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(OOC: Quick post to get Ulysses on the board)

((Commander’s office, Pirate Installation))

Ulysses Conroy closed the comm line and sighed.  He had really been hoping to get through the grandstanding sooner than this.  The longer the negotiations went on, the more it cost him.  The opposing negotiator certainly wasn’t engendering any goodwill.  He hated negotiating with governments, far too often they let ideals and politics get involved in what, in the end, was simple and straightforward business.

Ulysses stood up from his chair and stretched.  He was tall and skinny, his skin a very pale green.  His father had been human, his mother Orion, he’d just received a skin tone that, as humans told him, made him look slightly ill.  Bald like most Orions, he dressed slightly more formally than those around him, to emphasize this position.

He walked out of his office and looked over his installation.  It didn’t have a name, he refused to name the place, one because it was, by definition temporary, and two because names lead to notoriety, and notoriety never led anywhere good in his line of business.  Workers were organizing equipment and parts either for sale, or use in their own project.  The market was bustling, or at least as bustling as a market this far out, and under advertised, could be.  Behind the Market was his little side project, a lab working on some very interesting new artifacts from long lost occupants of this sector of space.  And then there was the detention facility, it served its purpose, even if he hated the expense of the thing.  

The detention facility was where he needed to head, and so he descended the stairs from his office and walked through the market and warehouse to the door that led to the cost sink that was the detention facility.

((Detention Facility, Pirate Installation))

Ulysses walked into the detention facility and looked around.  I was, thankfully, mostly empty.  One set of cells were filled with some of his own people who had decided to have a more rambunctious night than was strictly allowed.  A little time to think about their actions would help keep them from repeating that error, otherwise more strict discipline would be needed.  In another set of cells were their only other occupants, and the people he was looking to talk to.

Conroy: ::With an exaggerated sigh::  Oh, Madam Shierr, I’m afraid your government is still being very problematic to deal with.  I really want you to understand, I have no desire to keep you, personally, here.  But they need to learn to keep to their own space and not interfere in business outside their own.  I’m sure they’ll eventually come around to see the benefits of leaving us alone, but I’m beginning to think it may take more time than I thought.

He smiled and shrugged to the female Caitian.  He really didn’t have anything against her personally, he really did think it was necessary to make sure Shierr’s people understood that it would be cheaper in the long run to just let Ulysses and his business operate without interference.

Shierr: Response


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