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((OOC:  JP! JP! JP!  Get your JP's here!  Since Jim's power is still out due to the snow storm, I'm dropping another in our series of 7. ))



(( Orstand 3 – Unknown Location))


The path that the Kensale carved into the planet’s wretched surface looked like nothing more than one of many striations caused by toxic erosion.  Any evidence that a shuttle had crashed here was lost in the wasteland of the planet itself.  The tiny craft had been wholly swallowed up by the hollowed-out remains of what once was the careless civilization that had caused all this destruction in the first place.




That’s what the luxury craft had become – a spec of trash on a world that had been thoroughly trashed eons ago.


((Kensale Shuttle))


Computer(s):  Welcome to the Kensale (warning) the quadrants finest (shields at sixteen percent) luxury transport.


The sound of two computer voices overlapped each other at varying speeds.  One was cheery and positive, while the other was plain but urgent.


Computer(s): (warning) Personal accommodations are located in (fire detected) the aft compartment (in the aft compartment).


A groan of discomfort breathed from T’Lea’s throat.  Rambling voices started to arouse her senses.


Computer(s): During your cruise (warning) you will enjoy first class services (aft compartment) from our (containment initiating in three) two highly trained (two) courtesy staff (one).


The dull grinding of a stressed bulkhead closed with a loud clank, and then a sharp hiss of air being jettisoned out of the sealed compartment followed.  The loud noises, even though they were being announced at the time it was happening, still startled the groggy Romu-Vulc.


Computer(s): And indulge in the (warning) award winning culinary (aft compartment fire contained) delicacies prepared by our five star replicator system.


Another moan squeezed its way through T’Lea’s strained neck. She reached for her head, but the odd sensation of gravity pulling in the wrong direction on her arm proved to be not worth the effort.


Computer(s): (warning) Vistas from our generous window (oxygen scrubbers operating at) seats are specially designed for (forty-five percent) spectacular panoramic views.


As if right on cue the Vulcan hybrid started coughing, and the jerking motion of her body finally brought her into complete confused consciousness.  She arched her head up toward the ceiling and witnessed a gravitational feat of magic -- blood slowly dripped through the extended strands of her black hair, and fell UP to the roof of… wherever she was.


Just where the hell was she?


The last thing she remembered was—


T’Lea: Oh, frell…


The shuttle.  Marot. The maggot shot her.


She frowned both at the fresh pinching pain of the harness pressing into her flesh, and the overall body ache of the stun blast. After a second of sheer determination, T’Lea gained some degree of wherewithal and finally realized that she was hanging upside down in a luxury recliner, which meant that the shuttle was also upside down. Just how that had happened would have to remain a mystery. Right now she needed to get herself free.


Resisting the awkward pull of gravity and the disorienting position she was in, the hybrid searched for the release latch on the chair’s harness.  Once she felt the cool metal lever in hand she gave it a thoughtless yank not completely realizing just what freedom would mean.


With less grace than a targ in a crystal shop, T’Lea somersaulted out of her seat, and hit the ground with the totality of her weight landing directly on her right shoulder.  A snap of pain shot through her arm and a cluster of choice curses blustered out of her mouth.


For the next few moments T’Lea could only sit there on the ceiling, which was now the floor of the shuttle, hugging her dislocated shoulder, and trying not to cough on the smoky air because it only made the new injury zing all the more.


Clearing her eyes of the pain, she got a good grip on herself and looked up at the rows of seats above her for better understanding. That’s when she saw Doctor Indobri hanging in the same precarious position that she had been in  mere minutes ago. But what was more distracting was the hanging question of just what the hell the Doctor was doing here?


Better yet, where was here and how did they get there?


Once on her feet, T’Lea reached her good arm up to the Doctor’s face and brushed her hair out of the way to see if she was conscious, or even alive.


T’Lea: Doc. ::patting her cheek:: Doctor Indobri can you hear me?


No response. The only next step was to cut the woman loose and try to catch her with one arm. Boy, that was going to be fun – an upside down fall, caught by somebody standing right-side up.


Preparing herself as best she could, T’Lea got herself under the Doctor, and decided that she would just have to use her body to break the Doctor’s fall.  With her working arm she reached up and sprung the harness loose at the same time trying to maneuver herself into a better angle.  What happened next was another string of colorful barbed words that would have made a Klingon blush.


Indobri was now on the ground, her fall cushioned by T’Lea’s under-prepared landing zone. Luckily, the Doctor was starting to come around, because T’Lea was trapped under a mound of Rodulan.


Karise began to stir, but thought about going back to sleep. The warm comforting arms made her feel secure and right now she just wanted to bask in it.


T’Lea:  Doc?  Doc, I need you to move.


She felt the woman shift.  It was reasonable that the Rodulan was probably as confused as T’Lea still was, but her discomfort prevailed over empathy.


Indobri oO T’Lea? About time Oo


Karise did move. Closer. Attempting to snuggle up to the other woman.


T’Lea: Karise, get your ass off me, now!


She sharply barked hoping it would jolt the woman to full awareness. The gasp of air it took to say those words sent T’Lea into a coughing fit.


That did the trick. Suddenly coming back to full reality, Karise quickly sat up, hearing the coughing coming from T’Lea. She looked around at the wrecked shuttle and tried to figure out just what had happened.


Indobri: What in the name of the Artist happened?


Finally, free the Romu-vulc scooted up to a sitting position and suppressed both the coughs and the pain in her shoulder.


Karise noticed the pained movements of the woman, coupled with the coughing and immediately kicked into doctor mode. She also noticed the green blood flowing from a gash in her forehead.


Indobri: What happened? Are you hurt?


She gave Indobri a fleeting glance while assessing the ship at a distance.


T’Lea:  Dislocated shoulder.  ::she reached for her bloodied forehead:: Not sure about the rest.  You?


Karise had noticed the pain in her jaw, and remembered the phaser butt the man had given her. But she could also feel some pain in her ankle and her abdomen. She looked down and checked herself over.


Indobri: Looks like either a break or a severe sprain in my right ankle. My abdomen is sore, probably from the straps when we crashed.


She looked back at the ankle.


Indobri: Not sure how the ankle got it, though. :: looking T’Lea in the eyes :: I need to treat that scalp wound at the very least. I wonder if this thing has a medkit someplace close.


T’Lea:  Give me a minute.


She managed to climb to her feet without aggravating her shoulder too much.  For now she’d immobilized it by simply sticking the thumb of her left hand into an empty belt loop at the front of her pants.


Karise nodded and waited for T’Lea to complete her search, contemplating on the events that had transpired prior to her being stunned.


Indobri: What about the kidnapper?


Excellent question.  It was logical that this had been a kidnapping, or rather an attempted kidnapping.  She glanced around the cabin, and saw part of his body lodged under a row of broken recliner seats that were now debris on the roof/floor.


T’Lea:  There.


Karise looked over to where T’Lea had indicated and saw the man. Apparently, he hadn’t been strapped in because he was crumpled on the ground... ceiling... whatever… of the shuttle. While T’Lea searched, she began to crawl toward the man to check and see if he had survived. Part of her hoped he hadn’t. Obviously not the doctor part that had taken two oaths to save lives.


T’Lea:  Careful.


Indobri: I need to see if he’s alive or not.


And so did T’Lea.  She stopped searching the items that had been strewn about the cabin during the crash and took a few steps over to Karise, hoping Marot wasn’t dead.


When she saw the condition of the man, she was sure he had expired.  It looked like every bone in his body had been broken, crushed, or twisted out of joint.


T’Lea:  Is he-


His chest rose and blood gurgled from his mouth.


Indobri: That’s not good. We need to get this chair off of him.


Upon Indobri’s request she one-armed the heavy recliner off Marot’s upper chest.  The busted chair was discarded to the side.


T’Lea:  Don’t let him die.


At least, not yet, thought T’Lea.  She still needed to get information out of the Betazoid.  


Karise examined the man and quickly determined that he was beyond saving. Oh, if she’d been on the Juneau and had access to her medical facilities, it might have been different. But under these circumstances, there was absolutely nothing she was going to be able to do for him.


Indobri: It looks like a punctured lung. Possibly the heart too. I doubt I am going to be able to do much here. But I will try. A medkit might help, if you can find one.


TBC in Part 5


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