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((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Juneau))


The lack of visions didn’t last, there was a Sheliak was on the bridge. After his recent experience Tomas was neither surprised or overly concerned. The same seemed to be true for the Captain who simply issued her orders as she stepped out of the turbolift. 


Oddas: Take your stations, I want to see what's going.


Tomas scurried to his science station, keen to access the sensor data and hoping he’d finally get some insight into their current situation. As he typed in his access code he noted the Sheliak sounded somewhat annoyed.


Sheliak: The law demands you act, the membership does not require any negotiation.


Tomas shook his head - glad that was someone else’s hallucination - and set about his task. He decided to check the internal radiation level’s first.


Falt: Brining up sensor data now sir.


Oddas: Mister Williams, while the scanners are warming up I want more information about this area, any information about strange phenomenon affecting crews?


Tomas glanced at the Captain. In spite of the continued presence of the two bajoran women she was standing by her chair and issuing orders calmly.


Williams: Response


Oddas: Tito, I assume these ::she gulped and looked around the bridge at the hallucinations:: things are not real, but I want to know what they are.  Turn the internal sensors toward them and see what we can find out.


The tall Lieutenant at tactical nodded and began working.


Tito: Aye Captain.


His own console displayed a neat row of vertical yellow bars, visually indicating the current levels of the main types of radiation. Tomas raised an eyebrow.


Falt: Standard radiation levels are within tolerance across the ship sir.


Tomas ran a few more standard scans as the other officer’s discussed their situation around him, all came up normal.


Tito: They are registering as real Captain.


Williams/Any: Response


Ushow: Situation normal - my sister is about to get everyone killed because she just had to rush away from home and meddle in the affairs of others.


Ijo: That's an incredible lack of imagination, Ushow - It's what's led to your own stagnating career.


Any: Response


Tomas watched the Captain move from her station to the engineering console, maybe in an attempt to shake her visions. Tomas couldn't see from his own station what she had found but she was clearly unimpressed. The first woman to manifest to the Captain - Tomas though of her as the nice one - spoke again, gesturing toward the Sheliak.


Ijo: I don't trust him.


Oddas: Until he makes a threatening move we ignore.    Report?


Tito: It looks like we picked up a lot of passengers Captain. ::He pointed at the Captain’s sister in the XO seat.:: They are supposed to be real.


Williams/Any: Response


Tomas was sure there was a link to the nebula, there had to be. He racked his brains, trying to work out what else might be the cause. He’d been so busy cataloguing artefact’s he hadn’t fully read up on the region before they had arrived, he’d even as much to the Captain.


((Flashback – Observation Deck))


Falt: ...I've not had chance to fully read up on the astrophysics of the nebula but the subspace radiation emitted by the anomalies within it is a rare phenomenon.


((End Flashback))


oO That might be it Oo


He hastily entered a new set of parameters into his station, hoping he was right this time.


Falt: I’m reconfiguring the sensors to look for subspace radiation and anomalies, standby.


Any: Response


There was a delay of a few seconds before the console presented the results, but this time the displayed chart was anything but neat. Tomas thought it looked exactly like someone had placed a map of the milky way over a schematic of the Juneau. Although in this case each white dot represented a tiny ripple in subspace rather than a star.


Falt: Sir ::indicating the display:: you need to see this, I’m reading micro subspace rifts across the ship. Cause is unknown but I’d hypothesis this is why we’re all seeing things.


Oddas: Any theories Mister Williams? Match anything that's come up before?


Williams/Any: Response


Tito: It might, but the way they are all over the ship trying to close them will be tricky. And dangerous. ::he shrugged and looked at them.:: We can try a reversed metaphysic shield.


Tomas raised an eyebrow at this. Not at the suggestion itself, which was completely sound, but that it had come from the tactical officer. There was clearly a lot more to Lieutenant Tito than the first impression he allowed people to have of him suggested.


Falt: ::nodding at Tito:: That could work. A metaphasic shield would certainly block the subspace radiation from the nebula.


Oddas: Can we use that to somehow cut through the delusions, hallucinations, or whatever they are?


Tito: Well, instead of creating a Metaphasic shield, to prevent tetryon radiation, natural in subspace rifts, we try an emission. ::He raised his hands compressing and expanding them.::  Instead of closing we expand it all over the ship.


Again Tomas was impressed by the Lieutentant, who had clearly done his research on potential threats to the ship and possible counter measures.


Falt: That makes sense and it would likely prevent any new rifts opening. I'm uncertain what affect, if any, it would have on our existing passengers.


Passengers. He didn’t feel comfortable with that word for some reason, even if the visions were showing up as real on the scans.


Any: Response


Ushow: Why not just try shooting them and see what that does?  Start with this one? ::she gestured toward the Sheliak:: What would it hurt?


Oddas: ::snapping:: We could just as easily start with you, Captain.


Any: Response


Before Tomas could add anything to the conversation the Comms came to life.


T’Lea: =/\=  T’Lea to the Bridge are you receiving me?=/\=


Oddas: ::tapping her badge:: =/\= Oddas Here, report =/\=


T'Lea: =/\= Response =/\=


From the tone of the first officers voice she was clearly under pressure. Her description of the situation did not sound good either.


Oddas: =/\= That fits with what I am seeing up here - it seems Engineering is a mess, can you affect repairs? =/\=


T'Lea: =/\= Response =/\=


Oddas: =/\= Mister Falt has picked up subspace rifts throughout the ship. =/\=


The Captain gestured for him to continue.


Falt: =/\= Commander, there are micro subspace fractures or distortions spread all over the ship. It's seems likely they coincide with instances of the visions we are experiencing  =/\=


Distortions! That was a much better word than passengers, or visions. If each of their “visions” was actually a subspace distortion that might also be what was fooling the sensors into thinking they were real, although as yet he didn’t have the data to prove that theory.  


Any: =/\= Response =/\=


Tomas quickly checked the data on his console.


Falt: =/\= Whilst there does seem to be a pattern as yet I have no way to predict when or where the next distortion may occur. Lieutenant Tito has a plan to try and at least prevent any new rifts from forming. =/\=


Tito/Any: =/\= Response =/\=


Oddas: =/\= How long until those come online? =/\=


Tito: =/\= We need extra power if we try my suggestion. =/\=


Williams/T’Lea : =/\= Response =/\=


Falt: =/\= If power is an issue I'd recommend starting with the adapted metaphasic shield in engineering only. That should at least protect against any new distortions from forming inside the warp core. We can always expand it from there as more power becomes available?  =/\=


Oddas/Tito/T'Lea/Any:  =/\= Response =/\=




Ensign Tomas Falt

Science Officer

USS Juneau, NX-99801



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