[Artifact] Lieutenant Falt: Asleep on the job?

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((Hanger/Market, Pirate Moon))


Tomas took his tricorder out and entered the code to wipe the recent commands and scanned data. The Ferengi held out an open hand.


Falt: Program first. ::nodding to Kingsley:: Give it to her.


Reluctantly, the Ferengi handed over an isolinear chip to the Marine.


Ferengi: That contains all you need. Now, I believe we had a deal?


Tomas looked over at Kingsley, waiting for her response.


Kingsley: Perfect.


Falt: ::handing over the tricorder:: A deal, yes.


Ferengi: Pleasure doing business with you Hew-mon.


Tomas led the group away, as soon as they were out of earshot he turned to the team.


Falt: Good work spotting the writing Mister Dekas, I’d missed that completely. I just hope that it tells us enough to make it worth me having to ask Commander Qinn for a new tricorder.


Dekas: Bird’s eye view, so to speak. But I also hope it is helpful.


Kingsley: It is, we're going the right way.


The last thing he’d expected was to find out the writing related to the ventilation system. He felt a tinge of excitement as he realised the opportunity it might give them.


Falt: Do you think you’ve got enough information to use the ducts to get us past the surveillance and to the lab?


Kingsley: I do, it's about 150 meters away - if we could go straight, call it 200 meters for the path we are going to need to take.


Falt: Lead on


Dekas: How are we using them, actually? Because if it’s what I think… I, ahaha. 


With a gesture the Aurelian flexed his wings, Tomas realised he had overlooked their scale.


Dekas: I know being around me makes it easier to forget about the size of the wings. But unless you were thinking something different, or you have something to help me bind them down tight enough, going through a ventilation shaft personally is going to be extremely problematic.


Kingsley: I could go ahead and turn off the security system from inside, I ::emphasizing:: should be able to create a localized malfunction of the security system that the authorities won't notice.  


Tomas regarded the Marine for a moment. He’d already decided that he wasn’t going to ask Dekas to enter the ventilation system, he wasn’t going to risk him getting physically stuck in a potentially hostile environment. The question was whether he would send the woman in on her own, or join her and leave Dekas to watch their backs. He made up his mind.

Falt: ::to Kingsley:: Do it, we’ll wait here. As soon as the security system is down we’ll join you.


He positioned himself to block the obvious sight lines to the ventilation access hatch as Kingsley swung herself in. He closed the hatch once she was inside, and allowed himself to relax slightly.


Falt: Now we just need to look as inconspicuous as possible whilst we wait for our friend to open the door.


Dekas: Response.


OOC: Happy to carry on a conversation between Falt and Dekas if we want, but will move us forward as well.


Before Tomas could reply there was a faint chirp from his concealed combadge as Kingsley contacted them.


Kingsley: =/\= There are two life signs just inside the lab, an Orion male and an unknown female.  We either need to wait for them to leave or ... =/\=


His mind raced as her voice trailed off. They obviously needed the lab to be clear before they entered, but he didn’t want to risk anything that would alert station security.


Dekas: Response


In an attempt to avoid drawing any attention he hid his combadge in his palm, before raising his hand and pretended to massage his neck. 


Falt: =/\= I want you to get as close as you can without being detected. I may have an idea, but if it doesn’t work I’ll need you to be ready to subdue them. = /\=


Kingsley: =/\= Roger that. =/\=


He lowered his hand but kept the line open, hoping Kingsley would still be able to hear them.


Falt: ::at Dekas:: Do you think you can access the ventilation system controls from here, without tripping the security system? It would be handy if these two were “asleep on the job.”


Dekas: Response 


Falt: And what affect might that have on Warrant Officer Kingsley?


Dekas/Kingsley: Response


So whilst his idea would work, it wasn’t without risk. The same could also be said about the more direct approach Kingsley could take.

As neither choice really stood out as the right course of action, he again decided the best option he had was to trust his teams judgement.


Falt: =/\= It’s your call Marine. You’re on point here.  =/\=


Kingsley/Dekas: Response




Lieutenant Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801







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