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((Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Juneau, Short Timeskip))


Tomas had left the briefing with Ensign Sival, so had been the first of the team heading to the city to be given his makeover. Once in sickbay the doctor had been both efficient and proficient with his work, as Tomas had come to expect. It didn’t take him long to transform Tomas into an Andrassan, complete with forehead ridges and sharpened teeth. 


The Captain had been next for the cosmetic surgery, which had provided just enough time for Tomas and Lieutenant Trovek to replicate the clothing required to finish the team's disguises. 


They’d first created a purple coloured doublet for Lieutenant Kendrick. Based on the limited information they’d been able to gather he would be the height of fashion down in the city.  Trovek had then put together a leather skirt and cotton shirt combination for the Captain, whilst Tomas had created a more utilitarian outfit for himself, comprising leather breeches, boots, a loose cotton shirt and a leather waistcoat.


Tomas had assumed Lieutenant Trovek would help the Captain change once she had finished in surgery but the Counsellor had been called away so it had fallen to him.


Oddas: We sure about this?  How do we explain this?


The Captain was holding up her artificial arm. She was right, it was a problem, one that they hadn’t been able to completely solve for.


Falt: Truth is sir, we can’t fully disguise it. Based on what we’ve observed we have replicated you a cloak, and a sleeve to be worn inside it. That which will hide your arm but not your hand.


He paused briefly, hoping his next suggestion wasn’t about to get him in trouble.


Falt: All I can suggest for the hand is that you don’t use it if we’re being observed. ::another pause:: Hold it rigid. Primitive prosthetics aren't unknown, if anyone asks that is what you have.


The Captain wordlessly took the leather sleeve and cloak. Tomas couldn’t properly guess her mood from her expression under the alterations. He guessed she was at the least unconvinced, and at worst unimpressed.


Before she could respond Sival and Kendrick came out from the surgical bay with a transfromed Kendrick, already sporting his purple doublet.


Oddas: How does it feel, Lieutenant?


Kendrick: Strange. ::looking at his clothes:: But it looks like I'm ready to mingle with the locals. How about you, Sir?


The Captain motioned with her hand, Tomas wondered if that was a deliberate choice, toward her nose and face.


Oddas: Strangely bare, but I might keep the outfit when this is all over.


Tomas felt himself relax slightly at that, glad the Captain didn’t hate her attire completely.


Falt: I’ve not had time to really take my changes in yet. With these teeth I expect I will really notice something the next time I try to eat.


Seemingly satisfied with his work, the Doctor addressed all three of them.


Sival: All seems to be in order. If there are no other concerns, I must prepare supplies for the shuttle. Good luck, Captain. Lieutenants. 


Oddas: Stay safe.


((Outskirts of the City, Timeskip))


The small team materialized in some sort of open space on the outskirts of the city, right where the Captain and transporter chief had agreed. The first thing that struck Tomas was how tidy the place looked, someone clearly worked hard to keep it that way. There were structures about 400m away, some of wood and some of stone. The one’s he’d could see looked fairly basic. He was prepared to bet they would get much more elaborate and ornate as they got into the city proper.


Tomas felt giddy. He had realised that this was not just an amazing chance to walk among a pre-warp civilization, it was also his first proper away mission. He resolved to stay focused on their mission objectives, whilst taking in as much of the culture around him as he possibly could.


The group moved closer together as the Captain confirmed there arrival with the ship


Oddas: ::reaching under her cloak to tap her comm badge:: =/\= Oddas to Juneau =/\=


Juneau: =/\= Response =/\=


Oddas: =/\= We've arrived safely and are about to proceed on foot toward the source of the power signal. =/\=


Juneau: =/\ Response =/\=


Oddas: =/\= Agreed. =/\= 


The Captain turned to them.


Oddas: What do we think?


Kendrick: Like we've just travelled back through time. ::at Falt::  This must be exciting for you, Lieutenant, the chance to study a pre-warp society.


Tomas didn’t even try to hide his enthusiasm.


Falt: You wouldn’t believe it sir, this is an opportunity I’ve hoped for most of my life.


Kendrick: I wish we had a little more time to study them before we beamed down here. Sure, ::pointing at his face:: we know how these people look. But what about their customs?


Oddas: response


Falt: They will absolutely have customs we are unaware of. I suggest we take our cues from those around us. If people are quiet, stay quiet. If they are avoiding a particular area, avoid it. Things like that. If we observe closely and mirror we shouldn’t draw too much attention to ourselves.


Tomas reflected on his statement for a moment. Maybe they shouldn’t have replicated Kendrick a purple outfit, it didn’t exactly blend in. Still, it was the height of fashion so it would most likely be okay. Probably.


Kendrick: ::not sounding very convinced:: Well, if you say so, Lieutenant.


Oddas: Response


Like Kendrick, Tomas had a leather shoulder bag in which he had placed a number of items.


He had a tricorder, which he had disguised inside what looked like a blank book cover. It was a very, very, old trick that he had updated for the 24th century. The cover was made of a thin layer of tritanium, covered in leather, which he’d fitted with a biometric lock. No one on the surface would be able to open it without a member of the away team, no matter how hard they tried.


The bag also contained a replicated paper map of the city, put together from the scans they had taken from orbit, a compass aligned to the planets magnetic field, and a small telescope. He also had a water canteen, full of safe drinking water from the ship.  The base of the canteen was hollow and currently contained a type one phaser, again behind a biometric lock.


He took out the map.


Falt: I suggest we get out of the open sirs. It seems the center of the city is ::pointing on the map:: here. That’s where the most people and likely the most information, will be found.  It looks like there is a route along these side streets that we could use to get there without drawing excessive attention to ourselves. Give ourselves time to acclimatise. What do you think, sirs?


Oddas / Kendrick: Response





Lieutenant JG Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801




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