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((Campsite - Ring 42))


Qinn: Is it a thorn bush?  I know I probably don’t need to tell you this, but please make sure there aren’t any toxins from whatever cut you.


Roehl: I’m not a botanist, but these types of thorns don’t tend to carry toxins. It doesn’t seem to be the right type, anyway. 


As Dekas was bringing the kit over he felt some sort of shift in energy. Almost the same as the feeling he tended to get when it was going to rain. But it wasn’t going to rain here that he could tell. Odd.


oO Now you’re just letting the worry get to you, Dekas. Be aware, but don’t be silly. Oo


Vihn: ::forwning again.:: I feel fine, regardless.


Qinn: I’m sure it’s nothing, but we’re still exploring this ring.  The Botanists on the Hopper haven’t cataloged all of the plant life down here, the last thing I need is to rush you back to the Juneau having an allergic reaction to some poisonous plant life, as much as it will fascinate the science department.


Roehl: Right. Speaking of… maybe I should contact Operations about my quarters, Commander. The sooner I get settled, the sooner I can get to work with the science team. 


Qinn: Response 


Voram picked up their two cases from the ground and started to walk out the way they had come from. Then they stopped.


Roehl: One last thing, Commader. Who should I  contact to do my Starfleet physical? 


Qinn: Response


Vihn: I'm more than willing to help.


Qinn: Response


Voram stopped in their tracks and looked at Motor again.


Roehl: Great. We can have it whenever you’re free, Doctor. ::They tried to hide their cringed expression, but weren't entirely successful.:: And after you get that hand looked at, of course. 


It was the cringe that gave Dekas the need to soothe the situation somehow.


Dekas: I do know that, ah, recently Doctor Indobri is starting back on her feet after recovering from her illness if you need someone on the ship. I’d also suggest Nurse Pelley, but I’m not quite sure if she has the official certifications to say someone is cleared for duty. I haven’t asked. But that’s only if you feel you need someone sooner than later. 


Vihn: ::shifting their weight.:: If that's what you'd prefer, Voram.


Qinn/Roehl: Response


He nodded in a very friendly manner, he was never sure how well the smile translated with a beak. Then he turned to Vihn and held out a hand for theirs. He didn’t have a first aid kit around for no reason.


Dekas: ::gently:: Speaking of doctors. Can I see?


Vihn: I'm really quite alright, Dekas. I can look it over myself. 


Dekas: I know you can handle it, you’re very talented. But you saved my life, I think I can get away with helping make sure you’re okay. Besides, I’ll take any excuse to hold hands.


He gave them a friendly little wink. Something that got a bit of a blush out of the Doctor before they offered their hand to him, he almost thought he’d have to be more insistent.


Vihn: I put myself in your capable hands, then, Dekas.


Qinn/Tashi/Roehl: Response


There was that sudden ‘rain’ sensation again. But it was just a small inkling toward an ‘atmospheric shift’ that rains brought. Even without any other signs of rain to suggest that it would. No rain clouds, even small. No increased humidity since he’d been here. No sudden chills. It was bright in a genuinely sunny way. It was clear. There wasn’t even a rain scent to suggest it. Just the odd feeling. And it occurred to him he’d been experiencing it to smaller degrees while he’d been here and ignoring it for all of those reasons. Sometimes the receptor that picked up on weather shifts wasn’t completely accurate. But he was feeling it stronger now.


Dekas: I can’t explain why, and it might just be me, but my instincts say rain? Except rationally I know it’s not rainy here. It’s very strange.


The Trill looked around with a thoughtful frown.


Vihn: Must just be something in the air. Artificial atmosphere and all that.


The thin cut in their palm was, fortunately, superficial, but it seemed rather long and clean for a cut across thorns. Dekas was very careful with it none the less. Watching for any specific twitches, or even the potential of hives that could be the start of some sort of allergic reaction. So far so good.


Qinn/Tashi/Roehl: Response


Vihn: I'm not terribly worried about it, either way. The tents could handle a little rain. ::A brief pause.:: I think.


Dekas: They are Starfleet grade, they’ll be fine.


Qinn/Tashi/Roehl: Response


Vihn: ::looking over everyone except Voram.:: Maybe, just in case, let's go ahead and get finished setting up, yeah? I'd rather not get rained on for sitting around.


Qinn/Tashi/Roehl: Response


The Doctor stood, brushing off any further attempts to look over their hand unceremoniously with a somewhat uncharacteristic air of irritation. With that, they began working on (poorly) setting up their own tent again. Whether it was an effect of the thorns or a mental reaction to seeing their twin cringing at the idea of them being in the same space, Dekas didn’t blame them for the irritation and he took no offense to the fact they felt the inclination to stand and do something else. He calmly took care of the first aid kit and put it back where it needed to go for the time being. Inasmuch as he could, given that it didn’t really take a whole lot of effort to put things away, he did take his time doing so. Watching them out of the corner of his eye to make sure they were okay at least on the outside.


His inner desire was actually to mother bird the crap out of them. But he knew from personal experience doing that when someone was feeling testy didn’t always go well even for the best attempts. He did find his way to help them with the tent, however. He didn’t ask what they needed help with specifically, he just watched what part they were working on for a few seconds then moved to help make it easier to get it done. 


Vihn/Qinn/Tashi/Roehl: Response


It took an average amount of time to get it properly set up. It was the only time he let his urge to be the mother bird take over.


Dekas: ::softly:: I know you’re partial to telling people that it’s okay. You’re a doctor, it’s in your nature. And maybe you’d like me to tell you that it is all okay so you can continue to pretend you’re not feeling things right now. But I’m not a doctor, I’m an Engineer. If I saw the warp engine was on the verge of exploding, telling everyone else that the warp engine was perfectly fine and just overheating a little bit would do nothing to stop it from exploding in the end. Instead I’d have to try and get the core temperature down first, assess what was actually wrong in the time I just gave myself, and get the support of those around me to help out. So I won’t tell you that it’s okay, because you’re the only person who can really know if you are. It’s counterintuitive to ask you to pretend that nothing is wrong. It hurts to see someone you care about react negatively to you. Even if there is a reason, fair or unfair on either side, that is a painful experience to have, and it is normal to feel angry, sad, or upset. If that’s not it, then it’s still something to be aware of. My professional engineer’s diagnostic is just to acknowledge that if you feel those things escalating, be sure to try and bring your core temperature down and assess what is actually wrong in the time you give yourself so that you’re not so upset that you can’t seek the support of people around you. And so that you do not implode and explode. It won’t destroy a ship, but it can send out emotional shrapnel. You might think it hurts others more, but I assure you it will hurt you the most. As a friend, I already love you, and would prefer not to see you hurt like that because you wanted to pretend you felt nothing.


Vihn: Response


Qinn/Tashi/Roehl: Response


The Aurelian stood and made sure to give the Doctor whatever space they needed. Until there was a clearer answer on what was causing the mood, there wasn’t much Dekas knew how to do aside from being aware of any other sudden shifts in that mood, or medical problems that might occur. But if he ‘accidentally’ gave them a gentle pat on the back with a wing in the process of moving a little closer to the rest of the group, that’s exactly what happened. Just a twitch of the wing and definitely not a very quick attempt at wordless comfort before pretending he’d done nothing of the sort.  


Dekas: So, I think there was interest in drawing the curve of the ring?


Vihn/Qinn/Tashi/Roehl: Response



Ensign Dekas


USS Juneau


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