PNPC Nurse Pelley - Bittersweet memories

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Jon Van Pelt

Jan 22, 2022, 6:05:54 AMJan 22
((Clanhouse, Deck 10, USS Juneau))

Pelley: Oh, you went to the holodeck together. How nice! Which program did you run?

Dekas: A fantasy adventure. Involved vampires and a mysterious cursed town. Tomas Falt smashed a window with an ax and I have to say it was exciting to watch that play out. He’s a hoot and he’s definitely getting invited to things more often. I imagine it could happen again in the future, you could join us next time, Pelley. If you like those types of programs, of course.

Pelley: ::frowning and shaking her head:: Nah, nothing for me I'm afraid. I like my programs to be a bit more relaxing. I've got enough adventure in my life as it is.

Dekas: And you do your adventures marvelously. But that’s understandable. ::he tilted his head, thoughtful:: Maybe at some point, we could do something more meditative there instead, then? Play fighting is nice, but taking time to be grounded is also important. I think it’d be lovely to spend time with you. 

She felt a warm feeling inside her stomach and she realized it wasn't only the hot milk she was drinking that was causing it. She smiled at Dekas and nodded, but just when she wanted to take him up on his offer, Jackman took a friendly jab at him.

Jackman: Oh, you’re a terrible flirt. 

Pelley gave him a gentle push with her elbow followed by a frown.

Dekas: ::slight head tilt in his direction:: Is this because I’m not flirting with you, Conrad? I’m flattered by the interest. But talk about a petty officer, no? 

That got a chuckle out of her. Up until a few days ago, Dekas was just another patient of hers. Before the start of their last mission, she didn't know much about him - other than he was one of Juneau's Engineering team - but she was really starting to like her Aurelian crewmate. She could definitely see them becoming fast friends.

Jackman: ::without missing a beat:: The pettiest, and don’t you forget it. 

She watched as Dekas called and put in the minimum bet to match.

Pelley: ::smiling:: Guess it's back to business now. ::playful:: I'll try to keep quiet.

Vihn: Response 

Jackman turned over the final card, The River. On the table was 9 of hearts, 4 of clubs, Queen of Spades, 2 of Spades, and now the 5 of Clubs.  

She'd swear she saw a slight hesitation in Dekas's eyes. It was only a fraction of a second, but it was there. She wondered if the other players had noticed it too.

She watched as he tapped the table and locked eyes with the doctor.

Dekas: I guess we just, ah, turn them over then? 

She smiled at the way he said that so casually, almost innocently, like a first-time player. She took a sip from her cup of milk as her eyes scanned the doctor’s facial expression, searching for something that could give away his hand.

Vihn: Response. 

She moved up to the edge of her seat. This was fun! 

Dekas turned his cards up: a Queen of Clubs… and a Queen of Hearts. She looked at the fifth street on the table. And there she laid, the Queen of Spades. He had three of a kind. Not the best hand in poker, but still pretty good. The only way to beat him was if the doctor had at least a straight. With 2 of Spades, 4 and 5 of Clubs on the table, it was still possible.

And then the doctor showed his cards: 2 of Clubs and 2 of Diamonds. 

Dekas: ::a soft laugh:: Well, alright then. I’ll take that. 

Pelley: ::at Vihn:: I hope this was a friendly game. 

Vihn: response

Dekas: response

Pelley: It’s been a long time since I played the game. My dad taught me when I was kid. He himself learned to play it when he was a cadet at Starfleet Academy. I think he even won a tournament or two. 

Vihn: response

Pelley: Yes, he was. :::smiling:: A Lieutenant.

She paused for a moment. She realized she hadn't thought about her father much lately.

Pelley: He was an Engineering officer, like Dekas, always ready to fix things. ::saddened:: But he died some 8 years ago. He was killed during a terrorist attack by the Maquis Reborn on Deep Space 10.

Dekas: response

Vihn: response

Any: response



Nurse Katrina Pelley simmed by:

Lieutenant John Kendrick 

Acting Chief Security and Tactical 

USS Juneau 


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