[Juneau] Ensign Dekas - The end of a really rough day.

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((Main Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Juneau))


Kalia and Kiran headed out the door. And his mind was back on the Doctor’s previous question. He allowed himself to close his eyes, just for now.


Dekas: ::dazed:: …Aure’vizhi. Rainbow Peak. It’s part of a small mountain range in the tropics. The humidity and the streams make many colorful flowers and butterflies. And there are lots of A’urin crystals. At the height of summer, the light hits the crystals and makes rainbows across the ground for a mile. At night it’s one of the most open spaces to see thousands of stars and tell thousands of stories. It is a very spiritual place.


oO To think this is where I am now. Oo 


Vihn: That sounds stunning. Maybe we’ll stop there sometime and you can show it to everybody on board. Certainly sounds worth visiting.


The Engineer nodded as Pelley returned to the room, then felt a slight increase in the pain that had been mostly consistent for at least the last few minutes and he inhaled sharply as a result. 


Dekas: Please be honest. What’s happening?


Vihn: I’m taking a look at how we can make the treatment more effective. Those nanoprobes are persistent, but we’ll beat ‘em out.


Pelley: ::lowering her voice:: Doctor, I think I might have come up with a solution.


Again with the hushed tones. Though these hushed tones seemed less like he wouldn’t want to know about it. Not that he could particularly focus through the pain at that moment.


Vihn: ::leaning closer. Excitedly, but quietly.:: Let’s hear it, then.


Pelley: Doctor Indobri synthesized the drug based on the physiology of humanoids. ::she looks toward Dekas:: Ensign Dekas is an ornithoid. ::back at Vihn:: Perhaps we need to resequence the drug in order for it to have the same effect as on humanoid lifeforms?


Vihn: That’s some quick thinking. ::an easy-going, crooked grin crossed their face.:: Way to save the day.


Pelley: Response


The doctor turned their attention to the console, their fingers gliding across it to change the sequence of the medication. It was about that moment he processed what it meant, why they’d been quiet. But he wasn’t given a chance to dwell on any amount of would-be terror. The Doctor was talking to him again.


Vihn: Ensign Dekas. Tell me about your home-life. Got someone at home? Guy, gal, otherwise?


Dekas: I thought about it once. Didn’t get a chance to do anything about it but we’re very good friends it’s marvelous. Euf, but Zara is radiant and it’s very hard not to love him desperately. He just never stays in one place long enough to let me. Life goes on. 


His voice was a little strained, but as persistent as the nanoprobes were, Dekas heard some hope in Vihn and Pelley’s voices and saw Vihn with their newly altered hypo of medicine, and he decided he was going to be more persistent. A last hurrah that he hoped wouldn’t actually be the last of anything other than the assimilation. Life goes on.


Vihn: Nurse Pelley, could you get some metorapan for ensign Dekas, please? This might sting a little.


Pelley: Response


Taking a moment to wait for Pelley to be ready, Motor leaned over Dekas.


Vihn: This should act faster. Hang on tight, yeah? You’ve still got a lot to tell me about Aurelia.


Dekas: ::he swallowed hard:: I do. But forgive me if I grip too hard, it’s been a really rough day.


Vihn/Pelley: Response


Doctor Vihn pressed the hypo against his neck, and it hurt about as much as he’d expected it to. A similar pain to the first dose. As promised, he gripped. He wasn’t even sure what he was gripping. Hopefully not the Doctor’s arm, but he wasn’t going to question it. The painkillers eased an edge off. But there was only so much it could do when it had to go through the entirety of him to rid him of the even worse things.


There was a fear that the same thing would happen as before. That it would adapt too fast for it to fix the problem. But there was a difference somehow. It felt like it was really working this time. It was awful, truly nauseating, it left him feeling feverish and extremely uncomfortable on every level. He couldn’t think about much of anything aside from how much he wasn’t enjoying it. A one-star rating for the experience of feeling like hot garbage, as he’d heard someone say once. And there was no turn of phrase more accurate.


But it was working. It was working and that was everything to him despite the rest of it.


Vihn/Pelley: Response 


Dekas: ::breathless:: I m-might pass out.


There was a limit to what anyone could take sitting up, and Dekas was at the edge of his.


Vihn/Pelley: Response


Dekas: ::A nod, and then vertigo:: Oh no, I’m about to pass out.


Vihn/Pelley: Response


The engineer knew with all of him that this time it would unquestionably be okay. Vihn and Pelley would be there, and the rest of his system would fight this for him in his stead. It was working. So once more with feeling this time, Dekas lost consciousness. It was hard to say how many hours would pass before waking up again, but he knew that he would. And it was really all he needed to know.


TAG/End scene for Dekas I think?

(ooc: With the end of the mission timeframe goal being kept in mind, I feel this is a fair place for Dekas to pass out until shore leave. Vihn and Pelley can keep going as far as they need to. And if there’s a need to backsim at all, I’m willing. I might write a short solitary narrative follow-up/epilogue thing for it at the end, I haven’t decided. But I’m gonna go ahead and let our favorite feathered engineer take a well-deserved nap.) 


Ensign Dekas


USS Juneau


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