew that she thought exemplified why she joined Starfleet.  She was proud of each of them.


Oddas: Commander Qinn? ::motioning for the woman to join her:: During our efforts to neutralize the threat the Borg posed to the Anadasians we needed a way to destroy all the artifacts, do it quickly, and to do so in a way that would not cause much of a scene.  Lt. Commander Qinn delivered just such a method - as such, she is awarded the Innovation Ribbon.  Good work Commander!


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Oddas: Mister Dekas, Doctor Indobri, Doctor Vihn, if you please.  ::she paused for a moment for the trio to begin making their way to the front :: Unfortunately, as sometimes happens, Mister Dekas you were injured during the course of the mission.  While I appreciate your willingness to be injured for the sake of the mission, I must request you not make it a habit.  In the meantime, please accept a small token of your crew's gratitude, the Purple Heart.  It is not given lightly. 


She paused for a moment to let her words sink in before continuing.


Oddas: Additionally, I have read the reports of your Doctors and other personnel - it seems not only have you completed your recovery, but have done so in a way that they have recommended you for the Recovery Ribbon and the Unity Ribbon.  Keep up the good work.


He felt almost awkward receiving the purple heart in particular. It felt like an odd thing to be awarded for nearly dying. But he mentally focused on the other ones as the Captain shook his hand and cuffed him on the shoulder before giving him the box with the ribbons inside. 


Not for the first time during this shore leave it hit him exactly how much Starfleet did not give much leeway for even simple physical contact like a quick pat to the shoulder. He barely managed not to short circuit. Had to maintain professionalism.


oO The plan for the rest of the night should perhaps be to get tipsy and see which person is the most open to a hug sometime tonight, this is getting ridiculous. Oo


Dekas: ::he took the box gratefully with a slight bow of his head:: Thank you, Captain.


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Oddas: It is known that no man can recover from his injuries on his own - and this situation is no different.  Mister Dekas, and others, are here today for the lifesaving work of the Doctors in front of me.  Doctor Indobri, Doctor Vihn, excellent work, and thank you for keeping my officer alive.  For your heroic skill, you have been awarded the Lifesaving Ribbon.


Indobri/Vihn: Response


She nodded toward each, shook their hand, and handed them each a small box containing the award.


Oddas: Mister Falt, Mister Kendrick?


She waited until both of them were next to her, then cleared her throat and continued.


Oddas: Aside from getting injured, getting taken prisoner is one of the most traumatic things that can happen to a member of the crew - and one that I endeavor never to allow happening to any member of the Juneau.  That said, this time it did happen, and the crew member did everything expected of them in the situation: survive, thrive, and attempt an escape.  Thank you, Mister Falt for performing well under these conditions, and accept my apologies for putting you into this situation.  For your admirable conduct, you have been awarded the Prisoner of War Ribbon.


The Bajoran handed the Lieutenant the small box containing the ribbon and nodded in congratulations.


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Oddas: Freeing Mister Falt took a little doing, acts of bravery and heroics, and keeping calm, traits the Captain of the Juneau looks for in her Security and Tactical Officers.  Mister Kendrick displayed these and more during the attempt, and to this end I am awarding him a Captain's Commendation.




She handed the taller man the boxed ribbon, tapping his shoulder as she did so.


Oddas: Good work.  Mister Falt, if you could stay, and Mister Dekas? :: she motioned toward an empty spot next to the podium before continuing:: It seems Starfleet Command has decided to award the Captain the Diplomacy Ribbon for not violating the Prime Directive, but still freeing the Anadasians from Borg influeence. ::she said it quickly, embarrassed at giving herself an award, then sighed::  That out of the way - it is my next pleasure to promote two officers.


She paused to look the pair over, smiling.


Oddas: Mister Dekas, I have received reports from engineering, impressive reports, all pointing toward the skill you have, and the respect you have of your fellow officers.  I know from experience you have been forthright, a leader, and dependable.  As today's Award have proven, you are a natural Lieutenant, and today we make that official by promoting you to the rank of Lieutenant JG.


Captain Oddas handed him a second box, this time with a hollow pip in it, and shook his hand. He was feeling a few things about this. The first of which being surprised. Extremely grateful followed right after. He could and probably should have started with another thank you. Instead, he recalled what he’d said to Kettick just a little bit earlier in the night about the idea of promotion tonight specifically and softly snorted.


Dekas: Looks like the alleged betting pool in Engineering just won the bet and a drink. ::a beat:: Thank you, I’ll do my best to continue deserving it.


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She then turned her attention to Falt.


Oddas: Lieutenant Falt, today I promote you to the rank of Full Lieutenant, with all the rights and privileges thereto. This is at the recommendation of your fellow officers, superiors, and my own assessment of your abilities.  You impress with your command of ship procedures, your aptitudes in your department, and your willingness to assist the ship as a whole.  Thank you, and I know I can count on you to continue being a leader.


Falt: Response


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She transferred Falt's box and solid pip to him, shaking his hand as she did so.


Oddas: Congratulations to you both, congratulations to the crew, and thank you all.  Please enjoy the rest of the party, for tomorrow there is more work ahead of us.


Once it was all officially done, Dekas sent a very friendly look Tomas’ way.


He gave him a proper bow, with the wing leaned forward into it. It was respectful and very Aurelian, but it was also somewhat playful paired with the tone of his voice.


Dekas: Congratulations, Full Lieutenant. It’s well deserved.


Falt: Response


Dekas: Ah, thank you. It was unexpected for me, but I’m honored. 


Falt: Response


The Aurelian nodded and recalled one of the other ribbons Falt got. Prisoner of War. He remembered reading the report, and he knew that it happened. And yet…


Dekas: You know, I never did ask how you were doing after your experience on that planet. Even though you thought to spend some time with me after everything when you didn’t have to. As odd as the holodeck was, I don’t know if you realize how much that meant to me that you thought to also be there. I feel a little regretful that I’ve been so far in my own head that I never said that nor did I offer you the same courtesy of asking after you. So inquiring minds want to know… how is Tomas Falt feeling after everything? Or just in general. Either way.


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Lieutenant JG Dekas


USS Juneau


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