[Artifact] Lieutenant Falt: Shakedown?

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((USS Herring, Shuttle))


Tomas sat in one of the passenger seats of the Herring, one of the Juneau’s type 9 shuttles. Whilst he could pilot the vessel in a pinch, anyone who had graduated from the academy could, his chosen specialties meant he hadn’t had chance to develop those skills. Since his test-flight with the Captain on the Allahayer it was something he really wanted to rectify, but now was not the time. This mission needed skilled pilots, which was why Lieutenant JG Dekas and Marine Warrant Officer Kingsley were in the front two seats.


Both officers were disguised, like he was. Dekas had chosen an outfit that made him look about as drab as it was possible for someone with wings and colourful feathers to be. It must have taken some time to create. For her part Kingsley wore a brown and black outfit, utilitarian and practical. Tomas appreciated its simplicity, much like his own attire. He had paired his green bush shirt with the utility vest he took camping. It was a washed-out tan colour and very battered, certainly not Starfleet issue. He’d also brought not one, but two, boot knives with him.


He'd found it considerably easier to come up with the utilitarian disguise than he had his outfit for the previous evenings masquerade ball. That had been a challenge. Fortunately, the ball had been more entertaining than he had anticipated, so it had been worth it. He certainly hadn’t expected to be promoted though.


He smiled to himself, that was a life in Starfleet through and through. A masquerade ball one minute, then an unexpected promotion and command of a shuttle and small team on an away mission to retrieve, or rather steal, a mysterious artefact from unknown pirates.  Never a dull moment.


Judging by the activity in the cockpit it seemed like pre-flight checks were all but complete. He swapped his smile for a slightly more serious game-face.


oO Time to get this show on the road. Oo


Falt: Are we all set?


Kingsley: ::giving a thumbs up:: All secure sir. 


Dekas: Hm? Oh, yes. We are good to go when it’s time.


Tomas nodded and called up a channel to the Juneau and the USS Beaver, the shuttle containing Commander Qinn. She was leading the team that would complete the mission’s other objective, a prison break. It was her voice he heard first.


Qinn:=/\=Qinn to Bridge=/\=


Oddas: =/\= Go ahead. =/\=


That seemed to be his cue.


Falt: =/\= This is Falt on the Herring, standing by =/\=


Kingsley: =/\= Path laid in, we are clear to the moon. =/\=


Qinn: =/\=USS Beaver is ready for launch.=/\=


Oddas: =/\= Good luck, stay safe, and no purple hearts. Launch when ready. =/\=


Falt: =/\= Aye, sir. Herring out. =/\= 


He closed the channel.


Kingsley: Ready when you are.


Any: Response


Falt: Take her out then please.


The shuttle left the bay at speed, although the inertial dampeners removed all feeling of momentum. If the cometary cloud hadn’t provided a visible point of reference it would have been almost impossible to tell the shuttle was moving at all.


As they travelled Tomas reviewed the mission briefing on his pad. They were heading for a small moon-based facility, that gathered intelligence suggested was a market place of sorts, likely for the trade of stolen goods and contraband. They’d enter there, posing as traders, and once inside try to locate and extract the artefact before anyone realised who they really were. That was the plan anyway.


Dekas: Response


Kingsley: ::smiling:: Oh, you know, trying to get some shut-eye before we land sir.


Dekas: Response


Falt: A sensible idea if you ask me.


Their conversation was interrupted by a hail from the facility they were rapidly approaching.


Unknown: =/\= Market Security to Unknown Vessel. =/\=


Tomas took a deep breath, he was ready for this.


Falt: =/\= This is the Herring, from the Universal Trading Company. We’re looking to trade.  =/\=


Tomas hoped Kendrick wouldn’t mind him using the name of his family’s company. It provided a good cover for human traders, should anyone decide to look into them.


Unknown: =/\= Understood, you are clear to land and be aware you and your personnel are subject to and must cooperate with all base personnel. =/\=


Falt: =/\= Acknowledged. We’ll be landing shortly. =/\=


Unknown; =/\= Very well. =/\=


The comm line closed as abruptly as it had opened


Kingsley: Helpful fellow.


Falt: True, but he also sounded completely uninterested, which is a good thing for us.


Dekas: Response


Falt: Agreed, take us in.


((short time skip))


It had been a smooth landing. The Herring now sat in a small, dimly lit hangar. There were a few other small craft in with them, which gave Tomas hope they wouldn’t be the only unfamiliar faces in the market.


Falt: Okay, lets gather our things and move out. Warrant Officer Kingsley, I want you on point please.


Tomas hadn’t worked with any of the Juneau’s Marines until now. He was fairly confident they should be address by their rank, but he wasn’t totally sure.


Kingsley: Response.


Falt: Mister Dekas, can you lock the shuttle down behind us. I don’t want anyone breaking in to have a look around and blowing our cover.


Dekas: Response


Tomas grabbed his bag and exited the shuttle behind Kingsley. The air in the hangar was stale and the floor covered in scorch marks and grime left behind from inefficient thrusters. It was about as far from the clinical environment of a Starfleet shuttle bay as it was possible to get.


Dekas set to work as Tomas surreptitiously scanned the area with a tricorder hidden in his bag.


Falt: I’m not getting anything yet. Let’s go the market and have a look around.


Kingsley: Response.


They set off, but had only moved a few meters when two Nausicaans appeared from behind one of the other ships in the hangar. Tomas was caught by surprise; his tricorder hadn’t registered any lifeforms in the area.


oO Dampening field maybe? Oo


First Nausicaan: ::pointing to a badge on his huge chest:: Market Security. That’s a nice ship. It’s a good job we’re here, it would be… unfortunate… if something happened to it.


Second Nausicaan: We can keep a close watch on it for you, if you want? For the right price of course.


Kingsley: Response


Dekas: Response




Lieutenant Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801




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