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((Main Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Juneau))

Vihn: C'mon, then. Let's get you looked at so you can get back to enjoying your leave.

R'Kala: Thank you.

The medical tricorder rested lightly in their hand, scanning the Klingon almost completely silently.

Vihn: Ensign R'kala, correct? You're the ship's counselor now? I'm Doctor Vihn -- but Motor's fine, for the most part. Are you experiencing any notable discomfort?

R'Kala: Yes, that is correct. ::she paused:: No, not at all.

That oh-so-endearing Klingon stoicism. She likely wasn't going to freely offer any information without them digging deeper -- something Motor wasn't sure they should do, if their intention was to make a friend. In the end, their curiosity beat out their sense, and they wound up prodding anyway.
Vihn: ::humming affirmatively.:: If it's alright if I ask, what led you to want to be Counselor?

R'Kala: There was a vacancy that needed filling. I have a background in the social sciences, so I thought I'd be qualified to do it.

Vihn: A very practical reason. ::tilting their head slightly.:: 

R'Kala: What made you decide to become a doctor?

There wasn't an easy answer to that question. "I'm not as good at practical science as my twin" or "I wanted to prove that I could stand on my own" weren't exactly first conversation topics. Particularly not with the off-duty ship's counselor. That seemed more like an on-the-job conversation, and not one Motor was in any particular rush to have. 

Vihn: My family's got a long history of working in the sciences. I figured I'd take that and work more directly on helping people.

R'Kala: Well, I can't relate to a family of scientists, for obvious reasons, but that sounds very nice.

Motor didn't think it obvious until she pointed it out, but, yes, a family of Klingon scientists seemed somewhat unlikely.

Vihn: It had its benefits, and its downsides. Like any other family, right? ::placing an instrument to her back.:: Cough, please.

R'Kala: Response

Vihn: ::smiling.:: You try talking to your very self-assured mother when you're technically a few hundred years older than she is.

R'Kala: Response

Vihn: I haven't gotten home in a while. ::shrugging.:: What about you? 

R'Kala: Response



Ensign Motor Vihn
Medical Officer
USS Juneau NX-99801
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