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Ace Christensen

May 10, 2022, 11:01:56 AM5/10/22

((First Officer’s Office, Deck 2, USS Juneau))

Qinn: I am doing well, Mr. Dekas, I hope you are as well. Please take a seat.

Dekas: Marvelous! ::He took a seat:: The Captain mentioned you had an additional assignment for me? And I have to say, I’m extremely curious.

As Dekas sat down Kalia moved her stack of PADDs off to the side and smiled at the Aurelian 

Qinn: We were counting on that.  First, I want to say, the Captain and I have been very impressed with your work on the Juneau, and with the move to Denali, we want to take ruthless advantage of your skills and goodwill.

Dekas: ::small chuckle:: Ruthless advantage?

Qinn: I’m joking about taking advantage of your goodwill, but as to your skills, we will take full advantage of.  Denali is in its infancy, and will take a lot of work to build out into a fully functioning Starfleet installation.  The teams that have already been working, have us set up in three buildings, but over time the expectation is that we will grow into more structures around the initial location and across the city.

Kalia slid a PADD across the table with the initial layout for Denali Station.  Three buildings, with a lot of still empty space.  It wasn’t anything close to fancy, but she could imagine a time where it was a gem of the Federation, but it would take a lot of work.


Qinn: What do you think?  Any ideas of what to do next, how to organize it all?

Dekas: I think I’d need to see it all in person to have more concrete thoughts, but I believe I could come up with ideas fairly quickly, yes. 

Qinn: ::Smiling:: And that’s the extra duty.  The Captain and I would like to make you the Head of Infrastructure Development for Denali Station.

The colorful crest of feathers on his head fluffed up a little in surprise. That was not what he’d expected when she’d asked if he had ideas. It was more than he’d expected and it was a huge honor to be trusted with such a thing.


Dekas: Head of Infrastructure Development? What does it entail in the context of Denali?

Qinn: You would be responsible for implementing improvement projects, allocating limited resources for development, and while not managing the entire engineering department, you will be responsible for managing the workforce assigned to these improvement projects.  You’ll also be responsible for ensuring the utilities infrastructure can support these projects, and increasing their capacity as necessary.


Dekas: ::nodding thoughtfully:: Will these projects be things that are given mostly by command, or is it more open-ended?


Dekas was fine with either, but it certainly helped to know what to expect in that way. 

Qinn: Some projects will come down from the Captain or myself, but the rest of the time we trust you to take advice from the departments, and civilian contingent and plan as you feel is appropriate.  If there are issues where you want more advice, we’re happy to give our opinions, but we feel you’ve shown excellent judgment, and don’t believe you’ll need our input very often. So, what do you think?

In a rare point of feeling, he had to force himself to balance his extreme gratitude with the sudden burst of feeling that choosing an Aurelian was an excellent choice in general because of his people’s outstanding resource management skills as a whole. A knowledge he was absolutely sure he could put to good use with this change. Maybe thinking so wasn’t the worst form of pride to feel, maybe it was even a healthy pride to feel. But he tried to keep himself as humble as he normally was about anything all the same.


Dekas: Well, I think you’re asking the right person, and I’m endlessly grateful for the opportunity.


Qinn: Response


Dekas: I am very excited about this move. More than I already was. This will be fantastic.

It would be hard work even with his confidence that he was well suited to it, but it would be fantastic.


Qinn: Response


Lieutenant Dekas

Head of Infrastructure Development

Denali Station


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