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Ace Christensen

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((Main Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Juneau))


Pelley: ::stammering:: Uh. Yes. ::more confidently.:: Yes. ::firmly:: Yes, doctor. To keep his pain levels under control. And I just administered him a dose of Pulmozine to stimulate his lungs.


Vihn: ::Nodding.:: This is still ongoing. We need to keep an active eye on Dekas until the last of the nanoprobes is gone. Ensign Dekas, I don't recall you mentioning where you're from?


Dekas: Aurelia. ::A comment he’d heard too many people make during the academy came to mind and he found it in him to laugh for a few seconds. It hurt less somehow:: Th-The Bird Place.


The small gripes were all so hilariously trivial in comparison to this experience. Dekas didn’t think that would ever bother him again after this. And there would be an after. Tomorrow would be a better day. A hard day. But it wouldn’t be today. Today would not repeat. He wasn’t alone and could handle tomorrow if it came. 


oO No. Not if… When. Oo


Vihn: ::chuckling:: The "Bird Place," huh? Why do I get the feeling that doesn't really do it justice?


Dekas: Because it really doesn’t.


Not even pictures did Aurelia justice. Dekas was glad he’d been back recently. He didn’t have to say it’d been years, or that the last he saw of it was through images.


Pelley placed a PADD into Motor's hand. With a half-smile, they again nodded to the nurse.


Pelley: These are his current scans. You can cross-check the data with the scans we took of the Ensign when he first came aboard the ship.


Vihn: Thank you, Nurse Pelley. 


A short pause hung in the air as they scanned the PADD. A frown creased their face for a moment only to fade into a neutral expression, then an easy-going, crooked grin. 


Vihn: New experiences and unity, huh? That's why I'm here, y'know. That, and keeping enterprising young ensigns from turning into drones in Sickbay on my first day on the job. You've gotta work with me there, Dekas. ::teasingly.:: You're gonna make me look bad.


Dekas: ::lightly flirtatious:: Take a lot more than me to make you look bad, Doctor.


Pelley: Response


Motor followed the line with a sly wink at Pelley that disguised a slight tilt of their head, bidding the nurse to come closer. Dekas was a little too focused on trying not to die to hear them through the whisper, though he did notice that the two of them stepped a slight bit away from him, he just refused to think too hard about what that might mean. 


Vihn: ::voice lowering.:: The nanoprobes are adapting to the medication. We need to act fast, or this is going to get much worse.

Pelley: Response

Vihn: How've we gotten past the Borg's defenses generally, right? By adapting faster than they could. We need to throw them a curveball. 

Pelley: Response


Vihn: ::looking up from Pelley. Motor's tone balanced urgency with gentle calm.:: May I see one of the other doses of Doctor Indobri's work? In the meantime, Ensign Dekas, tell me something about Aurelia. Have you got a favorite place to visit there?


Dekas really had to think to find his answer, briefly distracted by the sound of Qinn’s voice.


Qinn: Doctor Vihn, I need to see to the ship, and the Major needs to get out of his armor.  The both of us will happily submit to any medical checks you feel are necessary.  Please contact us once the Ensign is stable and you are available.


Kiran nodded hastily before moving towards the door.


Han: I’ll be back to check on you as soon as I’m cleaned up Mr. Dekas.  I expect you to follow any instructions Vihn or Pelley give you.  I’ll also make sure Kingsley comes back as well, Doctor, don’t worry.


Dekas didn’t verbally answer, but he nodded to Han. He was someone to look forward to. 


Vihn/Pelley(?): Response


Kalia and Kiran headed out the door. And his mind was back on the Doctor’s previous question. He allowed himself to close his eyes, just for now.


Dekas: ::dazed:: …Aure’vizhi. Rainbow Peak. It’s part of a small mountain range in the tropics. The humidity and the streams make many colorful flowers and butterflies. And there are lots of A’urin crystals. At the height of summer, the light hits the crystals and makes rainbows across the ground for a mile. At night it’s one of the most open spaces to see thousands of stars and tell thousands of stories. It is a very spiritual place.


oO To think this is where I am now. Oo 


Vihn/Pelley: Response.


The Engineer felt a slight increase in the pain that had been mostly consistent for at least the last few minutes and he inhaled sharply as a result. 


Dekas: Please be honest. What’s happening?


Vihn/Pelley: Response




Ensign Dekas


USS Juneau


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